Family Cares Workshop Series

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Small Seeds Office

6033 Broad Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15206

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Passion & Enthusiasm (4/22/17)

  • Participant will learn to demonstrate a positive attitude

  • Participant will have a commitment to self and others

  • Participant will be able to define and exhibit Passion and Enthusiasm

Love Of Learning (5/20/17)

  • Learning new things

  • Being experts of their learning

  • Value their learning

Self Control (6/24/17)

  • Keep desires, needs, and impulses in check

  • Learn to make appropriate decisions

  • Act on positive knowledge

Leadership (7/29/17)

  • Be good organizers

  • Explore leadership styles

  • Build positive relationships

Teamwork & Citizenship (8/26/17)

  • Excel as a member of the group

  • Be dedicated to the team

  • Work hard for the good of the group

Bravery & Courage (9/30/17)

  • Prepared to take on challenged and different situation

  • Building the courage to overcome fears and obstacles

  • Taking a moral stance under stress

Generosity & Kindness (10/28/17)

  • Demonstrate kindness and generosity

  • Gain pleasure and joy in doing good things for others

  • Acknowledge the worth of self ad others

Technological Citizen (11/18/17)

  • Shape new ideas through social media

  • Use appropriate engagement practices

  • Bridge the gap between young and old

Self-Care (12/9/17)

  • Be attuned to your needs and practice self-acceptance. Develop the habit of checking yourself

  • Maintain a healthy balance among your activities. Balance school, family life, rest and leisure

  • Maintain supportive relationships to elicit support and avoid isolation that will increase feelings of hope

Responsibility (1/27/18)

  • Take ownership of your interest and actions

  • Give back to the greater community

  • Take care of others as you would want to be taken care of

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Date and Time


Small Seeds Office

6033 Broad Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15206

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