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Fall Writing Workshop: Stop Talking and Write

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2393 Northeast Fremont Street

#Suite B

Portland, OR 97212

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You know it’s time to sit down and write. You've been talking about it, and talking about it...and talking about it....

And frankly, your friends are tired of hearing about it. You are tired of hearing yourself talk about it.

And yet, this is a goal, a desire, a calling you’ve had for a while now.

But you can’t find the time, or, at least, say you can’t. Or you have been writing—here and there, or even consistently for months—but nothing tangible has come of it. Or you've written an entire first draft, but then you stowed it away somewhere. So what do you do now?

Why not just write it already?

Well, that depends on you.

In this workshop series, I am going to make it as easy, fun—and obvious—to commit to your writing NOW, and for the future.

Come to one! Come to all!


  • To stop talking about writing and start writing.
  • To get unstuck.
  • To commit to something you say is important to you.
  • To get from Point A (where you are) to Point B (where you want to go), but you're somehwere in between (and what the heck comes between A and B?).
  • To achieve your 2017 goals.
  • To get a jump on 2018.
  • To start mapping out that industry-/world-/life-changing book you’ve got your eyes set on two or three years from now (or, technically, let's be honest, two or three years ago).


  • You.
  • Others like you.
  • And me. I’ll be there to help and support you.


The Fall Writing Workshop Series is about making it as easy as possible for you to get started or get unstuck in your writing. It is an informal gathering, but with growth in mind.


The “C” word: Commitment (dun, dun, DUN). Plus: Accountability.


Every Tuesday (except the week of Thanksgiving) starting Oct. 24, ending Dec. 12.

4 to 6 p.m.

Come to one workshop, or the entire series. In just 2 hours a week, you can not only start writing but start to see your writing evolve and how this thing you’ve got rattling around in your brain just. might. BE something.


Guilder, on NE Fremont. A clean and quiet, beautiful, coffeeshop perfect for an “informal” writing gathering.

How much?

$37 per workshop. I thought about giving a “package discount” that would have equated to essentially two free workshops. However, I realized that would not have been a benefit to you because it would have gone against the entire purpose of this workshop: It’s about COMMITMENT (dun, dun, DUN—see above). If you pay for the series but technically get two free, then you might make an excuse as to why you can skip two. In my work with clients and prospects, I’ve realized commitment is really the thing that is lacking, the one thing that is holding you back. And it’s the one thing that has really helped propel me toward my own writing goals. This past year, I committed to my writing—and it has made all the difference.

I want that for you too.

So I want you to see this as a “commitment” fee—putting your money where your mouth is…or where your pen is. You saying YES.

However, there is still a “series” ticket option. It's $37 x 7 workshops, but you do pay less in Eventbrite fees. See? Your commitment is already paying off! If you pay for all seven up front, my intention is that it motivates you to show up, or, if you do have to miss a workshop, make up that two hours somewhere else. Almost the entire pay structure is based on you finally committing to the work.

THERE ARE NO REFUNDS. But don’t think that means you are alone. If you have paid for a workshop and need to miss it, please let me know (before, if possible, rather than after), and I will work with you to help keep you writing or get you into another workshop date.

Okay, so, what do I get?

Well, let me tell you!

  • Support
  • Accountability
  • Community
  • Time to write
  • A place to share
  • Growth
  • Mastery
  • Creative space
  • Momentum

What can I expect?

You might have noticed that I mentioned an “informal” writing environment. This was said about the location, but it goes for the workshop setup as well. Don’t think that this translates to “not growth.” We will be taking your writing seriously. I want you, your writing, and your project to develop. But I want an informal setting in which to do that. I want you to write based on where you are now, but in a group that you will grow with also. I have set this up so that there will be no excuses not to write, to come as you are, and start writing and growing as a writer. You will benefit most from attending all of them, but if you make it to some of the workshops, you will still start to see a difference.

What does a workshop look like?

Each workshop will look structurally the same, but the meat of it will depend on you. During the first 15–30 minutes, we will share our challenges, then I will offer some feedback and prompts to help everyone overcome any obstacles or move forward on what's been built so far. (This also means to be there ON TIME, preferably earlier, so you can set up, get comfortable, meet your new writing group, and get your favorite writing beverage if you like.)

You might actually be surprised to find that our challenges will be the same or similar, so it’s not like I’ll be handing out as many prompts as there are people in the room. We will then have an hour to write (this, very likely, will be broken up into smaller chunks for ease in writing, but very likely will develop to longer by the end of the series and depending on the group) before spending the final 15–30 minutes sharing and discussing so that we will be set up for the next week. I will also be available for up to 30 minutes after the workshop to answer any questions you don't want to ask in front of the group.

Will there be any extra support?

Once you’ve registered—for one workshop or the series—you will be added to my Free Your Voice newsletter, which offers weekly inspiration and prompts, PLUS a special workshop newsletter in which you will be able to share and engage with your new community. NOTE: Upon registering, you will be asked about your availability and interest in weekly Q&A phone calls. If there is enough interest, we will have these every Monday before the workshops.

Other than that, I always try to make myself as accessible as I can for people who really want to take the next step in their writing. Just reach out to me before, during, or after the workshops, and I'll let you know how I can serve you and provide support.

What do I bring?

In this workshop, it’s all about writing. So bring a journal and pen or pencil (preferably pen(s) and/or pencil(s)), laptop, whatever you love/have to write on/with. Bring all of these if you want, if you’re new to writing, and want to see if you prefer one over the other. Or perhaps you’re working on something more personal or involved one day, in which case, you might need/want to write on paper to help you process.

Bring whatever you're currently working on or want to start. If you simply want to start writing, bring an open mind and a willingness to be inspired.

I have more questions....

Really? How is that possible? Just kidding. If you're still not sure, it honestly might mean you're not ready. But chances are, this is something you really want and that calls to you (you've made it this far), but you don't know me or didn't quite realize how much you wanted this until you saw this event. In that case, sign up for a 30-minute phone call with me. This won't be a sales call. I will answer your questions and be honest with you as to whether this workshop is right for you and we're a right fit for each other. We'll get you straightened out.


(You can also scope out my website, you snoop. It's okay. It's wise to know more about the person putting on this workshop.)

All dates:

Oct. 24
Oct. 31
Nov. 7
Nov. 14
Nov. 28
Dec. 5
Dec. 12

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2393 Northeast Fremont Street

#Suite B

Portland, OR 97212

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