F.A.K.E. Halloween! FASHION vegan & ethically made // Los Angeles

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AVO Café

306 Pico Boulevard

Santa Monica, CA 90405

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Vegan Halloween with Music, Makeover (make up and hair), Trick or treat, ethical fashion, food, photoshoot and more.. !! / FREE EVENT

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Fashion for Animal Kingdom & Environment

Are you a FAKER?

A FAKER: someone who want to make a change by respecting animals, the planet and human rights!

Join us on October 26th from 5:00pm to 10:00pm at AVO cafe (306 Pico Blvd // Santa Monica):

  • Meet the new FAKER Designers
  • Get a FREE professional Photo shoot
  • Get a FREE vegan makeover (Make up by Johnny Concert & hair by Komorebi)
  • Discover cruelty free & ethical Fashion
  • Trick Or Treat (Each Faker booth will have Vegan sweets for the first Vegan trick or treat)
  • Get Amazing food at "AVO Cafe"
  • Music!
  • Contest of Best Ethical Costume (please don't buy a costume, use one you already have or create one with old clothe)

A very immersive night in the Vegan world of HALLOWEEN!

For more information visit our website

And/or instagram @fakemovement


Today, thousands of animals will be killed for leather, wool, silk, fur… All in the name of Fashion.

It has a huge impact on the environment as well, bigger than all the international flights and maritime traffic combined. Check our F.A.K.E. news page "impact of fashion" for more informations.

It is our responsibility to change our way of consuming. But let’s be honest, it’s not very easy to find nice cruelty-free & fare trade clothes and accessories..

This is why F.A.K.E. movement give you options and help you to make that change!


We select designers that offer vegan, ethical & sustainable options and create events to promote them!

It’s simple as 1 + 1 = 2.

The more FAKER we are, the more designers would want to create ethical fashion :)


Many designers can be "FAKER" Designers.

We have one condition: having cruelty-free Fashion ethically made.

Check our F.A.K.E. news page “how to be a FAKER” to learn more about it.

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Date and Time


AVO Café

306 Pico Boulevard

Santa Monica, CA 90405

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