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Fordham University Lincoln Center Campus 150 West 62nd Street Room 3-03 - New Law Building (150 West 62nd Street) New York, NY 10023

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Innovation requires a leap into the seemingly unknown.

But where outside observers see the unknown,

innovators fill it with a clear vision of the future and a plan to meet it head-on.

In other words,

Innovation needs Faith (Popcorn).

The Center for Positive Marketing at Fordham University invites you to an inside glimpse of the unknown as told by Faith Popcorn, Futurist CEO and founder of Faith Popcorn’s Brain Reserve. Dubbed “The Nostradamus of Marketing” by Fortune Magazine, Faith has accurately predicted sweeping social trends such as “Cocooning,” which enabled her to be the first to anticipate the explosive growth of home delivery, home businesses, and home shopping. Faith is a trusted advisor to the CEOs of The Fortune 500, who rely on her foresight in cultural and business trends to innovate and stay ahead.

Join us

Fordham University Lincoln Center Campus

Room 3-03 (New Law Building - 150 West 62nd Street))

Wednesday, October 22, 6:30pm

For an evening with Faith Popcorn, where she will share her predictions of a future driven by the intersection of increasingly personal technologies, changing family composition, and data security, among other trends. To innovate today, you need to anticipate tomorrow.

Make your best impression - please dress professionally.

SPACE IS LIMITED - Register Today

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