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TradeWinds Island Grand Resort

5500 Gulf Boulevard

Saint Pete Beach, FL 33706

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Is this one thing keeping you from losing weight?

Find out what’s holding you back from your weight loss goals at the upcoming Gemma Rayne Fountain Two-Day Health Retreat, August 4th-5th2018.

Together with a group of amazingly supportive women you’ll learn the secret to achieving your weight loss goals with ease. Get ready to take a deep dive into shifting your mindset about dieting and weight loss.

The retreat is based on the principles taught in Gemma Rayne Fountain’s Book, “The Elephant in The Room: How to Overcome Your Psychological Barriers to Weight Loss Success”.

Learn more about Facing the Elephant in The Room. [link to website sales page]

What You’ll Get from The Retreat:

  • Learn how to eliminate the vicious dieting cycle that leaves you feeling guilt, shame and failure
  • Learn how to shift to a success mindset
  • Learn how to better connect with yourself and others
  • Learn how to change your view on body image
  • Learn to break the psychological barriers that are holding you back from achieving your goals

Get ready for a fun, inspiring, and content-packed weekend where you will learn the secret formula for achieving your ideal body weight. Book Now


A Gemma Rayne Fountain Health Retreat

Facing the Elephant in the Room

The Secret to Achieving Your Weight Loss Goals With Ease

Are you making this one big mistake that’s keeping you from reaching your weight loss goals? When it comes to weight loss, most people mistakenly believe that they just need to watch what they eat. Usually when you think of weight loss you immediately think of going on a strict diet and furiously working out at the gym.

Weight loss is just too hard! ….. Or is it?

If you’re like most people, you probably think that weight loss dieting goes a little something like this:

Eat the “good” stuff, avoid the “bad” (tasty) stuff.

This translates to this formula:

Weight loss = Diet & Deprivation = Misery

Diet, deprivation and misery is just well, let’s face it – simply too hard. It’s no surprise that so many people just feel miserable, defeated, and subsequently give up on their weight loss goals. Can you relate?

If you’ve felt this way about dieting for weight loss, you’re certainly not alone. But, there’s more to it than this. I’m here to show you the secret to weight loss without the misery and deprivation.

Yes, Nutrition and Exercise is Important!

You’ve probably tried a few diets before in an attempt to achieve your ideal body. You joined the gym or tried out that new fitness class. You may have even had some short-term wins. The problem is the above formula simply does not work. When you feel miserable and defeated, it’s a lot harder to stick to a diet and exercise regime so results are often short-lived.

If the idea of weight loss feels unachievable to you and you have given up or you are ready to give up, please don’t!

Nutrition is important, yes! Exercise is also an important key to weight loss success. But you already know this. What if I told you there was something else much more critical to your weight loss success than diet and exercise?

So….. About That Elephant In The Room

Did you ever think that perhaps there’s something wrong with the above formula? Maybe you’ve been missing or ignoring something that is critical to your success? You are not alone.

The one big mistake that’s holding most people hostage and keeping you from achieving weight loss success is the elephant in the room. This elephant is the psychological factor and most people can’t see it or are completely ignoring it.

To achieve true, lasting success it’s time face the elephant in the room. It’s time to start a loving and open discussion about the mental obstacles preventing us from being our best selves. Facing this elephant will impact every area of our lives, not just health, body image, fitness, and weight.

Ignoring the elephant in the room is the one very big reason why most people - including you - have not yet achieved your ultimate body transformation goals.

The Retreat

At this full-day health retreat, you will find out the secret formula for achieving your ideal body weight. We dive deep into breaking the psychological barriers that are holding you back from achieving your goals.

Facing the Elephant in the Room

The Secret to Achieving Your Weight Loss Goals With Ease
A Gemma Rayne Fountain Health Retreat

@ The Tradewinds Island Resort on St. Pete Beach, FL
Saturday Aug 4th& Sunday Aug 5th

Saturday ALL DAY – lunch included
Sunday MORNING only – breakfast included
Includes lunch, breakfast, yoga instruction, personal training session, gifts an goodies, discounts to help you after the retreat, and SO MUCH MORE.

At the retreat you will:

- Find out what’s preventing you from weight loss success

- Discover the true reason why you haven’t been able to stick to a program or maintain results

- Know why you skip the gym

- Learn that you have control over your obstacle

- Practice healthy behaviors

- Understand how to stick to a healthy diet

- Learn how to stop making choices that don’t align with your goals

- Learn to recognize self-sabotage

- Understand how to stay motivated

- Embark on a journey of self-love and healing

- Learn how to lose weight with joy and achieve a positive body image

- Leave feeling good about your body

- Cut the negativity that keeps you from your weight loss goals

- How to be your own health advocate

- Find out how to put yourself in the driver’s seat when it comes to your health and well-being.

- Take control of your weight loss success

You have the power to effect change within yourself. Find out more about joining Gemma to face the elephant in the room and learn the secret to lasting weight loss – want to get on a call with Gemma to learn more and ask questions. Great! She’d love to connect with you. Please email gemmaraynefountain@gmail.com and schedule a time to chat.

Is This Retreat Right For Me?

This retreat is for you if you can say yes to any of the following.

- I’ve given up on my weight loss goals

- I’m about to give up on my weight loss goals

- I’ve been unsuccessful in losing weight through dieting and exercise

- My weight yo-yos

- I often feel guilty about my eating habits

- I feel ashamed or unhappy with my body

- I don’t think I can ever lose weight

- I want to feel better about my body

- I want more confidence

- I want to live a healthier lifestyle

If you know you want to lose weight, but don’t know where to start, this health retreat workshop will get you kickstarted on your weight loss goals. You will leave the retreat with greater confidence in yourself and your ability to achieve lasting weight loss success. Feel healthy and vivacious again. Join Gemma to face the elephant in the room and overcome your psychological barriers to weight loss success.

You’ll be joined by a group of amazing, supportive women in a safe and judgement-free environment.

Meet Gemma Rayne Fountain

Gemma is a health expert, Exercise Physiologist and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. Her passion is helping her clients achieve their ideal body image and weight loss goals. Gemma has found her calling in supporting people to make positive lasting changes by breaking the psychological barriers that stop them from weight loss success.

Gemma loves to help women feel more beautiful in their skin and is passionate about helping them confront the real reasons behind their past weight loss woes.

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Date and Time


TradeWinds Island Grand Resort

5500 Gulf Boulevard

Saint Pete Beach, FL 33706

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