Face & Palm Reading OR Scalp & Shoulder Therapy - E&E VISIONS

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A 20 minute Face & Palm Reading or Scalp & Shoulder Therapy done by Enme from E&E Visions

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You may choose from one of the following services for your session:


Face Reading is a science of analyzing a person's character, talents and health based on their facial features like shapes, lines, bones structure, features and Qi color of face.

Palm reading has its roots in Indian astrology and Greece. It's the study of one's Palm shape, color and lines as well as the length of the fingers. Palm reading reveals the individual personalities and character traits and could also foretell the future.


Improves sleep, release stress, alleviate headache and migraine, while helps in improving grey hair or hair loss and other scalp issues. It's a good release of toxic energy if you haven't done any massage for some time.


E&E Visions is a new holistic platform with the hope of bringing people together to gain self-mastery & awakening.

We offer insightful guidance and readings for clients who wants to know more about themselves, improve their career, wealth, relationships and how they can maximize their potential. All these through the art of Metaphysics and Divination, using Chinese and Western ways i.e. Bazi, Tarot, Face & Palm Reading, Tasseography and many more.

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