Exploring Greenwich Village: 200 Years of Neighborhood Death & Hauntings

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Exploring Greenwich Village: 200 Years of Neighborhood Death & Hauntings

New York Adventure Club | www.AdventureClub.com

By New York Adventure Club

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Sunday, June 4 · 7 - 8:30pm EDT


Rectory, Church of the Ascension (Outside) 7 West 10th Street New York, NY 10011

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  • 1 hour 30 minutes
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A hospital that treated Titanic survivors; a sweatshop fire that shocked the nation; the house of an American Vice President indicted for murder in two states. While the small Manhattan neighborhood of Greenwich Village is today best known for being one of NYC's liveliest, it's also filled with reminders of its darker history and prominent deaths that rocked the nation, if you know where to look.

Join New York Adventure Club as we explore Greenwich Village by foot through the lens of death — from hidden cemeteries and memorials to former dueling grounds, learn how tragic events throughout the neighborhood's past have impacted the life, politics, and even folklore of New York City and beyond throughout the past 200 years.

Led by neighborhood expert and licensed NYC tour guide Kyle Sallee, our unique experience will include:


  • A look at Washington Square Park's darker history, from a site of public executions to a neighborhood dueling ground
  • A visit to the former residence-turned-apartment building of Mark Twain, and how it earned the nickname "House of Death" after a highly-publicized murder trial in 1987
  • A walk past the former Triangle Shirtwaist Company, the site of one of NYC's deadliest fires, and discussion around how it marked a turning point in labor union and worker rights throughout America
  • Stops at abandoned buildings, touching memorials, and forgotten cemeteries


Our experience will conclude at White Oak Tavern, which will have food and drinks available for purchase!

Click here to see pictures from one of our last trips!

See you there!

*Please bring a comfortable pair of shoes as we’ll be on our feet for the entire experience


"In depth information that was provided on the themes addressed." -Ann

"Leaders were very friendly. I liked walking through Greenwich." -Karen

"Friendliness and professionalism of presenters." -Sara

"I thought I knew the Village...guess I really didn't! Kyle and Marci were a great team!" -Stacy

"The quality of the presentations by our guides." -Lisa

"Saw some sites that were new (Whitman memorial)." -Gabriella

"It was great to have guides who were not only knowledgeable but spoke at a fairly sophisticated level." -Vera

"Excerpts from the real criminal proceedings, read as a first person narrative, added warmth and personable touch to the macabre stories. Thank you." -Mila

"The historical aspect." -Sandra

"I thought we covered a good amount of distance and places to see. Kyle was a great tour guide and presented the historical information in an engaging manner." -Andrea

"The guides presented interesting facts and stories about the places we visited." -Diane

"The presenters were very well prepared." -Edward

"I know the Village very well and the tour offered new facts and showed new spots that I didn't know about. Post-tour drinks!" -Chris

"The obvious amount of research the guides put into the tour." -Todd

"Informative and entertaining. The hosts were so knowledgeable." -Brigitte

"Very impressed with pace, poise and knowledge of the guides." -Emily

"Friendly Informative Fun." -Martin

"Guides had really expansive and in-depth knowledge of the subject." -Sarah

"Guides very engaging and set the tone well based on our group." -Daniel

"Great knowledge of history and made it relevant to today." -Arlene

"The guide was very knowledgeable, detailed and spoke clearly and loudly enough to hear." -Kevin

"Kyle was engaging and knowledgeable. The area was fascinating and linking various historical events to the physical locations gave a memorable presentation." -Shelagh

"Our guide was Kyle and was friendly and well prepared." -Tim

"Interesting way to tie different Greenwich Village locations together." -Steven

"The guide was fabulous." -Marisa

"Great variety in sites. Easy to walk. Tour guide knowledgeable and spoke clearly and with good volume. Very interesting sites and history. I learned lots of new things" -Nancy

"I liked that it was focused on history rather than more childish ghost stories. I learned things about the village I did not know previously." -Judi

"I love the expertise, content, presentation." -Yevgeniya

"I love the way the presenter gave the historical context for the topic." -Anna

"Kyle was knowledgeable and you could tell how well the tour route and stories were planned out." -Casey


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