Explorations in Consciousness

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Special Workshop: "Explorations in Consciousness"

Find out how much you can Know. Divine Mother will guide us into the unknown realms of your Self to draw forth, knowledge, power and the wonder of how deep you are capable of going, being, and living. She reminds us that nothing is impossible for YOU.

(The Divine Mother healing sessions are not related to a specific religion or faith. The healing sessions are open to everyone regardless of religion, race or culture. The sessions are not meant to be replacement for any medical protocols or health therapies prescribed by a doctor or other health professional.)

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What others are saying:

“I feel completely transformed from my healing session. I’ve never felt such a profound inner balance and clear connection with God.”

"I have noticed that since participating in the sessions, I have been noticing a deeper, more immediate recognition of my own Divine inner guidance coming to the fore of my awareness. This experience is an "eyes-open" sort of reality that is comforting, palpable and strengthening in many areas of my day to day life.”

"Connie provides a completely safe, loving environment where you immediately go very deeply within yourself. Then Connie sits you in the lap of Divine Mother where you feel complete unconditional love. The healing and wisdom that I have received has not only cleared emotional and physical wounds and challenges, but has brought deep ease, calm, simple joy and wholeness into my life. Working with Connie is like getting on the fast track of evolution!"

"The sessions with you have cleared habit patterns which have been blocking my success and happiness.”

"I could write a whole book on the benefits that I have experienced from the Divine Mother Guidance and Healing sessions. But to sum it up—- I am overwhelmed with gratitude after each of my sessions with Connie. They have changed my entire life for the better.”

"Thank you for showing us how to bring the light back into our lives and for showing us the ways to keep increasing it.”

Connie Huebner at Divine Mother ChurchConnie Huebner at Divine Mother Church

Connie Huebner at Divine Mother Church in Fairfield IA.

Divine Trust or “Faith” is a manifesting power. It moves the unbounded source to your assistance. The mechanics of this have to do with setting your intention and then letting go of the intention to the Divine Power. This letting go process then allows the universe to act. Doubt and mental control interfere with the process. Divine Mother will teach us to consistently “let go” and trust the universe to manifest what we are really asking for

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Webcast, phone call, Skype, or in person

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