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Exhibition Road to Korea

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Exhibition Road to Korea

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| Benoit+Bo, Philippe Geluck, Bert de Keyser, Denis Meyers, Hans Op de Beeck, Carole Solvay

| JUNG Hye-Won, KIM Hyang-Gum, KIM A-Young, KWON Jung-Ho, KWON Ki-Ja, LEE Woo-Seok, SHIN Kang-Ho, YANG Sung-Ok

The exhibition Road to Korea is organized as part of the 120th anniversary of the diplomatic relationship between Belgium and Korea. Through this exhibition Belgian artist Bert De Keyser lets the visitors experience his view of Korea through a variety of artworks that is divided into four themes.

In ‘Travel Diary’ De Keyser leads visitors to Korea through his drawings of Korean landscapes and portraits of Koreans together with a collection of curious objects. In ‘Breugel project’ the works of eight Korean artists who have participated with Bert De Keyser in several exhibitions will be presented. ‘Belgian art in Seoul’ gives a preview to the visitors of the exhibition of five Belgian artists that is going to be held in Korea as part of the Belgian Festival in October 2021.

The last part, ‘Mega Frame’, displays his sketches, maquettes and research that Bert De Keyser has done for an installation in Korea, which is part of a project called Yellow Frame. This project has been installed in several countries in Europe before and aims to make people aware of their environment where they live in.

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