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Ottawa, ON


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Refund Policy

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Hands-on Workshop & Practical Seminar
Executive Assistants & Administrative Professionals
Applying Harvard University Global System™ Tools

Best Practices. Proven Personal Organization Methods and Skills
for Partnering with Your Team and Management and Moving Forward
Boston, November 8-10, 2017
Ottawa-Gatineau, December 4-6, 2017 and March 5-7, 2018


Rich in practical learning and illustrations pertinent the participants' context, both business and government, this unique 2.5-day workshop has been led by Alain Paul Martin in North America and Europe during the last ten years. It has been designed for management assistants interested in maximizing their potential for exercising greater responsibility beyond the present position.

The focus is on the skills and tools to improve productivity, build a winning team with bosses and peers, and maximize value to your organization. This unique experience will help you:
  • Set and negotiate goals, priorities and urgency in partnership with your manager(s);
  • Organize your day and manage time (deadlines, meetings), drop-in visitors and time-wasters;
  • Manage conflicts, difficult people, crises and awkward situations assertively;
  • Make your manager(s) more effective; improve your working relationship; assume more leadership and managerial responsibility without the benefit of authority; build empowerment-inducing habits;
  • Clarify your role and excel in working with peers, multiple managers and demanding clients;
  • Practice in a friendly atmosphere and seek guidance from the seminar leader;
  • Make your job more meaningful, build trust, and take charge of your career growth beyond the present position.


Much of your time during this workshop will be invested to deal with back-home problems and barriers to building a winning team. We believe learning occurs most readily when quickly applied to real-life situations you care about. Therefore, we want you to do some thinking before the workshop about:
  1. Activities that make up your job and percentage of time spent on each per week.
  2. Two interpersonal situations you have a difficulty with on the job, e.g. negotiating priorities with one or more bosses, cutting off conversations, keeping people from disturbing your manager(s), delegating work to others, enforcing deadlines. Who is involved? When does it occur? How do you usually handle the situation?


Alain Paul Martin is a leading expert on exemplary leadership, talent mobilization and innovation (U.S. Canadian and Japanese patents) who was selected as Harvard University Fellow in Advanced Leadership in 2012. He studied advanced technology in Lille (France), graduated in Commerce from Concordia University, was educated in entrepreneurship at Harvard Business School (1997-1999) and certified, at Harvard Law School, to teach negotiation in corporations.

Alain coaches executives, team leaders and executive assistants in exemplary leadership, innovation and principled negotiation. He has advised two prime ministers of Canada (4 years), the UNESCO’s Director General, the CEOs of financial and biotechnology firms and, for nearly 20 years, the Director of Applied Research & Technology at Teck, Canada's largest diversified resource company. For 10 years, he acted as independent strategic advisor to the CEOs of Desjardins, the world's second strongest bank according to Bloomberg. With Dr. Brian Morrissey, Alain spearheaded the creation of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. He led IT projects at Bombardier Aerospace (Canadair), Du Pont, Domtar and the CBC; managed infrastructural projects for CIDA and the World Bank in Equatorial Africa; and was twice a faculty member at the University of Quebec, where he taught principled negotiation and change management in the M.Sc. and MGP Project-Management programs.

Active in civil society, Alain has trained leaders of First Nations, progressive unions and Acadian and other francophone communities in exemplary leadership and principled negotiation. As President of two Harvard University clubs, he led, with Professor Bruce Scott, initiatives to debate emerging issues, overhaul the economy, reduce inequities and strengthen the essence of democracy. He also led funding projects for the Children Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO Research Institute), Canada Without Poverty, food banks and the victims of an earthquake, a tsunami and a hurricane, respectively in Haiti, Japan and the United States. Inspired by Drs. Paul Farmer and Jim Kim whom he met at Harvard, he led the creation of Partners in Health of Canada. Alain, Dr. Nouzha Chekrouni and other Harvard Advanced Leadership fellows are currently founding the new Entrepreneurial Leadership Institute for the Progress in Africa (ELIPA).

Recognized by the Project Management Institute (PMI) for “his outstanding contribution to the state-of-the-art of project management”, Alain was also honored by the Presidents of Harvard University and Harvard Alumni Association for his “Leadership, Vision and Service” to Harvard community. He is the author of the upcoming book "Charting the Future in a Turbulent Environment: Value Incubation and the Managment of Surprise Events and Stakeholders' Dynamics in Business, Government and Geopolitics."


1. Taking Charge without the Benefit of Authority

  • Start with a clear mandate
  • The art of building and using constructive power
  • Demonstration and practice
  • Insights into interpersonal compatibility: FIRO-B
  • Profession executive assistant: A model of success
  • Managing your boss: How to build a winning team

2. How to Set Goals and Priorities

  • Personal and business goals: Practical validity tests
  • How to set and validate your goals: Team exercise
  • How to assess priorities and deadlines
  • In-basket exercise on priority and urgency

3. Managing Conflicts and Difficult People

  • Diagnosing conflicts affecting administrative staff
  • Understanding our behavior; preparing for the worst
  • Managing difficult bosses, co-workers and others
  • Dealing with aggressive and passive hostility
  • Video case study, two team exercises and guided learning

4. Preventing Role and Responsibility Conflicts

  • How to clarify your role with your boss and peers
  • How to prevent unfair evaluations
  • Practical exercise in role and responsibility charting

5. Personal Organization - Scheduling Your Day

  • Practical teamwork on selecting the best filing system
  • How to set reasonable deadlines; securing agreement
  • How to control your day & focus on high-return tasks
  • The quiet hour: How to make it happen
  • Working smarter: Eight drivers to control your day
  • Smart search and e-mails: Tips to get the best results
  • How to reduce your workload with the invisible Web

6. How to Control Interruptions and Time-Wasters

  • How to control drop-in visitors and interruptions
  • Practical tips to deal with major time-wasters

7. How to Prepare Shorter and Productive Meetings

  • How to run effective meetings: Hyman Rickover tips
  • Video-learning exercise: Meetings Bloody Meetings

8. Building the Foundation for Career Excellence

  • How to develop courageous self-leadership (Mullane)
  • Practical tips for building an excellent career and a proactive life based on Dr. Herbert Shepard’s research



How to Register: Please register with Eventbrite or PDI online, call us weekdays (9 AM - 4:30 PM EDT) at +1 819-772-7777; toll free in the USA and Canada: 1-800-HARVARD or send a fax and pay in advance by cheque or credit card.

Cancellation Policy

Participants registering as a group must send substitutes in lieu of cancelling. For other clients, cancellations are accepted if made at least 10 working days prior to the course, and are subject to a $150 service charge per person. Full fees are payable by anyone who fails to attend or cancels less than 10 working days prior to the session. One substitution or transfer to a later course of the same duration is accepted.

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Date and Time



Ottawa, ON


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Refunds up to 30 days before event

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