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Ex Caelo - Ostara

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TBA - Multiple Locations

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Ex Caelo is an immersive art, community and dance party experiment.
There are large art installations and immersive performances taking place therein.
Your selection of an archetype/diety(Garra, Isa, Uru, Ramus) will affect the trajectory of your eveing.
Take a chance and become part of the spectacle or just explore, observe and dance.
Location and instructions will be sent to ticket holders.

Ostara means equinox and it has arrived
Renewal and warmth finally return with Spring.
Choose your guide, Garra, Isa, Uru, or Ramus to follow through the night. (description below)
These four idols of the natural world will direct us as we become OSTARA.

The sonic catalyst will be…

Beat Kitty


Yung Eldr /2melo


Willy Wompa

The FMs

Explore the mythology of this process with creations from artists such as…

Shadow Traffic

Oliver Allaux

Ben DeVoe

Bridget Moriarty

Morgan Shay

Agnieszka "Nish" Chomentowska


Ex Caelo is a vividly composed improvisational experience/dance party for those who want to create adventure.

It's the most off the cuff yet deliberate dimension melding ritual gathering you've ever been to!

What is there to tell you?
What do you want to hear about Ex Caelo?
It’s exactly what you’re looking for!
Will you trust us?
It matters not…

Certainly the augurs will read your fate in the sky.
From the flitting sparrow and the flash of lightning to the glimmer from the depths of the cosmos.
Even the highest auspice, however, can’t foretell the fortune of the visceral dimension; the mother of true genesis.

Ex Caelo is from the sky.
The map and method to know all that is ever was and ever will be.

There is but one wrench in these works; the seventh direction brought into the six.
The internal manifested into the external able to change everything we know.
So what do we really know anyway? Are we going too deep?

Ex Caelo is from the sky reflected to this space to co-create and envelop you so we can all be mesmerized in the experience as it unfolds.
Let go of any expectations, move to the rhythm, become the canvas, apply the paint, surrender to the magic and become the magician.

Now you must follow the spirits of Ostara…

URU - The powerful and independent teach us to heal and awaken after a long solitude

ISA - The abundant, lively spirit of the rushing water is fulfilled as their world flows once again.

RAMUS - The energetic, adaptable protector of the natural world, opens themself to vulnerability and drops their weapon.

GARRA - The wise and resourceful elder returns and transforms death into life.

They will lead you on this journey in all directions.

Have something else to offer? Let us know.
We coud be interested in barter of some sort. Email: xcaelo@gmail.com

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Date and Time


TBA - Multiple Locations

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No Refunds

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