EvoSec Defensive Pistol I

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EvoSec Defensive Pistol I

8 Hr level 1 pistol course focusing on a fundamental defensive pistol platform from concealment.

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Saturday, June 11, 2022 · 8:30am - 4:30pm EDT


17163 NC-27 17163 North Carolina 27 Sanford, NC 27332

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About this event

This course is an 8 hr level 1 pistol course focusing on a fundamental defensive pistol platform from the holster moving into dynamic shooting principles. Even though marksmanship is covered, it is a class that is more about marksmanship and gun handling skills from a fighting perspective. You will leave this class having a solid shooting platform and capable of defending yourself and/or a loved one in the event of a violent encounter.

Some of the covered curriculum

Cardinal Safety (life) Rules


Fundamentals of Marksmanship

The most important defensive shooting skill - Proper Concealed Carry Draw - Note: This class will start with shirts tucked in for non-concealed draw and will progress into concealment.

Reloads – Admin and Speed/Emergency

Basic Malfunction clearance

Strong Hand Only and Support Hand only firing solutions

Extreme Close Quarters Firing Solutions - For 0 to 3 feet entangled fights

Proper Practice – To include a safe and highly effective Dry Practice program (no ammo needed)

Instructor bio and equipment list below:

Eric Davis/ Lead instructor and president of EvoSec - website www.evosec.org

Army Veteran (nothing sexy)

Tours in Iraq and Afghanistan as a soldier and civilian

Certified Rangemaster Pistol Instructor

Instructor Level II/Black belt in Jeet Kune Do Concepts/MMA/Filipino MA under the late Terry Gibson/Darian Whittaker

Apprentice Instructor II in Thai Boxing under Ajarn Chai Sirisute, of World Thai boxing Association

Primary Martial Arts training now consist of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under Lee King and wrestling and weapons based grappling

Competitive Shooter, IDPA and various 2 or 3 gun matches

Firearms and Combatives training:

Rangemaster Instructor Development and Certification course

Tactical Speed Shooting -The Praesidium Group, Mike Brown

Multi-time Alum of Shivworks Extreme Close Quarters Concepts (ECQC), Craig Douglas

Shivworks Edge Weapons Overview (EWO)

Jiu Jitsu for Weapons Based Environment under Paul Sharp of Sharp Defense/Straight Blast Gym

Hayley Strategic Vehicle Carbine Darkness, Travis Haley

Pistol and Carbine under Jeff Gonzales of Trident Concepts

Pistol and Carbine under James Yeager of Tactical Response

Immediate Action Combatives -IA JiuJitsu and Pugilism - Cecil Burch

Complete Combatant - Cliff Byerly - Hill Country Combatives

Equipment list:

Eye and Ear protection Electronic Ear pro is preferred but not a must. Eye Pro should be wrap around type, if wearing glasses prefer side shields.


3 magazines (min) or loaders if using revolver. If only have 2 mags we will make work

250 rounds of ammo

Holster (that fits your pistol) Note: We will be drawing from tucked in shirt at first and then move to drawing from concealment as class progresses. NOTE: No Serpa holsters (or any holster that uses a trigger finger release) unless the retention button has been removed.

Quality Belt

Wet weather jacket

Mag Carrier – Note if you do not have one that is also ok but preferable. If for some reason you do not have a mag carrier, you can reload from your pocket. (Will show preferred method).

Lunch, Snacks and water. We will eat lunch on site.


Folding Chair is a big plus for lectures and breaks.

Note Book and Pin

Open Mind - You may decide to not use our techniques but we ask that you give them a try for duration of class and discard after.

Bonus items:

Two hand or medium size towels - one for wetting to keep cool in hot environment and second for being able to keep hands dry during training.

Medical/Trauma Kit (Instructor will have one on site, but always good to have).

SIRT Pistol or Blue gun trainer pistol

Ball cap or hat

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