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Evolving Leaders' Relationships To Power — TRUE Power

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Hotel Hilton Nordica, Vox Club

Suðurlandsbraut 8

108 ReykjavÍk


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Are you ready to talk about the taboo topic of POWER? As a modern leader, you need to be clear on what power is -- beyond your positional power. What does power mean to you? How do you want to wield your power as a woman in leadership? How can you contribute to turning the tide on the abuse of power?

Join Rúna Bouius, the Icelandic entrepreneur, founder, and former CEO, now an international speaker, author, and global change agent. She offers inspiring and revealing insights into why evolving your TRUE Power can raise you to the next level of your leadership, and how that will directly benefit your company and society in a purposeful and positive way.

Information In A Nutshell:

When: Saturday, April 27, 1:00- PM - 3:30 PM LIVE

What Is This: Presentation

Where: Hotel Hilton Nordica, Vox Club, Suðurlandsbraut 8, 108 Reykjavík

For Whom: Icelandic Women Leaders & Women Entrepreneurs

Investment: $55

Language: English. Icelandic participants are welcome to express themselves in Icelandic.

Program Description:

Are you ready to talk about the taboo topic of POWER? As a leader, you need to be clear on what power is -- beyond your positional power. What does power mean to you? How do you want to wield your power?

Humanity is currently going through an immense shake-up and significant transformation. Here’s the truth: Our old world is outgrowing itself, and evolution is forcing us to wake up! As leaders, it is time to do some outer and inner upgrades -- including upgrades to our personal and collective relationships to power.

Find out how awakening to your TRUE Power can be your secret key to leading successfully and living a purpose-driven life WHILE contributing to a new world.

The Audience Will Learn:

✓ What power is and is not -- what TRUE Power is

✓ How power dynamics are shifting, and the distribution systems of power

✓ The most common way people give up their power

✓ How to source power and wield it wisely

✓ Why modern leaders need to BE Power

✓ Insights into their own relationships to power

Audience Experiences:

"Rúna is an 'insights curator' and a gifted facilitator. She seamlessly integrates and shares contemporary and classical perspectives in a light-hearted manner, while creating a powerful, interactive audience experience that simultaneously sparks internal resonance, inspires individual and collective self-reflection regarding relationships with and to Power, and poises listeners for inner work & action." — Annette Shaked, Leadership & Organizational Manager, Cedars-Sinai Hospital, Los Angeles, California, USA

"As a speaker, as a writer, as a leader, as a coach, Runa is always eloquent and engaging, constantly innovative, weaving in both ancient wisdom and new schools of thought, science and technology, all the while keeping things light, fun and always leaving you wanting more." — Rocio Villalobos, Creative Strategist/Director, VidroMedia , Board Member of Conscious Capitalism Los Angeles

Rúna is an engaging speaker that brings powerful and authentic energy from the moment she opens her mouth to speak. The audience is engaged and hooked right out of the gate. “I am power” and she is truly a powerful speaker! Thank you, Rúna, for inspiring and educating us all.” — Amber Gough, Founder of Talent Fusion Point & Conscious Capitalism San Diego Program Director

“I attended one of Rúna’s presentations called “ Evolving Leaders’ Relationship to Power -TRUE Power," held in Culver City, California. It was a truly inspiring experience for me. During the presentation, Rúna challenged all of us to self-reflect on our own relationship with “power." I left feeling awakened and motivated. Most importantly, because of this uplifting experience, I was able to learn new things about myself and redirect my energy into the right places. Now I am a proud owner of Green Activities LLC. I will never forget Runa’s presentation on " True Power" because it truly motivated me to concur with my dreams. And for that, I will always be thankful to her.” — Viktoriya Mincheva, Founder, Green Activities LLC, Los Angeles, CA, USA

In Support Of Indigenous Women:

5% of the proceeds of this event will go to the non-profit Red Wind Councils supporting community projects of indigenous women in Chiapas, Mexico.

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Can't make it?

If something comes up and makes it impossible for you to join us in person on April 27, 2019, Evolve Leaders' Relationship to Power — TRUE Power presentation

  • You may transfer your registration to a future purchase with Runa Bouius within the next two years.

  • You may transfer your ticket to a friend or colleague and allow them to attend in your place (no cut-off time)

About Rúna Bouius:

Rúna Bouius was the founder and CEO of Klassik Heildverslun from 1977-1994 and the co-founder of Sigurboginn at Laugarvegur in Reykjavik. She relocated to America -- Santa Fe, New Mexico -- after selling her businesses and spent the next decade immersing herself in mentorship and training in various leadership disciplines such as wisdom traditions, energy-cultivating practices, and direct teachings from Nature. Since 2005 Runa has been steeped in the Conscious Leadership Movement and is on the vanguard of the new business paradigm thinking, the creation of better workplaces, and growing visionary, next-generation leaders.

Now as a thought leader on global strategy in business, Rúna is excited to guide progressive CEOs and other highly successful leaders, founders, investors, and visionary influencers to unleash their TRUE Power and be on the leading edge of the emerging leadership trends. Over the course of her career, Rúna has mentored and coached hundreds of leaders and uplifted and inspired thousands of people around the world through her coaching, speaking, facilitation, and writing through the social-impact platforms she co-founded (including the Conscious Capitalism LA Chapter, and the TOGETHER! Network for purpose-driven female entrepreneurs) in Los Angeles where she now lives.

She is currently a producer at The Social Movement -- an Amazon Prime (Docu-Series) where CEOs, CMOs, founders, entrepreneurs, investors, and business owners share their genius onscreen.

Have questions about the Evolve Leaders' Relationship To Power — TRUE Power presentation? Send an email to support@runa.la

Websites: www.TruePowerInstitute.com | www.TheNewVision.com

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Hotel Hilton Nordica, Vox Club

Suðurlandsbraut 8

108 ReykjavÍk


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