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Evidence Based Birth® Chicago Seminar Series -- For Birth Pros Only!

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HMBirth Office

522 Kedzie Street

Evanston, IL 60202

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Please join us for a weekend of learning, demonstrations, discussion, and networking with birth professionals from throughout the Midwest!

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Who's Invited

For Birth Professionals Only!

Open to physicians, midwives, nurses, doulas and childbirth educators.

Evidence Based Birth® workshops and seminars do more than provide education. It is our goal to create a strong community of connected professionals who together share this important mission of helping more families receive respectful, high quality maternity care!

What's Included


Our day will run from 9am to 4pm and will include lunch. Workshops will be: Savvy Birth Pro and Comfort Measures for L&D Nurses. (6 total contact hours)

Saturday's attendees will receive a Pocket Guide to Comfort Measures for L & D Nurses; as well as an Evidence Based Birth® lanyard; and flash drive with: detailed workshop notes, research evidence, lesson curriculum, role play activity and a variety of handouts to use and share with clients, patients and hospital staff; PLUS ONE MONTH FREE Professional Membership to Evidence Based Birth® with access to 24 additional contact hours!

Attending Saturday's workshops are the first steps to become an "Evidence Based Birth® Nurse Champion." This designation will recognize your work towards promoting evidence based care. Further details about how to apply for this credential will be released later this year.


Sunday's Seminars will be: Evidence on Due Dates and Advanced Maternal Age; Evidence on Newborn Procedures and The Golden Hour; and Normalizing Homebirth Transfers. (4.5 total contact hours) Our day will run from 1pm to 6pm and snacks will be provided.

Attendees will receive an Evidence Based Birth® lanyard and flash drive with: detailed seminar notes, a handout on the the risk of stillbirth at 41-42 weeks, a printer-friendly PDF and one-page handout on Vitamin K, and Breastfeeding Report Cards for the U.S. and your specific state

Course Descriptions

Savvy Birth Pro

Are you passionate about evidence based care, but regularly witness hospital policies taking precedence over your client's choice? It can be frustrating to watch clients receive care that isn’t based on research and not quite knowing how to help.

The Savvy Birth Pro Workshop (3 contact hours) was developed by Evidence Based Birth® to give professionals the skills you need to make a genuine difference and help your clients attain the best possible chance at evidence based care during pregnancy and labor.

Attendees will receive a flash drive with workshop notes as well as the following handouts with permission to use with clients: EBB Essentials, Empowered Communication, and Empowered Policy.

The 3-hour Savvy Birth Pro Workshop will succeed in preparing you to help your clients assert their right to evidence based care in a respectful way that builds bridges, not walls. We believe the inspirational knowledge you will gain from the Savvy Birth Pro Workshop will have a positive ripple effect that extends to your clients, the professionals you work with and your community!

Comfort Measures Workshop for Labor and Delivery Nurses

Are you an L & D nurse who wishes you had more tools in your toolbox to help keep patients comfortable during labor?

In this workshop (3 contact hours), you will not only get hands-on practice with comfort measures skills, but you'll also learn how you can overcome barriers to providing comfort measures on your unit!

We designed this workshop specifically for Labor and Delivery nurses who are looking to add to their labor support knowledge and skills. However, physicians, doulas, midwives, and childbirth educators are also encouraged to attend!

Attendees will receive a Pocket Guide to Comfort Measures for L & D Nurses as well as a Comfort Measures Toolkit (on a flash drive) to take back to your unit and share with your peers. This includes:

1. Research evidence handout for staff + Lesson curriculum on assisting patients who wish to use hydrotherapy during labor

2. Research evidence handout for staff + Lesson curriculum on how labor nurses can assist with upright positioning during labor and birth

3. Handout for patients + Lesson curriculum on how to reassure patients who are being sent home in early labor

4. Research evidence handout for staff + Role play about the words nurses use and how hospital staff language affects the patient's pain perception, anxiety, and satisfaction

5. Full-length printer-friendly PDFs with the Evidence on Fetal Monitoring, Birthing Positions, Eating and Drinking during Labor, and Protecting the Perineum

6. One-page handouts to share with patients covering: Birthing Affirmations, Birthing Positions, Comfort Measures in Early Labor, Eating and Drinking during Labor, Fetal Monitoring, and Nitrous Oxide

Evidence On Due Dates and Advanced Maternal Age Seminar

Did you know that the rate of labor induction has drastically increased over the last 30 years? In this Evidence Based Birth® seminar, packed with facts, you will learn the evidence on 39-week induction and for induction at or past the "due date". We cover the recent ARRIVE study in depth and we’ll also cover a bit about “advanced maternal age,” and discuss the actual numbers of increase in stillbirth with older age.

Evidence On Newborn Procedures and The Golden Hour Seminar

What is the evidence on the safety of Vitamin K? Does delayed cord clamping lead to jaundice? How can we help families who give birth by Cesarean get skin to skin in our local operating rooms? In this interactive seminar, we will take an in-depth look at the research evidence on newborn procedures for term infants during the “golden hour.” We will cover the history and research on interventions that happen during the first hour of life—including which procedures are the “best practices,” and which procedures can be safely delayed or declined!

Normalizing Home Birth Transfers Seminar

Designed for home birth and hospital providers, this workshop will challenge you and your colleagues to address your fears and concerns about transfers from planned home births into the hospital. What guidelines can hospital staff follow when accepting a home birth transfer? What can home birth providers do to ease the transfer? What are the basic safety statistics of home birth and freestanding birth centers, and what is needed to make home birth even safer?

CE Information and Learning Objectives

Evidence Based Birth® is a continuing education provider for the Kentucky Board of Nursing # 7-0081. Nursing contact hours can be applied to most childbirth educator and doula certifications as well as the Certified Professional Midwife credential. These seminars have also been approved for a total of 7.5 contact hours from the American College of Nurse Midwives.

Learning Objectives for Savvy Birth Pro:

1. Define evidence-based care and discuss statistics on the quality of birth settings in our local community

2. Discuss the major reasons why we have an evidence-practice gap, including the power hierarchy and how it is a barrier to evidence-based, family-centered care

3. Discuss ways that we can bridge the evidence-practice gap at the system level

4. Discuss specific strategies we can use to help our clients obtain evidence-based care

Learning Objectives for Comfort Measures Workshop:

1. Discuss the evidence on comfort measures and the importance of labor support skills for increasing patient satisfaction and decreasing the Cesarean rate

2. Demonstrate a variety of comfort measures and discuss how to teach these comfort measures to other nurses on your unit

3. Discuss ways that we can build stronger team relationships between nurses and providers, and between nurses and doulas

4. Discuss how we can overcome barriers to providing comfort measures, including the effects of witnessing traumatic births, a lack of self care, charting duties, and unit/system pressures

Learning Objectives for Due Dates and Advanced Maternal Age Seminar:

1. Describe the risks of going past “due”

2. Review the evidence on benefits and risks of induction versus waiting for labor to start on its own

3. Describe pros and cons of induction vs. expectant management for advanced maternal age

Learning Objectives for Newborn Procedures Seminar:

1. Describe evidence on two best practices for newborns in the golden hour: Skin-to-skin and delayed cord clamping

2. Discuss evidence on procedures that often take precedence over skin-to-skin and bonding, including suction, hatting, bathing, Vitamin K, and eye ointment

Learning Objectives for Normalizing Home Birth Seminar:

1. Discuss research evidence on the safety of home birth

2. Describe how we can increase the safety of home birth transfers to the hospital

3. List ways to improve the client’s experience during a home-hospital transfer

Refund Policy

Buy a ticket with confidence! Full refunds will be given up to 2 weeks before event. We know that I know many of you are on call. You may transfer your ticket to another birth worker up until the start time of the event. Or, for a $50 fee you can apply your ticket our next Seminar Series scheduled for November 9th and 10th. NO refunds for no-shows, partial attendance, or last-minute cancellations. No certificate given if attendee is not present for 100% of the workshop/seminar.


Partial scholarships are available for Birth Workers of Color, please Christine at yourdoulachristine@gmail.com to receive your discount code.

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Date and Time


HMBirth Office

522 Kedzie Street

Evanston, IL 60202

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Refund Policy

Contact the organizer to request a refund.

Eventbrite's fee is nonrefundable.

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