Everything You Need to Know About NFTs - Virtual Course

Everything You Need to Know About NFTs - Virtual Course

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Everything You Need to Know About NFTs to Get Ahead!

About this event

Self-paced virtual course with Mel Shapcott

Summer Session

Open Enrollment

Enrollment is open until August 2nd. Students receive access to all course materials regardless of when they register.

Why you need this course:

You want to get started with NFTs, but don’t have time for trial and error...

You want to avoid common security mistakes that leave your assets vulnerable...

You want to connect with the NFT community and not sure where to begin...

You’ve tried Googling it, but you still have questions...

The benefits of taking this course

  • Dedicated time with experienced NFT artist
  • A group that you can grow with
  • Downloadable course materials you can keep
  • POAP Certificate of Course Completion
  • Access to a VIP Discord server for continued support after the course ends

Course Format

✅ 6 pre-recorded lessons, lasting about 30 minutes each

✅ 6 downloadable PDFs with notes from the lecture

✅ Invitation to monthly live Q&A on Zoom

✅ Course materials emailed every two weeks after you join

✅ Early bird pricing offered through June 15

✅ Rolling registration so you can join anytime during the session

Live Q&A Schedule

Times listed below are in EDT/EST (New York)

Tuesday, June 14th - 2:00pm

Tuesday, July 12th - 12:00pm

Tuesday, August 2nd - 2:00pm

Monday, September 12th - 12:00pm

Monday, October 3rd - 2:00pm

Whats included in the course

Class 1 - The Basics

  • Blockchain for beginners
  • Getting a crypto wallet
  • Keeping your wallet safe
  • Adding funds to your wallet
  • Making your first transaction
  • Paying gas fees
  • Problems you might have
  • Devices and apps

Class 2 - Non-fungible Tokens

  • Choosing a marketplace
  • Minting NFTs
  • Collecting NFTs
  • Auctions, editions, and listings
  • Understanding collections
  • Including physical art
  • Secondary sales and royalties
  • Burning a token
  • Custom smart contracts

Class 3 - NFT Community

  • Understanding the culture
  • Anonymous vs. Doxxed
  • Where to plug in
  • Tuning your social media
  • Creating content
  • Reaching your audience
  • Sharing your links
  • Navigating the pace
  • Supporting your mental health

Class 4 - Deeper Into NFTs

  • 1/1 vs. pfp
  • Rarity
  • Utility
  • Phygital
  • Collaborations
  • Derivatives
  • Use of your IP (intellectual property)
  • Artwork specifications
  • Permanent decentralized storage

Class 5 - Going Pro

  • Designing an NFT collection
  • Refining your craft
  • NFT pricing
  • Where to promote
  • Discovering the metaverse
  • Virtual land and gaming
  • Conferences and events
  • Accessibility and awareness

Class 6 - Next Steps

  • Staying fluid
  • Adapting to cross-chain
  • NFT Winter
  • Disrupting industries
  • Do you need a Discord?
  • Participating in a DAO
  • POAPs
  • Preparing for taxes
  • Shaping the future

About the Instructor

Mel Shapcott is a Web 3.0 educator, bringing talent from both art and industry. As founder and CEO of Invisible Lotus she explores the intersecting edge of these two divergent worlds. With technical skills honed over a decades-long career as a web designer and project manager she is driven by a genuine passion to collaborate, create, and innovate through an artistic process. As a multi-disciplined, abstract artist she delves into themes of identity and memory using her digital canvas as a tool to more fully understand self. Meanwhile, throughout her career she has worked to elevate women in both art and business, and now she is eager to share her knowledge of NFTs.

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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ​​I love Mel! Even before doing her course, I learned so much just by following her on LinkedIn. She has a wealth of knowledge and she communicates it so clearly. I joined her class and received even more, more knowledge, more advice, more of Mel's expertise about my specific project, and more access to builders like me. – Osnat (Os) Benari

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Thank you Mel Shapcott for such a wonderful class! I was lost and swimming about on my own in OpenSea and now thanks to you I have lost the FOMO, gotten grounded from your expertise that provided me with a good sense of all that is required, AND you created an organized, encouraging and friendly environment in which to share the experience with the other students some very cool creatives!! Well done and thank you. 🌺🙏👩‍🎨🤗 – Mary Taylor

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Mel’s course provided the structure I was looking for. She clearly put a lot of thought into the organization of the class and the topics covered. This was supplemented by written materials and helpful links. Mel brings extensive personal experience to the class and is generous with her knowledge and time.

While there is always more to learn and the NFT space is constantly changing, thanks to Mel’s course, I now have the basic tools and knowledge to mint my own NFTs. – Paul Housberg

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ It was an awesome class Mel, I learned a lot and you are a gifted teacher and you can tell that you have also done the work, making your information all the more valuable. If you want to get into the NFT market this class is so worth it and an excellent resource not just for artists but collectors, writers, and for learning about any other use you can conceive of to utilize an NFT for. To those taking the next class it is amazing, Mel is a gifted and knowledgeable teacher. – Laurie Gardner

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