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Event Announcement August 26th - iCFO Capital Investment Conference, Irvine

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Knobbe, Martens, Olson & Bear, LLP

2040 Main St, 2nd Floor

Irvine, CA 92614

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We’ve invited some of Southern California most influential Private Investors, Private Equity Firms, Broker-Dealers, Investment Bankers, Accredited Investors, and other industry professionals. This means great opportunities you won’t find at any other conference this year, whether you’re looking to invest or to secure funding.

This meeting is limited to Accredited Investors, Angel Investors, and Investment Bankers who are interested in pre-qualified investment opportunities.


Introducing “The iCFO Investment Conference”

The iCFO Investment Conference features a panel of 20 to 30 potential "INVESTORS", as they consider offers from aspiring entrepreneurs seeking debt or equity investments for their business. The Investor group evaluates the concept, product, or business model. This process allows potential investors to discuss opinions, voice interests or concerns.

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Become Our Strategic Partners, Get Paid For Qualify leads!

Here’s where you can earn Big Money. When iCFO connects Companies to Investors we’re paid a upfront fee in Presentation or Business Consulting Fees.
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Douglas H. Leighton Joins BudTrader.com as an Investor and Advisory Board Member

SAN DIEGO, Calif. - August 2, 2017 - (Newswire.com)
BudTrader.com, the nation's largest online platform for the legal cannabis industry, is pleased to announce that Douglas H. Leighton has joined them as an investor and an advisory board member. Douglas H. Leighton, a seasoned industry expert in both capital management and business development in the cannabis sector, was appointed to the board in an effort to grow BudTrader.com within the cannabis sector and to advise in structure and market expansion.


Safety First Arms, Inc. have received $650,000 in investment commitment.

IRVINE CALIFORNIA, July 2017- "Safety First Arms, Inc. have received a $650,000 investment commitment through our network of investors to expand its operation. Safety First Arms, Inc. (“Safety FIrst”) headquartered in San Diego, California. A secure childproof firearms for personal defense. iCFO Capital is a go between person to connect entrepreneurs with our private investors that makes direct debt and equity investment for pre-revenue and early stage businesses.

To learn more about how your business can secure the funding it needs, email Khris Thetsy at kthetsy@myicfos.com, or call (619) 502-9388 x104.


PetVivo Holdings, Inc. - The company’s technology platform leverages the self-assembly of biocompatible components to create medical implants that mimic and recreate the structure and composition of tissue. Our lead product is Kush Canine, an injectable veterinary device used in the treatment of osteoarthritis in dogs. [ www.petvivo.com ]

Longevity Time - The company's positioning itself to enter the market with a unique approach, combining the rigorous and targeted science typically associated with the pharmaceutical industry with nutritional products. Longevity Time, LLC is an official licensee of ProLon, the world’s only Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD), based on decades of research at the University of Southern California.

Qounter - Qounter is a new social cashback platform which incorporates a unique social cashback benefits program via its mobile app. We provide businesses with an innovative sales and marketing platform by powering a cashback program that rewards :Qounter users with personal and social cashback in real time.

Safety First Arms - Our firearms prevent unauthorized firing and guard against unauthorized handling and theft. They provide consumers with reliable high quality firearms capable of preventing family tragedy in any form, whether by perpetrator, distraught teen, or by accident. The SMART 2™ prevents unauthorized firing but unlocks in under a second with your PIN code. Releasing the grip safety re-locks the gun in one-third of a second and guards against take-away. [ http://safetyfirstarms.com ]

(Additional presenting companies will be announced)

If you are interested in attending, please register in a timely manner, as it is anticipated attendee seating will fill up quickly. Thank you!


iCFO Capital holds several monthly investment brunches all across Southern California. These meetings bring Accredited Investors, Angel Investors, and Investment Bankers who are interested in pre-qualified investment opportunities as well as other service providers and industry professionals to create a large audience of financing and networking opportunities for our clients.

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What people are saying about iCFO Capital?

"We are getting some interest and we are expecting to build base on the interest of the investors...The way the connect us with the investors is by reaching out and telling them about our program and the benefits of our program, it saves us a lot of time and legwork by bringing people to the table, so we can present our program to them. We are very excited about their model". Frank Bashore, SVP 4M&I, LLC.

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Need a CFO perspectives?

Choosing Interim CFO can be a smart business decision. Starting with an analysis by our Financial Specialist can gain a quick understanding of your financial condition. Our interim CFO services are designed for companies who are preparing for large scale growth. Many small businesses find themselves in a position where they are in need of the guidance that a quality CFO provides, but cannot currently afford the expensive salary that the position demands.

To learn more about our Interim CFO services, please contact Richard Copeland - CPA, email rcopeland@myicfos.com, or call (619) 502-9388 x101.

Gain Access to Leading Retailers

Our FAST-TRACK Introductory Program is the most comprehensive process available today and is designed to support profitable commercialization of your product! We've created this program based upon sound and proven scientific principles for new product launch.

For more information on iCFO Distribution, LLC. (Mexico), please contact Robert Ruiz - VP of Operation, email rruiz@myicfos.com, or call 044-664-674-5738.

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New conference partners and sponsors are working closely with iCFO Capital in 2017 to bring added value to our clients and members. Contact iCFO Capital to be personally introduced to our sponsoring organizations.



El Torito Grill - 1910 Main Street, Irvine, CA 92614
1:00pm to 3:00pm


Breakfast Basket - An assortment of freshly baked breakfast favorites, including Cinnamon Creme Cake, cinnamon rolls, muffins, bagels, sweet crisps and other pastries. Served with handcrafted cream cheese, butter, and preserves. Fresh Fruit Tray - Slices of cantaloupe, oranges and pineapple with red grapes, blueberries and strawberries. Hand-Roasted Coffee - Select from our signature Baker's Blend, Sumatra Decaf, rich Cafe Europa and Hazelnut Cream.


10620 Treena Street, Suite 230 | San Diego, CA 92131
Khris Thetsy | (619) 502-9388 x104 | kthetsy@myicfos.com
Richard Copeland, CPA | (619) 502-9388 x101 | rcopeland@myicfos.com
Matthew Joy | (619) 502-9388 x108 | mjoy@myicfos.com
Elaine Yarbrough | (619) 981-5019 | eyarbrough@myicfos.com

6080 Center Drive, Suite 600 | Los Angeles, CA 90045
Micheal Lerma | (619) 502-9388 x118 | mlerma@myicfos.com
Office: (619) 502-9388 | Toll Free: (888) 935-8228

iCFO Distribution, LLC. (Mexico)

Robert Ruiz | 044-664-674-5738 | rruiz@myicfos.com

Grabriel Hernandez | 044 664-321-0308 | ghernandez@myicfos.com

For more information about our company visit our website at: www.icfocapital.com

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Knobbe, Martens, Olson & Bear, LLP

2040 Main St, 2nd Floor

Irvine, CA 92614

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