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Ethical Leadership Masterclass

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Hi my friends,

I am Elaine, I am your friend. My passion is to help you grow your leadership capacity who creates tremendous results by serving others well. Take the people to a daring destination – one beyond their imagination. Serve them well along the journey – focusing on their success, not on self-interest.

After joining John Maxwell Team (the #1 Leadership Authority in the world) in early 2015, I started looking for ways to support you in your journey. I want to encourage you, challenge you, and provoke you to adopt this new way of leading – for the sake of others.

I wish you the very best in your leadership journey, no matter where you are. My hope is that you will become a leader who leaves a legacy in the lives of those entrusted to your care. My hope is that you will lead by serving.


Elaine Zhou

Leadership Coach, Speaker and Trainer with John Maxwell Team

In this 4-week Ethical Leadership Masterclass, you will learn:

What Are the Core Leadership Value as Ethical Leaders?

1) Fairness

2) Trustworthiness

3) Conscientiousness

4) Humility

5) Vulnerability

6) Patience

7) Truth & Honesty

8) Excellence Integrity

9) Forgiveness

10) Love

Why Do We Need Ethical Leadership?

A business with ethical leadership, the benefits are following list:

1. To create trust with our stakeholders to help overcome barrier

2. To create a safe environment

3. To attract and retain good people

4. To connect the personal to the corporate

5. To secure a long-term future as a business

6. To be able to sleep well at night.

7. It’s good for the corporate image – relevant and ethical

8. So everyone has the same ethical framework and knows where the line is

9. To create a positive environment which will positively impact innovation Reducing any fear culture

10. To get balanced decision-making

11. To get consistency of culture in a changing environment

12. To make the right choices generating sustainability

13. To create transparency and all the benefits it brings

How Do We Develop Ethical Leaders?

1) Treats everyone on an equal basis

2) Appoints and promotes those best suited for the job

3) Helps people to learn from genuine mistakes

4) Supports those affected negatively by personal and family pressures

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