Ethereum Blockchain and Decentralized Applications TRAINING FOR DEVELOPERS!

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Hosted by Capgemini at their Applied Innovation Discover Centre

200 University Ave, Suite 1100

Toronto, Ontario M5H


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Global Leader in Blockchain Developer Training on Ethereum!

The Blockchain Learning Group ( have trained developers worldwide in organizations like the Ontario Government, TMX Group (Toronto Stock Exchange), AGL Energy, and many more.

For the first time ever, we are bringing this globally-tested intensive training program to the public, for a one time special rate take advantage of a rare opportunity to master the powerful aspects of the Ethereum Blockchain and sign-up soon before the spaces fill up!

As profiled recently on ITWorld Canada:

2 Day Course:

Day 1: 9:30am - 4:00pm on Thursday May 17, 2018

Day 2: 9:30am - 4:00pm on Friday May 18, 2018

Lunch will be provided on both days.

Finally, a Blockchain technology course designed for developers, by developers!

This hands-on blockchain development program is presented to large organizations and government ministries globally for a significantly higher budget investment - take advantage of a great opportunity to participate for a fraction of the normal cost!

Course Overview:

An immersive, hands on 2-day course in blockchain technology, with a focus on decentralized application(DApp) development. From the basics of blockchain technology to in-depth explorations of use cases and smart contract development patterns.

Additionally, a deep dive into utilizing the Ethereum platform to build powerful and impactful applications. The course is facilitated by a BLG trainer and utilizes a combination of theoretical and practical instruction and incorporates the following modules:

  • Day 1: Blockchain Fundamentals
  • Day 2: DApp Development

What you will get out of this course?

  • A deep understanding of Blockchain technology, smart contracts and DApps, including hands-on experience in full stack decentralized application development

  • A clear grasp of how Blockchain technology works, the key components and actors

Who Should Attend?

At least 1 year of programming or software development experience is required!

Have experience or some exposure creating Web Apps? Fairly decent with Javascript? Interested in developing a solid foundation in Blockchain Technology in just two days?

If you answered yes to some or all of the above, then you are very likely a good fit for this course!

For those with minimal software development, specifically web experience, the resources attached below are recommended to review prior to the course start:

  1. What is a Web Application?

  2. Introduction to Javascript:

  3. Getting Started With the Web:

  4. Introduction to React:

Course Breakdown:

Day 1 Schedule: Blockchain Fundamentals

Blockchain theory and fundamentals, followed by a detailed look under the hood and an in-depth exploration of use cases followed by a deep dive into Ethereum and smart contracts. Participants will view, and interact with, blockchain networks and complete multiple smart contract exercises.

  • Introductions

  • History of Databases, WWW, Cryptography

  • What is Blockchain

  • How it Works

  • Blockchain Types

  • Ethereum Explained

  • Use Cases and Implications

  • Smart Contract Exercises

Day 2 Schedule: Introduction to DApp Development

Smart contracts explained. Exploration of state-of-the-art DApp development and blockchain tools so that participants can effectively create, test, deploy, and interact with several solidity smart contracts from within a DApp. Participants will create their very own ERC20 enabled wallet, enabling users to mint and transfer tokens.

  • Introduction to DApps

  • DApps Explained and Frameworks

  • Development Architecture

  • Security Considerations

  • Deployment Techniques

  • Account Management

  • DApp Development

    • Stage 1: Development Environment Setup and Application Bootstrapping

    • Stage 2: Token Interface

    • Stage 3: Token Interaction

    • Stage 4: Minting Tokens

    • Stage 5: Events

    • Stage 6: Transferring Tokens

Course Pre-Work:

  • Development environment setup as per specific course instructions distributed via the Blockchain Learning Group Slack team. Please join here: BLG Slack Team

What Others Have Been Saying:

Nadeem Nathoo

Executive Director,

The Knowledge Society

"Wow. Just wow. I cannot say enough about how valuable the Blockchain Learning Group experience was for our TKS students. Before the training, our students had a rudimentary understanding of blockchain technologies. Only a few weeks later they are building multiple decentralized applications and becoming young thought leaders in such a short period of time! Adam and the team were phenomenal facilitators. Not only were they incredibly knowledgeable, but they knew how to deliver the content to different audiences who might have had various levels of coding experience and blockchain understanding. How they were able to provide a personalized experience to a group of young people was very impressive.”

“The students left the training feeling incredibly capable and empowered after day 1. That is really a testament to how immersive and comprehensive this experience was. I highly recommend Blockchain Learning Group for any organizations that are looking to develop a further understanding of blockchain at any level, and to feel confident to actually start building solutions. These guys know their stuff! Thanks for everything and most certainly will be looking to engage them in the future!"

Joy Marrocco

IT Innovation Manager

AGL Energy

“We utilized the services of the Blockchain Learning Group to help accelerate our Blockchain strategies into action. Their approach to Blockchain education – combining developer training with business ideation and facilitating the actual Application Development - is by far the most immersive, responsive and action-oriented training program we have seen in the market. Their approach is underpinned by a deep understanding of how to efficiently leverage blockchain for business coupled with a seamless training regimen”

“Our developers who participated in the education program were amazed at how much practical knowledge they acquired in such a short period of time! This to me is a testament to the thoughtful approach of the education package as a whole, and speaks volumes to the Blockchain Learning Group’s acute understanding of what organizations such as ourselves truly need in such a training program.”

“Thank you to the Blockchain Learning Group for equipping AGL with a strong foundation in blockchain technology and providing us with the knowledge, tools and confidence to start making meaningful inroads with integrating this technology. We have gone from talking about Blockchain to actually developing and experimenting with different solutions, a significant achievement realized in a relatively short period of time. I would highly recommend the Blockchain Learning Group to any organization that is looking for a world-class education partner to jumpstart their own blockchain journeys!”

Ivan Carlisle, BA, BE(Monash), MTeach, MEdPolicy(Int)(Melb)

Director of STEM, Teacher of Mathematics & Algorithmics

Melbourne Girls Grammar School

“Blockchain Learning Group provided an immersive learning experience for students and staff at Melbourne Girls Grammar. Their workshops illuminated for all participants the exciting, complex, and disruptive nature of blockchain technologies and its potential to democratize trust. Their skillful and patient coaching enabled students to become developers and integrators of blockchain technologies and imagine possible career pathways in tech. Our girls were able to demonstrate their new-found capabilities through success at the Smart Cities Hackathon in Melbourne where they developed DAPPs using the Ethereum blockchain and were one of the prize-winning groups.”

“Melbourne Girls Grammar thanks Blockchain Learning Group for bringing to life the workings and potential of blockchain technologies in such a clear and accessible manner, and for inspiring our girls to imagine career pathways in tech.”

“Thank you to Blockchain Learning Group for enabling Melbourne Girls Grammar students to become developers and integrators of blockchain technologies to create their own DAPPs using the Ethereum blockchain.”

And What the Students Said!

Rikard, Toronto

“I had been very interested in blockchain and all its potential, but the technical aspect seemed daunting- out of my scope of understanding. In two short days. I was taught to think differently and came out with a whole new mindset due to the immersive hands-on learning experience Blockchain Learning Group provided. Their instructors broke down the content well enough so that I could easily digest it, but at the same time, had it maintain a level of challenge and moved through the material very quickly in order to cover a lot in the limited time. The instructors were patient, eager to help, and I felt very comfortable in their learning environment, and as a result, I took away a lot from the experience. With the amount of practical knowledge and the resources I was provided with through Blockchain Learning Group, I am confident I will be able to create useful applications of the technology such as decentralized applications in the very near future. With well-planned out course material and excellent instructors, I would recommend Blockchain Learning Group to anyone looking to dive in head first into the space."

Nazra, Toronto

“The Blockchain Learning Group delivered a workshop that was incredibly informative, and well-organized. They provided a structure that included both an understanding of blockchain technology and decentralized applications, as well as an immersive method to building your own tokens and wallets. The instructors were extremely supportive throughout the entire process, and very eager to ensure that we received the most out of this opportunity. For both coders and non-coders, beginners and intermediates, this workshop is exceptionally beneficial to augment your understanding of DApps!

Talha, Toronto

“As students learning to develop on blockchain technology, and exploring Ethereum, the ecosystem seemed really intimidating as there was lack of good resources and guides on where to start. The Blockchain Learning Group provided easy and seamless explanations on many advanced topics, helping to break them down into more understandable concepts. We were able to leave the workshop with a solid understanding of blockchain fundamentals, and the ability to start developing our own projects and DAPPs.”

Stephanie, Toronto

“I began the two-day training session with a very limited and shallow understanding of the blockchain and how it worked. The Blockchain Learning Group completely dissected what I had considered to be a very intricate and overwhelming topic and made it understandable. Their presentations were clean and extremely well-organized and flowed well. They were very approachable; I didn’t feel intimidated to ask questions.”

“They transferred what they had taught us through the presentations onto real life situations, such as helping us build smart contracts. Their approach to blockchain education was very comprehendible and made a seemingly impossible topic intelligible.”

Our Team

Chami Akmeemana
Chief Executive Officer
  • Chami Akmeemana is a Blockchain and AI Specialist. He pursued a Ph.D. in Bioceramic Engineering at Queen Mary, University of London, until deciding to forgo an academic career in favor of Law Enforcement. In 2002, he joined London’s Metropolitan Police.

    Chami has had 4 successful exits over the last decade and is passionate about the intersection of technology, business and social good. His experience includes serving as Director of regulatory and government affairs at ConsenSys Inc; Fintech Advisor to the Ontario Securities Commission; and Managing Director, Fintech and blockchain at the Global Risk Institute.

    Chami is also the Chairman of the Blockchain Association Australia and a faculty member of the Blockchain Research Institute.

Murtaza Tawawala
Chief Operating Officer
  • Murtaza brings over 20 years of experience in training, marketing, project management and product development for both global firms and Canadian companies. He is an accomplished training and marketing professional with extensive experience in the technology, insurance, financial, transportation and retail industries.

Adam Lemmon
VP, Training & Operations
  • Adam is a technology enthusiast and passionate engineer. Prior to joining Blockchain Learning Group, Adam contributed to a wide range of Blockchain projects as well as lead various development workshops in Australia and Canada. Adam is inspired by the potential of Blockchain technology and actively is helping to build the global community.

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Date and Time


Hosted by Capgemini at their Applied Innovation Discover Centre

200 University Ave, Suite 1100

Toronto, Ontario M5H


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Refunds up to 1 day before event

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