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Equity Crowdfunding Masterclass: Bye, Kickstarter! Film INVESTMENT Is Best!

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1817 Film Studios

1817 West Verdugo Avenue

Burbank, CA 91506

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Equity Crowdfunding Masterclass -- A One-Time-Only Event.

Only a few tickets left as of November 9th!

Equity Crowdfunding Masterclass is an all-day in-person masterclass for those looking for a proven NEW way to raise money for a film without using Kickstarter or begging friends & family for money.

EQUITY CROWDFUNDING is a new disruptive way to finance a film -- because the old ways aren't working anymore. This masterclass will demystify Equity Crowdfunding and empower you to get the money you need to get into production.

This is NOT like Kickstarter or other donation-based crowdfunding platforms, when people put money into your Equity Crowdfunding campaign, they will own a small piece of your project (which you define), which means they will share in your financial success -- giving them a much higher incentive to invest!

The average Kickstarter movie campaigns raise less than $25k.

The average Equity Crowdfunding movie campaign raises $268,022.

The Kickstarter success rate is only 37%.

The success rate for Equity Crowdfunding is 64%. (If you take this masterclass, that rate goes way up!)

So not only is an Equity Crowdfunding campaign almost twice as likely to succeed, but you're likely to raise ten times more than the average Kickstarter campaigns! Wouldn't you like to have 10 more dollars for each dollar you got with your last Kickstarter campaign?
And let's face it -- everyone has Kickstarter burnout now!

To succeed with Equity Crowdfunding, you DON'T have to have crowdfunding experience. You DON'T need a social media following. You DON'T need a famous star in your film. All you need is a great movie script, the willingness to pitch it to the world, and -- most importantly -- the ability to convince investors to come on board...and this class will teach you how to do that.


Movie slate in front of a blue sky

This is a once-in-a-lifetime class. It has never been given before because no one has done what David Willis did in the United States. (Yet! You could be the next one.) If you're thinking of raising money for your movie, don't miss this singular opportunity to get years of knowledge in one day.

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL through September 30.........................$495.

REGULAR TICKET PRICING: October 1 - 31.............................$595.

LATE REGISTRATION PRICING: November 1 - 16.....................$695.
(For a 20% discount on Late Registration tickets -- just sign up for our free newsletter here.)

Producer David Willis will teach you everything you need to know in order to raise up to a million dollars (you can raise as little as $10,000 if you want) for your next movie while still having complete control over the final product -- no studio, no TV networks, just true artistic freedom to make the film you want to make, with the money to make it happen.
 Filmmakers have also used this method after filming to raise money for post production.

In this masterclass, you’ll learn…

  • How to find investors that actually WANT to invest in you.

  • How you can succeed, even if you don’t have 3 pages of credits to your name (yet!).

  • Why you don’t need a big social media presence to raise money this way.

  • The number one reason people will decide to invest in your movie.

  • How to handle the legal and paperwork aspects of investments.

  • Techniques to raise money for a very personal, or dark, or gritty film.

  • The NUMBER ONE REASON campaigns fail, and other mistakes that doom campaigns.

  • Why some movies don't raise as much as they need.

  • This is not Kickstarter! If you make your Equity Crowdfunding campaign page and video like a Kickstarter video, you will fail. There are many, many subtle and big differences between rewards-based crowdfunding (Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Seed&Spark, etc.) and Equity Crowdfunding.

  • Keywords that will repulse investors.

  • Words people need to hear to feel comfortable investing larger amounts.

  • How to attract and close the deal on rich investors in the later stages of your campaign. If you play it right, they can easily double the amount you've raised at that point. (This alone is worth the price of the masterclass.)

  • How to avoid mistakes that can make the SEC shut down your campaign. They're not hard to avoid -- you just have to be aware of what those mistakes are.


11:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Seating is limited.

This is a VERY DETAILED masterclass. No one who has successfully raised money through Equity Crowdfunding has ever given a masterclass like this. In fact, no one we've seen who has even raised anything with their own Equity Crowdfunding campaign has ever given a masterclass.

In this masterclass, ten real campaigns will be analyzed in detail to show you why they succeeded -- or failed. And there will be an extensive Q&A in the 7-hour long masterclass. You will leave knowing what you need to know to run a campaign and reach your maximum goal.

About the Speaker: David Willis is the first (and so far only) person in the United States to successfully raise over $1 million to make an independent film by using Equity Crowdfunding. With no prior experience in crowdfunding, no experience starting a business, and no social media following, he spent only $2,000 to put his fundraising campaign in action. Six months later, he had $1,050,000.00 in the bank, ready to make a movie.

His production company, The United States Motion Picture Company (the team has 4 Emmys for The Simpsons and Frasier) produced his film, I'll Be Next Door for Christmas, a delightful holiday comedy for the whole family, which was released in 2018 to positive reviews. It's available now on iTunes and Amazon.

As a filmmaker and producer, David knows what information you need to get started – whether you’re raising $10,000 or $1 million, or anything in between. He will teach you everything he wished he knew when he was getting started, so that you can raise the money you need to make your movie, too.

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How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Just email us at equitycrowdfunding@usmpco.com. We're happy to answer any questions.

Is my registration fee or ticket transferrable?

The ticket is transferrable. There are no refunds, but you can sell or give your ticket to another person.

What types of Equity Crowdfunding will this cover?

Regulation Crowdfunding and Regulation D will be covered in detail. That's what was used to raise the million dollars, and has the least paperwork.

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Date and Time


1817 Film Studios

1817 West Verdugo Avenue

Burbank, CA 91506

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