Entrepreneurs EXPO @ Laurel Park Place, Livonia, * October 29, 2016 * 9-7
$79 – $210
Entrepreneurs EXPO @ Laurel Park Place, Livonia, * October 29, 2016 * 9-7

Entrepreneurs EXPO @ Laurel Park Place, Livonia, * October 29, 2016 * 9-7

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Laurel Park Place

37700 Six Mile Road

Livonia, MI 48152

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Artist  Crafters  Designers

reserve a table, a day in the mall

Entrepreneurs EXPO @ Laurel Park Place, Livonia< MI

Saturdays  9am-7pm * October 29, 2016,  March 4 & October 28, 2017


There are thousands of people with great ideas for a new business, new products or services.  How do you get the public to know about your new business, products or services?


Events began as an opportunity for all artists, crafters, designers, entrepreneurs in Michigan to have a regular opportunity to present and sell their products.  There are thousands of events every year at: church's, schools, community centers and other locations.  Thousands of shoppers do not go to these locations every day of the year to spend money.  Events at Oakland Mall in Troy, MI and Laurel Park Place in Livonia, MI allow local crafters to sell in the middle of the mall.  All shoppers must walk by every vendors table.  No one is in the corner.


Location Location Location, ask any person in business and they will tell you this is most important for any business.  New businesses need an opportunity to exhibit where local people in the community shop every day of the year.  Thousands of shoppers spend tens of thousands of dollars, Every day of the year at Oakland Mall in Troy and Laurel Park Place in Livonia, MI.


What is your great idea for a new business, products or services?


You must establish your name, brand, products and services where thousands of people will see.  Very important that all exhibitors post on your website, facebook, twitter, pinterest and all other social media.  You are establishing your name, brand, products and services with trusted locations shoppers go.   Your credibility is greatly increased when you can advertise and post you will be exhibiting at Oakland Mall or Laurel Park Place.


Exclusive Exhibitors.  There are thousands of entrepreneurs that sell products from a direct sales brand such as: Avon, Amway, Mary Kay, Tupperware, Scentsy, Origami Owl, Project Home and many others.  Only one exhibitor from each brand is allowed at each event.   This is a great way to meet local people and establish your brand, products, services and most important, credibility. 


Young Living Essential Oils, Susan has exhibited at all events, Laurel Park Place and Oakland Mall since 2013.  No other exhibitors for that brand permitted.  She has established her name, credibility to thousands of shoppers at those malls. 


Thirty-One, Kathleen has attend all events, at Laurel Park Place since 2013.  She is known by shoppers and has established her brand, products and her credibility.


Have you ever attended: flea markets, crafts shows, special events at: church's, schools, community centers or other non retail locations?  When you buy a product, that vendor is long gone.  If you are in business you need to establish yourself among thousands of others.


How to be successful at these events.

1.    Every exhibitor should post continuously on all social media, they will be exhibiting at Laurel Park Place or Oakland Mall.

2.    Every exhibitor should email all family, friends, neighbors, contacts they will be exhibiting and stop by your table for                                                         

       FREE LUNCH BINGO tickets.    (note: family, friends cannot win free lunch at your table)

3.    Bring business cards, pass out 200 or more.  Previous events, some people did not have cards.

4.    Have a sign up sheet to contact potential customers, collect names, emails.

5.    Smile, say hello to every person.  Hand out tickets for free lunch.  Great way to get people talking.

6.    Some exhibitors stand or sit in front of their table to meet and greet shoppers.

7.    Pass out business cards to everyone.  (not allowed within 8 feet of mall stores)

8.    Customer Service.  Most businesses now are self serve, no help, no one to talk to.

9.    Do not bring television to watch all day.  (previous exhibitors did)

10.  Do not sit on your computer all day.  (previous exhibitors did)

11.  Do not sit read book all day.  (previous exhibitors did)

12.  You are paying to sell your products at Oakland Mall or Laurel Park Place, sell, sell, sell, customer service.


There are thousands of small businesses, and entrepreneurs in Michigan.  These are very high profile, prestigious locations with thousands of shoppers every day!


Many small businesses and entrepreneurs need an outlet to sell their products and fund to make new items.

Oakland Mall Small Business FAIR & Entrepreneurs EXPO @ Laurel Park Place is your opportunity to exhibit and sell your art, crafts, designs and more in the middle of 2 of Michigan's best malls.


A professionally organized event.  All exhibitors have matching tables, cloths, chairs.  No other fixtures or table cloths permitted.  This is not a flea market and must maintain a professional, organized look.  Events now in 5th year.


Laurel Park Place in Livonia, MI, now in 4th year had 2 other vendor events is an upscale shopping center with several stores

not in other malls.  Also, Laurel Park Place reports shoppers average income over $93,000.  National average household income over $54,000.  Laurel Park Place is over 75% female shoppers.  Several hair salons, nail salons, waxing, massage.  Entrepreneurs EXPO is exclusive events at Laurel Park Place for small businesses, entrepreneurs, direct sales, exhibitors, vendors, crafters.


Oakland Mall in Troy, MI has never allowed vendor shows in 50 years!  SaturdaySuperSale.com, began in 2013 and now in 4th year here.  Dates for 2017 have been confirmed.  Reserve a table to exhibit and sell at Oakland Mall.  Mall reports over 3 million shoppers every year.


Saturday is busiest shopping day of the year.  Shoppers expect sales.  www.SaturdaySuperSale.com.   These events held during cold weather months, October & March.  Mall traffic increases significantly during cold weather, rain and snow!


Do you know other artists, crafters, designers, entrepreneurs, micro-enterprises?   Bring a friend save money 2 tables $160.



Everyone wants FREE LUNCH.  FREE LUNCH BINGO, 30 gift cards to mall restaurants for shoppers at every event.  No purchase required.  Each exhibitor has a bingo card with their name and bingo numbers posted front of their table.  Each exhibitor is provided tickets with six digit numbers to pass out to every person in the mall.  This is a great way to get people to stop at your table.  Give out tickets, tell every shopper to look for matching number on bingo cards posted front of all tables.  Shoppers will collect hand fulls of tickets and stop at every table to find matching number.  When they find matching number, shopper shouts out: "BINGO!  I WON FREE LUNCH".   All exhibitors clap and everyone in the mall walks over to that vendors table to see what is going on.  This is a very fun and successful way to get shoppers to look at your table. 


www.EXPO-LPP.com                            www.SaturdaySuperSale.com

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Date and Time

Laurel Park Place

37700 Six Mile Road

Livonia, MI 48152

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