Engaging Virtual Meetings Conference 3.0

Engaging Virtual Meetings Conference 3.0

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Hey, this is Author and Conference Organizer John Chen. I know it's all about Connection and Content! I'm proud to announce this year's conference. We'll feature 9 of the top virtual speakers in the world and help you elevate your virtual meetings to the next level!

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Do your virtual meetings suck? Do you want to beat Zoom Fatigue? Do you want to host the most engaging virtual meetings?

It’s over 2 years after pandemic and our research shows that ENGAGEMENT is still the #1 problem on virtual meetings.

Hi, I'm John Chen, the author of Engaging Virtual Meetings. What YOU need is the Engaging Virtual Meetings Conference 3.0. The Engaging Virtual Meetings Conference 3.0 is a 5-day conference with 9 of the world’s experts on hosting virtual meetings.

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Schedule At A Glance

Tuesday 10/18/2022 - Connection

9:00 AM - Opening Ceremony

10:00 AM - John Chen, Connection Is King and Queen

11:00 AM - Ella Glasgow - TBA

12:00 PM – Speaker to be revealed - TBA

Wednesday 10/19/2022 – Engage With Lo/No Tech

9:00 AM - Shelley Golden - Don't You Need a Zoom Makeover?

10:00 AM - Tyler Parris - TBA

11:00 AM - Kellan Fluckiger - Forgiveness - There is no Plan B for your A Game

12:00 PM – Rachel Cossar- How to make video meetings feel more human - Leveraging nonverbal cues on video.

Thursday 10/20/2022 – The New Norm

9:00 AM - Zef Zan - Master LIVE Video Conversations to Get to YE$ Connections.

10:00 AM - Elisabeth Steele - Zoom Like a Pro

11:00 AM - Josh Yavelberg - Engaging Virtual Gamification

12:00 PM - John Chen - The New Norm

Friday 10/21/2022 - The Next Norm

9:00 AM - Speaker to be revealed - TBA

10:00 AM - Jimbo Clark - Let's Get Phygital: Engaging beyond The (video) Box!

11:00 AM - John Chen - Engaging Virtual Hybrid

12:00 PM - Jacques Martiquet - The Party Scientist

Friday 10/21/2022 PM - The EVAs - The Engaging Virtual Meeting Awards

Come celebrate the best of virtual meetings and see what the best of the best are doing in the FIRST ANNUAL EVAs.

4:00 PM – VJ Mode - Bob Bonniol entertains with a live video mix to celebrate the conference (Zoom only feature)

4:30 PM – The Engaging Virtual Meeting Awards

6:00 PM – The Engaging Virtual Meeting Awards Reception

Saturday 10/22/2022 – The New Norm in Virtual Fun

9:00 AM - Katie Kinsella - The Game Agency, Wheel of Fortune

10:00 AM - Jeff Evans Jeff Evans - Magic

11:00 AM - John Chen - Engaging Virtual Escape Room

12:00 AM - John Chen - Engaging Virtual Team Building Games

6:00 PM - John Chen - Engaging Virtual After Party including Karaoke


Engaging Virtual Meetings is like a live concert.

Do you want to listen to your concert from the back of the parking lot?

OR do you want to be in the FRONT ROW!!!

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Discover Your Next Level

When Chris Houston contacted me early pandemic last year, he shared he’s one of the top in person executive facilitators in the world, but he had no idea what to do in a pandemic. After he attended the Engaging Virtual Meetings Conference 1.0, he discovered how much can be done, AND EVEN MORE! He helped lead an engaging and valuable world-wide company retreat with attendees from the US, London, and India. This retreat changed the company’s strategy and proved way more value than NOT doing it.


That’s the value you’re going to get when you register now for the Engaging Virtual Meetings Conference 3.0. This conference is so engaging, so valuable, so fun, like a live concert! Now how do you like to experience your concert? Would you want to be outside the stadium, listening from the parking lot? OR would you rather be in the FRONT ROW???

The VIP pass is YOUR FRONT ROW ticket to this conference! Instead of watching the livestream on Facebook which is like listening to your favorite concert in the parking lot, you’ll be logged into Zoom with access to each of the experts which is like the FRONT ROW! Normally this ticket is $400, but right now it’s 50% off if you have a discount code from any one of our experts. I know, pay for a virtual conference? Why? What does $197 get you?

Well remember you don’t have to upgrade to VIP now. But if you did, you would get:

The Engaging Virtual Meetings VIP ToolBox

This box comes with the Engaging Virtual Meetings Library of books to help your virtual meetings including an autographed copy of Engaging Virtual Meetings just for you. You’ll also get the Engaging Virtual Meetings Toolkit, over 20 items you can use over and over again to create engagement in your meetings. The box itself is an engaging activity we’ll do at the conference! This box is the MODEL for you if you host virtual conferences! The box is valued at over $100.

This is more than a conference, this is a COMMUNITY!

You’ll get access to the Engaging Virtual Meetings VIP Community. You’ll be invited to exclusive trainings and networking before the conference and up to a year after the conference. This community is KEY to getting your up-to-the minute questions answered and saving hundreds of hours in the upcoming year. Just one solution is valued at over $1,000.

Tony Robbins once said Proximity is Power!

You’ll get proximity to the 9 virtual masters. Each master is highly skilled in what they do and wants to help you solve your problems. You’ll learn what each master is providing and find exclusive ways to share that knowledge to help elevate your virtual meetings. Tyler Parris, last year’s attendee and Chief of Staff Expert says, “Last year was junior high, this year is high school” Elevating your game through proximity with these experts is worth well over $10,000.

MOST OF ALL, this conference can change EVERYTHING for you!

Unlike a motivational conference, the Engaging Virtual Meetings conference has business value. Participants have said this completely changed how they virtually meet. Salespeople have said how much MORE EFFICIENT they are at their job now. Registering now gives YOU the TOOLSET of delivery. This will immensely improve your daily life. One person even said (CLICK), “I may NEVER have to get on a plane again!” I can personally tell you that these skills helped ME sell over a quarter of a million dollars in the past year.

Now ask yourself, how much is $197? It’s just $16.42/month. That’s less than 5 lattes per month. That’s less than one meal out per month. It’s less than a tank of gas per month.

I want to personally invite you to our Engaging Virtual Meetings VIP Community. I’ll guarantee it will improve your virtual meetings or your money back. Hey look, I can’t make vaccines, but I CAN help YOU make your virtual meeting MORE ENGAGING.

Don’t miss out, click now!

Register and join me at the Engaging Virtual Meetings Conference 3.0, October 18th through the 22nd and let’s take your next virtual meeting to the next level!


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