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Hey, this is Author and Conference Organizer John Chen. I know it's all about Connection and Content! I'm proud to announce this year's conference. We'll feature the top virtual speakers in the world and help you elevate your virtual meetings to the next level!

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Do your virtual meetings suck? Do you want to beat Zoom Fatigue? Do you want to host the most engaging virtual meetings?

It’s over 2 years after pandemic and our research shows that ENGAGEMENT is still the #1 problem on virtual meetings.

Hi, I'm John Chen, the author of Engaging Virtual Meetings. What YOU need is the Engaging Virtual Meetings Conference 3.0. The Engaging Virtual Meetings Conference 3.0 is a 5-day conference with 9 of the world’s experts on hosting virtual meetings.

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Schedule At A Glance (All times in PST)

Friday 10/14/2022 - Setting Conference Goals

5:00 PM - Debra Eckerling - How to Set Goals for a Conference

*** SPECIAL LINK *** https://zoom.us/j/92115365221

Tuesday 10/18/2022 - Connection

9:00 AM - Opening Ceremony - Land Acknowledgement, The Virtual Magic of Jeff Evans

10:00 AM - John Chen - Powerful Connection is the Spectacular King and the Beautiful Queen

11:00 AM - Ella Glasgow - You Need To Know How To Own The Virtual Stage!™️

12:00 PM – Rachel Cossar - How to Make Video Meetings Feel More Human

Wednesday 10/19/2022 – The New Norm With Lo/No Tech

9:00 AM - Shelley Golden - The Zoom Makeover: How to Make Your Virtual Space, YOUR Space.

10:00 AM - Tyler Parris - Winning at High-Stakes Virtual Meetings

11:00 AM - Kellan Fluckiger - Forgiveness: There is no Plan B of your A Game

12:00 PM – Myriam Hadnes - Falling in Love on Zoom

Thursday 10/20/2022 – The New Norm

9:00 AM - Zef Zan - Master LIVE Video Conversations to Get to YE$ Connections.

10:00 AM - Elisabeth Steele - Zoom Like a Pro

11:00 AM - Josh Yavelberg PhD - How to Make Breakthrough Engaging Virtual Gamification

12:00 PM - John Chen - This Is The New Mind-Blowing Virtual Norm

Friday 10/21/2022 - The Next Norm

9:00 AM - Jimbo Clark - Let's Get Phygital: Engaging Beyond the (Video) Box!

10:00 AM - Moe Carrick - Creating a Bravespace Workplace in a Flexible and Remote Working World

11:00 AM - John Chen - For The First Time, The Engaging Virtual Hybrid Portfolio

12:00 PM - Jacques Martiquet - The Virtual Party Scientist

The EVAs – The Engaging Virtual Meeting Awards

Come celebrate the best of virtual meetings and see what the best of the best are doing in the FIRST ANNUAL EVAs.

4:00 PM – VJ Mode - Bob Bonniol entertains with a live video mix to celebrate the conference (Zoom only feature)

4:30 PM – The Engaging Virtual Meeting Awards

6:00 PM – The Engaging Virtual Meeting Awards Reception

Saturday 10/22/2022 – The New Norm of Virtual Fun

9:00 AM - Katie Kinsella - The Game Agency, Wheel of Fortune

10:00 AM - John Chen - Engaging Virtual Jeopardy

11:00 AM - Roger Haskett - Ultimate Virtual Pub Trivia

12:00 PM - John Chen - Engaging Virtual Team Building Games

6:00 PM - John Chen - Engaging Virtual After Party

John Chen will lead an after party breaking it down to karaoke and networking to complete this year's conference.


Engaging Virtual Meetings is like a live concert.

Do you want to listen to your concert from the back of the parking lot?

OR do you want to be in the FRONT ROW!!!

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Discover Your Next Level

When Chris Houston contacted me early pandemic last year, he shared he’s one of the top in person executive facilitators in the world, but he had no idea what to do in a pandemic. After he attended the Engaging Virtual Meetings Conference 1.0, he discovered how much can be done, AND EVEN MORE! He helped lead an engaging and valuable world-wide company retreat with attendees from the US, London, and India. This retreat changed the company’s strategy and proved way more value than NOT doing it.


That’s the value you’re going to get when you register now for the Engaging Virtual Meetings Conference 3.0. This conference is so engaging, so valuable, so fun, like a live concert! Now how do you like to experience your concert? Would you want to be outside the stadium, listening from the parking lot? OR would you rather be in the FRONT ROW???

The VIP pass is YOUR FRONT ROW ticket to this conference! Instead of watching the livestream on Facebook which is like listening to your favorite concert in the parking lot, you’ll be logged into Zoom with access to each of the experts which is like the FRONT ROW! Normally this ticket is $400, but right now there's a discount code from any one of our partners. I know, pay for a virtual conference? Why? What does VIP get me?

Well remember you don’t have to upgrade to VIP now. But if you did, you would get:

The Engaging Virtual Meetings VIP ToolBox

This box comes with the Engaging Virtual Meetings Library of books to help your virtual meetings including an autographed copy of Engaging Virtual Meetings just for you. You’ll also get the Engaging Virtual Meetings Toolkit, over 20 items you can use over and over again to create engagement in your meetings. The box itself is an engaging activity we’ll do at the conference! This box is the MODEL for you if you host virtual conferences! The box is valued at over $100.

This is more than a conference, this is a COMMUNITY!

You’ll get access to the Engaging Virtual Meetings VIP Community. You’ll be invited to exclusive trainings and networking before the conference and up to a year after the conference. This community is KEY to getting your up-to-the minute questions answered and saving hundreds of hours in the upcoming year. Just one solution is valued at over $1,000.

Tony Robbins once said Proximity is Power!

You’ll get proximity to the 9+ virtual masters. Each master is highly skilled in what they do and wants to help you solve your problems. You’ll learn what each master is providing and find exclusive ways to share that knowledge to help elevate your virtual meetings. Tyler Parris, last year’s attendee and Chief of Staff Expert says, “Last year was junior high, this year is high school” Elevating your game through proximity with these experts is worth well over $10,000.

MOST OF ALL, this conference can change EVERYTHING for you!

Unlike a motivational conference, the Engaging Virtual Meetings conference has business value. Participants have said this completely changed how they virtually meet. Salespeople have said how much MORE EFFICIENT they are at their job now. Registering now gives YOU the TOOLSET of delivery. This will immensely improve your daily life. One person even said, “I may NEVER have to get on a plane again!” I can personally tell you that these skills helped ME sell over a quarter of a million dollars in the 2021.

I want to personally invite you to our Engaging Virtual Meetings VIP Community. I’ll guarantee it will improve your virtual meetings or your money back. Hey look, I can’t make vaccines, but I CAN help YOU make your virtual meeting MORE ENGAGING.

Don’t miss out, click now!

Register and join me at the Engaging Virtual Meetings Conference 3.0, October 18th through the 22nd and let’s take your next virtual meeting to the next level!


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Tuesday 10/18/2022 9:00 AM – John Chen – Opening Ceremony

Land Acknowledgement

John Chen – Engaging Virtual Meetings 2 Years Later


JO Welch - Musical Performance


Engaging Virtual Meetings Conference 3.0 image

Jeff Evans - Virtual Magic with OBS


Engaging Virtual Meetings Conference 3.0 image

Tuesday 10/18/2022 10:00 AM – John Chen and Anh Nguyen, CMP – Powerful Connection is the Spectacular King and the Beautiful Queen

You may have heard Connection Before Content

And Content is King

And Connection is Queen

Your host and conference organizer John Chen would like to share with you: “Powerful Connection is the Spectacular King AND the Beautiful Queen”.  Research shows that if you make a best friend at work, you’re 7x more likely to stay.  John feels that if you make a friend at a conference, you’ll get all your value and more.

During this session, we use the latest connection technology to help you make new connections and share the best practices on how to connect during the Engaging Virtual Meetings Conference 3.0.

John Chen is the author of the #1 Amazon Hot New Release Engaging Virtual Meetings.  He has been meeting online for over 35 years.  He juggles over 16 screens and produces over 400 virtual meetings a year.


Engaging Virtual Meetings Conference 3.0 image

Anh Nguyen, CMP is the Head of Customer Success at twine, a platform designed to connect and engage remote and distributed employees.


Engaging Virtual Meetings Conference 3.0 image

Tuesday 10/18/2022 11:00 AM - Ella Glasgow - You Need To Know How To Own The Virtual Stage!™️

Ella will peel back the curtain and shed light on the skills used by top performers to captivate their audience online. Then, you’ll discover how to use your voice, body language (yes, it can indeed be read very well online), and presence to engage with people in a way that gets them excited about and connected to what you're saying.

Ella Glasgow is an award-winning vocalist, 2-time best-selling author, mommy to a precocious 6-year-old, and the Founder & Executive Producer at Beyond Virtual Events. Meeting planners hire her to create impactful virtual events so they can wow their community, increase connections and commitment to their cause. She takes care of the logistics and delivery of their events. thus allowing her clients to focus on the attendees. She does this using her Signature E.N.C.O.R.E. Method™️ for transformational virtual experiences that have their audiences wanting to pay cash money to attend again and again.


Engaging Virtual Meetings Conference 3.0 image

Tuesday 10/18/2022 12:00 PM - Rachel Cossar - How to Make Video Meetings Feel More Human

Rachel Cossar is a leader in the field of nonverbal communication and leadership presence facilitation. As a former nationally ranked athlete and professional ballet dancer, Rachel has a knack of translating unique skills into relatable business skills and competencies.

Virtual Sapiens comes as an evolution of Rachel’s combined work as founder of Choreography for Business, a nonverbal communication consulting firm as well as a faculty member with Mobius Executive Leadership and as a leadership presence facilitator with Ariel Group. Rachel has worked with leaders from GE, BCG, Pfizer, Accenture, McKinsey, HBS and more.

There is an  increased dependency of virtual meetings to connect and to drive impact across organizations. Rachel and her team at Virtual Sapiens are excited to open a world of access when it comes to one of the most human, and most important skills in business – communication.


Engaging Virtual Meetings Conference 3.0 image

Wednesday 10/19/2022 9:00 AM – Shelley Golden – The Zoom Makeover: How to Make Your Virtual Space, YOUR Space

Shelley Golden is THE Zoom Makeover Guru.

Shelley will show you how to create an inviting space within  our Zoom boxes   The Zoom Makeover is a 5-step process taking people and companies through camera purchase and camera angles, lighting, background, and what color clothing works best in your space and more.

Shelley helps you create a 3-dimensional look on this 2-dimensional platform so that people can engage with you with more ease, creating a deeper connection.  She eliminates all the distractions that are behind you to increase your confidence and increase your brand.

Shelley is an International Personal Branding Image Consultant for over 20 years, a Certified Color Consultant, an International Keynote Speaker and has travelled to more than 30 different countries in the search of the best personal brands and images.


Wednesday 10/19/2022 10:00 AM – Tyler Parris - Winning at High Stakes Virtual Meetings

Whether your organization has always worked remotely or you’re a reluctant adopter of virtual meetings, the likelihood has never been higher that you’ll need to lead a high-stakes meeting, virtually. Tyler Parris brings his expertise as a top executive coach working with literally thousands of chiefs of staff around the globe – people behind the best and brightest names in business – to workshop a high stakes meeting with YOU in a safe and confidential space. Don’t miss it!

Tyler Parris is the author of Chief of Staff: The Strategic Partner Who Will Revolutionize Your Organization.  He shares insights from coaching Chief of Staffs from the top companies in the world.  In this session, he will share his top tips for planning a high-stakes, executive meeting including real-world stories of when it worked and when it didn’t.

Tyler Parris is the founder of https://chiefofstaff.expert.  He uses Systems Thinking and strategic context to help executive leadership teams define and prioritize potential strategies, communicate overarching goals top to bottom (align vertically), and work effectively across departments to execute (align horizontally). He challenges teams to innovate and overcome obstacles.  He advises the most senior leaders on issues affecting the organization as reality unfolds.


Engaging Virtual Meetings Conference 3.0 image

Wednesday 10/19/2022 11:00 AM – Kellan Fluckiger – Forgiveness: There is no Plan B of your A Game

When you make the decision to forgive others, you are doing it for yourself. Carrying a grudge, failing to forgive, remaining resentful and angry at someone is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die.  The anger, grudge, resentment, and hate that you carry is like a poison in your soul.

There is no Plan B of  your A Game teaches the best practices that lead to the best results so that your virtual A Game is so good that you don’t need a Plan B.

Kellan Fluckiger helps select individuals unleash their PEAK performance.  As a coach with significant consulting and C-Suite experience, he brings a deep and unique skillset that assures rapid growth and improvement in every performance area.

He’s worked with State Governors, Senators, Ministers, CEOs, BMI music award winners, Super Bowl winners, Hollywood actors, philanthropists, policy-makers at the highest levels, and those seeking to crack the code to ultimate performance.


Engaging Virtual Meetings Conference 3.0 image

Wednesday 10/19/2022 12:00 PM – Myriam Hadnes – Falling in Love on Zoom

Love.  Is the highest form of engagement.  If we can facilitate our participants to fall in love in a virtual setting, then hosting and facilitating an engaging virtual meeting is just a child’s game.  Be prepared to fall in love and learn tips, hacks, and tools on how to design and facilitate engaging virtual sessions.

Myriam Hadnes earned a PhD in Behavioral Economics and now applies the knowledge to facilitation. She created the “workshops work” podcast as an introduction to a new expert and mentor facilitator each week. Myriam curates the NeverDoneBefore Community - a community for expert facilitators to grow their skills beyond the beaten tracks. It is also a Research & Development department to make workshops.work.


Thursday 10/20/2022 9:00 AM – Zef Zan - Master LIVE Video Conversations to Get to YE$ Connections.

Zef used to run an in-person local Meetup.  It consumed a lot her time and energy and she knew there was a better way.

Live Video Streaming was the answer to  her problem because it allowed her event attendees to participate from wherever they were as long as they had access to a computer and the internet!

Zef  focuses her work on helping Business Leaders, Consultants, Speakers, Connectors and Movers and Shakers to Master LIVE Video Conversations that Get to YE$ Connections!

The 5 key areas I share are:

Understanding How Live Videos Can Help You Grow Your Business.

Building Relationships & Community with Live Video Broadcasting.

How to Do On-Camera Presentations that Don't Suck!

How to Structure, Plan & Manage a Live Video Broadcast Production.

Key Elements of Producing a Live Video Broadcast that Converts!

As a cancer warrior and victor, she has learned how to turn lemons into lemonade. That explains why many of her global business connections refer to the 3Ds in her personality trait - Dynamic, Dauntless, Done! (yes, Zef does get things done!)

Thursday 10/20/2022 10:00 AM - Elisabeth Steele – Zoom Like a Pro

Level up your virtual presence with tips from news anchors, cinematographers, and YouTubers.  In one hour, you will:

Add a working knowledge of camera angles and lighting to your professional toolkit

Optimize your audio and video settings in real time

Learn how to stage your set with cinematic flair

These skills will help you engage with clients, lead remote team members, pitch for business, interview for jobs, and present at seminars using Zoom, Teams or WebEx.

Elisabeth Steele Hutchison coaches attorneys, law school faculty, and business leaders to communicate well on video.  Audiences and clients around the world appreciate that her sessions are well-researched, relevant, engaging, and packed with actionable take-aways.

Elisabeth is a faculty specialist at the University of Hawaii at Manoa Center for Teaching Excellence.  She served as the Director of Admissions at the University’s Law School from 2010 to 2021 and as a lecturer in the UHM Women's Studies Program.

Elisabeth is an alumna of Carleton College and the Yale Law School.  Before attending the Law School, she worked in The White House and at FEMA.


Engaging Virtual Meetings Conference 3.0 image

Thursday 10/20/2022 11:00 AM - Josh Yavelberg, PhD – How to Make Breakthrough Engaging Virtual Gamification


Josh Yavelberg, PhD custom designed conference gamification for the brand new Engaging Virtual Meetings Academy that you will experience before and during the conference.  The idea is to support the growing community of practice that John Chen has developed through a new custom Learning Management System driven by a solid gamification strategy, increasing your engagement, learning, and value not only for the Engaging Virtual Meetings Conference 3.0, but as a lasting community that encourages engagement toward life-long learning.

In this session, Josh will share his behind-the-scenes design including gamification mechanics and rewards that inspires you to engage and focus even more on your goals and education.  Learn how gamification works so that it solves the #1 virtual challenge of engagement and growing communities of practice.

Josh Yavelberg, PhD is the CEO / Solution Architect at Flying Cloud Solutions, LLC.  His goal is to deliver innovation that solves your unique challenges. Whether it be engagement, assessment, curricular design, strategic planning, IT solutions, or something else, he brings a diverse palette of experience to deliver solutions that strengthen your mission and demonstrate return on investment.


Engaging Virtual Meetings Conference 3.0 image

Thursday 10/20/2022 12:00 PM – John Chen – This Is the New Mind-Blowing Virtual Norm

The New Norm greets you when you login.

The New Norm starts on time.

The New Norm controls the audio and never has to say “You’re On Mute”.

The New Norm never says “And now I’m going to share my screen”.

The New Norm creates psychological safety so you want to engage.

Most of all, The New Norm is exciting, engaging, high-energy virtual meetings where you get real work done!  Sometimes better than in-person!

John Chen will share the best practices of The New Norm so that your virtual meetings can be the best of the New Norm, winning you accolades and business from your virtual attendees.

*** EXCLUSIVE *** This session will include a guest visit from George Wendt, Norm from “Cheers!”

John Chen is the author of the #1 Amazon Hot New Release Engaging Virtual Meetings.  He’s been meeting online for over 35 years and wrote the book “50 Digital Team Building Games” in 2011.  He shipped 10 products and holds 2 US Patents while working at Microsoft.  He’s a Virgo and a reformed perfectionist who now loves chaos.


Engaging Virtual Meetings Conference 3.0 image

Friday 10/21/2022 9:00 AM - Jimbo Clark – Let’s Get Phygital: Engaging Beyond the Video B❒X

No matter how creative you are with your virtual meetings, chances are you are still thinking inside the box of the little square video feed each participant shares...

As a part of your VIP conference pass, you will receive your very own B❒X®, a physical tool that has been used by more than 30,000 people in 24 countries to expand creative thinking, improve empathy and understanding and generate breakthrough ideas that deliver more of what you really want, while experiencing less pressure.

We'll be using The B❒X® in our session to explore how getting phygital (combining the physical with the digital) can not only increase engagement, but can improve thinking and results.

You'll be led through a phygital exercises to help you think out of the Zoom Box to lead mindset change that is unB❒Xable.


Friday 10/21/2022 10:00 AM – Moe Carrick - A Bravespace Workplace in an Unlimited Flexible and Remote World

The data is in: toxic culture is bad. And the pivots of the last 3 years have challenged our notions of what a healthy culture looks and feels like.  In this interactive session, we dig into how a connected and cohesive culture can make your workplace work for people when you are together and when you are not!

Moe Carrick is CEO and Founder of Moementum, Inc, http://www.moecarrick.com/ & author of two bestselling books, FIT Matters: How to Love Your Job and Bravespace Workplace: Making Your Company Fit for Human Life. She also hosts the podcast, Let’s Make Work Human: Stop the Su*k.


Engaging Virtual Meetings Conference 3.0 image

Friday 10/21/2022 11:00 AM – John Chen – For the First Time, The Engaging Virtual Hybrid Portfolio

For the first time ever, Engaging Virtual Meetings author, John Chen, shares all his secrets from his vast portfolio of hybrid events.  Hybrid is rapidly growing and there are so many ways to do it wrong.  John will share with you the keys to doing it right, based on real world experience.

Clients said “This is the best company meeting ever, including in-person!” and “Thank you for saving our keynote that lost audio for 32 minutes.”  Learn from John as he shares the craziest and most outrageous hybrid stories of the year.

John Chen is the author of the #1 Amazon Hot New Release Engaging Virtual Meetings.  John grew up in Stockton, CA.  His dad is a doctor and his mom was a nurse.  His grandfather was a “Paper Son” and John created a digital escape room to explain it.  He’s the youngest of 5 kids.


Engaging Virtual Meetings Conference 3.0 image

Friday 10/21/2022 12:00 PM – Jacques Martiquet, The Party Scientist – Learn the Tantalizing Value of Beautiful Joy & Human Connection

Warning: This is not-your-typical virtual meeting. This vitality reboot will transform the feeling of "not another ******* meeting" into a feeling of "I'm ready to kick some *** with my colleagues!"

"This is better than our in-person events!" — Julia, Radiology Conference Producer

"Jacques is a genius!" — Philip, M.D. PhD. Resident

"We left feeling happier, stress-free, and with a buzz that lasted the week." — Moody, Accenture Consultant

The Party Scientist is an international facilitator who has put a lot of care into designing your session to make you feel energized, seen, and celebrated. Your session is based on his on-the-ground research leading 1,000s of experiences across 14 countries.

You'll experience an immediate boost in your vitality.

You'll experience the science of human connection in action.

You’ll experience tools to make your own virtual meetings less unbearable.

Be prepared to move, feel good, and laugh with conference guests.

Who is The Party Scientist?

Jacques W. Martiquet is on a mission to end the rise of loneliness and depression. Known as the International Party Scientist, he has been interviewed by VICE, CTV, Global News and Elle. After completing his degree in Pharmacology, he traveled to 13 countries igniting hundreds of sober parties in public spaces. During the pandemic, he started hosting virtual belonging and mental health experiences for Fortune 500 companies and large conferences. Jacques in action.


International Party Scientist, BSc. Pharmacology

Professional Event Consultant & Facilitator

Advancing mental health one party at a time