Energy Transmission: Cosmic Consciousness

Energy Transmission: Cosmic Consciousness

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An Energy Transmission of Higher States States of Consciousness

About this event

Cosmic Consciousness, Non-Duality, Unity-Consciousness...

...different names, all pointing us toward the ultimate state of beingness.

Like climbing a ladder, there are many heights and stages we may find ourselves in as we connect deeper to source.

Connecting to higher frequencies of energy is the gateway to these higher states of consciousness.

This event is a transmission of energy and is a means to assist you in reaching these higher states, eventually allowing one to rest in the state of unity with source.

No experience of any sort is necessary. The only requirements are a relaxed body, an open mind, and the desire to receive divine assistance on this journey toward wholeness.

You will simply lay down or sit in a comfortable, upright position. You will be guided in with a spoken meditation and then soft music will be provided/played as you simply allow yourself to relax with eyes closed and receive the energy.

As is always the case, people will invariably progress and go into the space at the pace and in the way that is most conducive for their own development, and the transmission will feel different for everyone. Rest assured, that you are receiving exactly what you are meant to in this moment in time to assist you on your journey.

The energy will continue to exert an effect well after the transmission is over. So while you may experience epiphanies and altered, higher states of consciousness during the transmission itself, people frequently find themselves experiencing deeper states of awareness and subtle yet profound shifts in their day to day lives afterwards.

Session will be conducted via Zoom and link will be provided upon completion of registration.

Cost: Sliding Scale $44-$66

Event is listed in Pacific (Los Angeles) Time Zone. Please adjust your time accordingly.

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The session will be approximately 1.5hrs. Please allow yourself time and space afterwards for integration of the energies.

It is best to receive the transmission on an empty stomach.

Please reach out with questions or concerns and I look forward to journeying deeper with you.