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Energy Self-Care: How to Gather, Store, + Cut Cords to Balance Body, Mind,...

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LOTUS Healing Centre

232-A Ashley Ave

Charleston, SC 29403

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Ever wonder where that feeling of "groundedness," or lack thereof, comes from? Have you ever felt the pull of past partnerships long after the relationship has ended? Are you curious about energy based boundary methods to help you know what energy belongs to you? Do you identify as an empath but do not know how to protect yourself from other people's feelings? There are so many questions that can come to mind when exploring Energy medicine modalities as an important Self-Care practice. As a health and wellness holistic practitioner and educator, my passion is to help YOU understand your personal connection to relationship energies. In this workshop, we will work together to develop practical skills that help to ignite your personal core energy, allowing you to tune-in and embrace your innate intuition.

About the Workshop

This three-day Energy Self-Care workshop offers practical steps and grounding tools for those interested in enhancing one's consciousness about relationship boundaries, personal power, and self-healing skills. (All levels of experience are welcome to join; no previous knowledge of bodywork or energy medicine is required.)

Participants will be introduced to a diverse spiritual toolkit - blending psychology, physiology, and biology based-research - creating a hands-on learning experience. The goal is to improve your knowledge of holistic self-care, your sensual understanding, and your spiritual practice so that you can integrate Energy Medicine into your daily life. Lecture, discussions, and interactive learning modules will offer participants the opportunity to cultivate a deeper perspective - to see Energy, Earth Connection, and Your Connection or Cording Patterns with Others in everyday experiences. This workshop on Energy Medicine, in sum, will equip you with the foundations of Energetic Gathering Methods, Grounding Methods, and Energy-Cord Cutting Methods for Clarity.

As author, mentor, and educator Josie Ravenwing explains: "Taking care of ourselves by understanding energy flows, keeping an eye on the balance of our own input and output and gathering power are keys to increased vitality and better overall health. These practices can minimize the possibility of being caught on "empty" as we travel down the path of life, with its many challenges and side-roads."

*** Workshop Investment $200

Energy Self-Care Workshop Includes:

All Educational Activites

Lotus's Energy as Medicine Guide Book

Group Lunch (Gluten Free/Vegan/ Vegetarian-Friendly)

Organic Snacks, Herbal Tea, Juice + Coffee

Lotus Moon + Heart Elixirs, Flower Essences Tasting

Leather-bound Journal to take home

Three Energy Medicine Crystals from the Lotus Crystal Collection

About Energy Medicine

The root of Energy Medicine is "defined as any energetic or informational interaction with a biological system to bring back homeostasis in the organism" (NIH). In other words, the energy or electric current that runs through our body and affects our biological and mental abilities is in constant fluctuation and adaptation - always seeking balance within the body-mind construct. Applied methods of "Energy Medicine" such as this class, offer tools to understand, navigate and harness the power of life force energy in your own life. The ability to manipulate and heal the Energy of one's body is known as the "The Subtle Body System" ( or energetic body) of an individual. This subtle body or energy body may not be "seen" but "felt" and helps us, when we cultivate energy medicine skills, to develop a deeper understanding of our Self and our relationship with our surrounding environment, others, the present, past, future and much more.

Why this class?

This class is designed to help YOU better navigate YOUR own personal power + exploration of Energy Medicine by offering a multi-dimensional approach to global energy healing practices, crystal healing therapies, cord-cutting + boundary methods, and ancient wisdom modalities. The purpose is to help you activate a better understanding of Energy Medicine for self-care by building a platform on which to cultivate new + shared ideas, decipher archetypes, construct deeper concepts, and utilize practical tools. The workshop provides a safe and sacred space for you to explore your own sense of boundaries, to further develop, integrate and practice important self-care based energy medicinal tools.

Friday Class, 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm: Understanding Exchanges between Earth, Energy, and Self

Welcome! Tea + Snacks provided. Opening Circle and Creating Sacred Space for Class

Gaining Awareness of Energy: My Own and Others in Work, Relationships, Family/Friends

Basics of Energy Exchange: Where does it come from, what are the origins and history of energy theory, why is it important to understand our role in energy transmission.

"Breathing Toward Inner Silence," Visualisation Practice, Earthing Meditation

Tieing it Together: Go over Skills/Tools/Practices learned and discuss how and why the next workshop is important to the lasting practice of Energy Medicine for developing intuition and self-care practices.

* Snacks/Chocolates + Herbal Tea will Be Provided

Saturday Class, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm: Cutting Free from The Past: The Power of Cord Bonds

Cord Bonds: What they are, where they come from and how to know when to cut cords with love and compassion.

Web of Connections: a drawing exercise for understanding your unique interconnected cord system.

Tools for Grounding: Crystals' Role in "Earthing" and Grounding Methods

*Break for Lunch at 12-1:30 * INCLUDED * Vegan/Veg/Gluten Free Friendly

Practice Skills + Answer Questions on Energy Self-Care Ethics/Methods/Tools

Sunday Class, 10:00 am - 12:00noon: Cord Cutting Ceremony + Role of Ritual in Healing

How to Cut Cords with Crystals: Visual Demo + Guided Practice

Cord Cutting Ceremony, Saturday's class in action: Together in a guided practice with crystals a cord cutting ceremony for individual healing and clearing of cords.

Time for journaling, meditation, and one-on-one consultations.

Role of Ritual in Healing: Review of course materials and how to integrate new tools in Grounding, Energy Exchange, Role of Rituals, and Self-Care Practices.

* Snacks, Coffee, and Herbal Tea will be provided throughout the day.

(Crystals included in Class Tuition will be yours to take home.)

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Date and Time


LOTUS Healing Centre

232-A Ashley Ave

Charleston, SC 29403

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Refunds up to 1 day before event

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