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Ending The Addiction To Under-Earning

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One of the greatest ways we destroy ourselves is by having this lack of space, this lack of presence and this lack of desire to truly thrive in this reality. And what I mean by that is, the way in which we stop ourselves mostly in this world is through an addiction of poverty, an addiction of not earning enough money, an addiction of not willing to step outside of the societies, the families and the upbringings and the educations that we’ve been involved in.

And what tends to happen, what tends to show up, is we’ve really get entrained and indoctrinated into making sure that we always earn less than what would set us free.

Now, money is not necessarily going to set you free, it’s not going to be the thing that solves all your problems, because when you have a lot of money there’s a whole different reality to deal with as well, which can be very expensive, however, if you’re able to have that financial reality from a space of presence and awareness and a communion with the Earth, you’re not just gonna have an extraordinary reality, you’re gonna have a reality beyond this reality that will seem like magic.

We’ve got to realize that we are truly addicted to making sure that we never receive, earn and create the money that would take us to a different space, because when you have a lot of money, when you have money coming in, when you have that financial reality that actually starts to allow you to be different, to create different, to have different, to have more choices, what kind of goes on is you then need to become way more present with what you’d actually like to create, choose and be in the world, and a lot of people don’t really desire that.

And the addiction to under-earning, this inherent lie to never being able to meet all the bills, even people that actually make more money, they have costs and have bills, also have an addiction to under-earning.

Because the energy of under-earning is really the reality of it, is where we are not willing to acknowledge our gifts, talents and abilities and receive from them and receive for them in a greater space, in a greater way, in a greater capacity. And what comes from unlocking this addiction, what comes from the awareness that we have an under-earning reality is that we have lot of unhappiness, of depression, of upset and lack of adventure in life lives, and this can all change.

And we will start going through this program, step by step over the 3 calls and the 21 days and the support, of really pulling out, unweaving, unwinding, uncreating and destroying everywhere we’ve set ourselves up for failure, everywhere we’ve set ourselves up to receive less and everywhere we’ve actually get ourselves so busy and distracted with these things that do not create a greater financial reality for us.

So come and play with us, come and join us, let’s truly desire and choose to be a different person, be a different being that functions from a reality of wealth and thriving whatever that looks like, so we’re not always beating ourselves up and going into the wrongness for what we haven’t done and what we haven’t chosen.

And my real question to you is two questions: “what is the strongness behind your wrongness when it comes to money and finances?” and “what are you really not willing to be that if you chose to join this series you would start being it and being it would change everything for you?”

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