Encore Community Office Hours: #Hacktoberfest Edition

Encore Community Office Hours: #Hacktoberfest Edition

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Every week, hear from the Encore team and our community on the latest updates for our world-class backend development engine. Join us!

About this event

Encore is building the backend development engine of the future, written in Go. This is the place to hear directly from the team on new features, improvements, and community activities. It is possible to ask us questions directly!

Our October sessions will be #Hacktoberfest editions, and will have a focus on three themes:

  • Making it easier to use Encore
  • Making it easier to contribute to Encore
  • Highlighting great example apps or plugins for you to use in your next app!

Present your work to the Encore team & community

We're very community-driven and love to hear what you have built, no matter how small it is. Even if you're new to Encore, new to Go, or even new to programming in general - we want to see it!

Submit your example app over at Show & Tell on our Community Forums, and we'll ask you if you want to demo on our next Office Hours!

About Encore

Encore is a Backend Development Engine, purpose-built for a flow state developer experience when creating cloud-based backend applications, APIs, and distributed systems using Go. With Encore you build microservices with the same simple developer experience as building a monolith. You write your business logic with the Open Source Encore Go framework, then let the Encore platform analyze your code to automatically deal with the rest. Start building today and unlock your creative potential.

Get started with Encore (it's free!) over at https://encore.dev

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