Empowered Self-Care for Entrepreneurs: 4 Super-Simple Self-Care Rituals to Be at the Top of your Game
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Empowered Self-Care for Entrepreneurs: 4 Super-Simple Self-Care Rituals to Be at the Top of your Game

Empowered Self-Care for Entrepreneurs: 4 Super-Simple Self-Care Rituals to...

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On Facebook in Empowered Self-Care 8/2016 private group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2025427821016977/

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Hello Purpose-Driven Entrepreneurs!

I bet you have heard how your outer environment mirrors what is happening in your inner environment? Don't we know what a challenge it is to be at the Top of Our Game in our life and business when our health and wellbeing, in other words our inner environment, are running on low octane fuel? It can show up outwardly in many ways:

  • body aches and pains that feel uncomfortable and drag your focus away
  • fear and doubt creeping in to how we feel about our abiliites, programs, and/or goals
  • cloudy uninspired thinking and a dulling of our intuitive problem solving abilities
  • overall sluggishness or low energy that reduces our productivity and ability to be fully present to our clients's needs
  • a palpable shift in energy presents as a noticeable decrease in booked business

How will you show up and be of the best service to your clients, or in other relationships, when you feel drained, always have low energy, or maybe are even in a state of overwhelm? These are clear indicators you need to do something different so you can show up productively, joyfully, and in your Unique Brilliance?

This Empowered Self-Care series is here to support you, the Conscious Business Leader, Hi-Level Coaches, and Entrepreneur that gives so much to others and our businesses, we often put off our own vital Self-Care Success Rituals. Ultimately this robs us of the high octane fuel our body, mind and soul needs to THRIVE and SUCCEED in life and business!

I am so glad you are joining us to fill up your tank in this ongoing series. This month, we will focus on 4 Yoga Poses that release and decompress the tension in the tightest part of you body, your spine, and a short 2 minute heart focused, guided meditation. This ritual is for those who want their yoga practice to deliver so much more than just a workout. When done consistently, it gives you access to a powerful Blissful State, and in this state the challenges mentioned above gracefully melt away.

If you are here, you likely already did the free 7 Day Tailbone Release Yoga Pose Challenge from 8/8-8/14. If you missed it, simply join our Facebook group and hit the replay button on those dates at:

T R A N S C E N D tribe @ https://www.facebook.com/groups/134962503605609/edit/

The next three weeks we will build on your practice one step at a time until you have a complete protocol. Monday is the deeper instruction, demonstration and teaching of the pose. Tues-Fri is our collaborative support and accountability practice together. There will be time for Q & A and sharing our finding and experiences together.

I will be Facebook live-ing at 8:30 every morning. If you can't make it at that time, it won't be a problem as you can always come back to the video at your convenience later in the day and do your practice with me then. You will even still be able to post questions and share later in the day too!

In the group, under files, if you haven't already during the Tailbone Challenge, you will print out your Daily Empowered Self-Care Success Checklist. Mark on here every day you do you practice so you can keep track and celebrate your successes. Don't forget to post these in our group too!

8/15-19/16: This week's pose, Reclining Spinal Twist, in one of everybody's favorite, and releases tension in your Ribcage. We will use it as a Marker Pose at the beginning and end of your practice so you can begin to take a scientific approach as to what changes are happening in your body. It lengthens and twists your whole spine releasing deep tensions. This has a very calming affect on you as it soothes your mind and nervous system. Simultaneously, it provides a deep massage for your internal organs, especially your digestion and elimination organs. It helps your liver, spleen and pancreas, and reduces fat too! Also, it usually relieves low back and sciatica. And last, but not least, balances the energy on both sides of your spine which centers your awareness and makes meditation easy.

8/22-26/16: This week, we add the third pose, Alternate Leg Diagonal, to open and release tightness and tension in the Sacrum, or "sacred" bone. This pose is wonderful for relieving SI pain and sciatica. It relieves low back pain and helps correct knee problems. It can create space in your abdomenal cavity, relieve constipation, menstrual and menopausal discomfort, and prevent a hernia. It also relieves jaw pain, opens your sinuses, and relieves headaches. (**If you have had a Hip Replacement surgery you must talk to me before doing this pose to make the adjustments for your body to be able to do this pose safely and effectively.)

8/29-9/2/16: The final pose, Lunge, creates a wonderful extension to counter balance all the forward bending we do in life as it opens and releases tightness and tension in the Waist area of th spine. NOTE: You will be the most effective in this pose by using a 4" pair of yoga blocks. If you don't have that right now you can use a stack of books to improvise until you get a pair. This pose creates lengthening in your lumbar area and torso. You literally may be taller after this practice. The tractioning and release could actually reach all the way down in your pelvis again like the pose you did for your Tailbone in week 1. This pose also relieves fear!

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On Facebook in Empowered Self-Care 8/2016 private group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2025427821016977/

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