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Empowered Pleasers

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Are you a woman who has been told you’re too sensitive? When you speak up for yourself, do you feel worse? Are you ready to be a confident speaker and get your desired results? If you answered yes to any of these questions, here are your next steps.

I’ve created a 4 week program to help women create the life they want because in my life I needed to figure out how to take control of the steering wheel, instead of people pleasing.I had to learn how I was showing up in these situations and adopt assertiveness skills.

When ever I’d stick up for myself, I always felt worse. Why was that? After years of researching, testing different theories and assessing the outcome. I realized my communication style was mostly passive and slightly passive aggressive. I’ve adapted assertiveness communication in my life and the outcome of my relationships with myself and others has flourished.

I was withholding from myself, thinking I was being mean if I stood up for myself. Growing up I was always told “Don’t make bad friends”. Therefore I became the people pleaser, my conflict-phobic self normally allowed angry people to take whatever they wanted from me, in exchange for peace. Well little did I realize I was causing myself a great injustice by going with the flow and putting others needs in front of my own. Even though my intuition was telling me not to, I would still move ahead with a relationship, or a job, or an uncomfortable situation. Yes, my intuition worked just fine, but I ignored it. And it was a pattern I had learned since early childhood. Ever happen to you too?

Now, I am willing to listen to my inner voice and speak up. I check in to see how I am feeling before I rush to someone’s needs. I am open to others ideas of what MIGHT be good for me, but I always check with my inner voice before making any decisions because I am the one who lives with the consequences of the choices I make.

I, and I alone am responsible for the life I have and I want to share the tools I have learned with you so that you gain confidence to communicate your needs. Develop thriving relationships at home and at work.

Here is what you will learn week by week:

Week 1- How to stop people pleasing.

Week 2- How to ask for what you want and get it.

Week 3- How to get people to take you seriously.

Week 4- How to love yourself and respect others.

Date and Time

Refund Policy

Refunds up to 7 days before event

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