EmpathyWise™ Design Thinking CX Bootcamp
$199 – $279
EmpathyWise™ Design Thinking CX Bootcamp

EmpathyWise™ Design Thinking CX Bootcamp

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Audre Lorde Room

The Women’s Building

3543 18th Street

San Francisco, California 94110

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Join EmpathyWise™ Design Thinking for Innovative CX Problem Solving Bootcamp to learn the tools & secrets of a proven, user-centered, prototype-driven, structured approach to innovation & ideation that will spark your workplace creativity.

EmpathyWise Bootcamp is a fast-paced, hands-on, one-day, immersive experience that moves from Insights to Innovation through a dynamic mix of short talks, hands-on activities, & guided teamwork. You’ll learn a flexible framework of steps to find and execute solutions that improve the customer expereince, profits, efficiency, customer satisfaction and keeps you ahead of the innovation curve.

During the Bootcamp you will put the new tools you’ll learn into practice right away with a real-world customer experience innovation challenge. Then you’ll hit the ground running with your team --- interviewing & observing customers in the field to understand what motivates & drives their behavior. Next, you'll return to base to debrief, ideate & prototype & return to the field to test. You’ll finish by incorporating your latest findings into the development other iterations, affording fresh, innovative solutions.


Learn how to:

  • Amplify weak signals about unspoken desires to create truly novel insights that move your CX forward
  • Embrace User-centered tools for solving challenges at the core of your CX experience
  • Implement strategies to connect with your customers on a human level, to get beyond what they say and observe what they do to inspire deeper problem solving
  • Generate offerings, products, services & experiences customers will truly love because they are based on their needs and suggestions
  • Employ a repeatable CX innovation process to implement in your workplace

You’ll leave knowing how to lay the groundwork for great CX ideas via research techniques that strengthen your innovation mindset & jumpstart your team's potential for new and inspired ideas.

EmpathyWise™ Tenets: Empathy, Experimentation, Quick Prototyping, Feedback, Iteration, Teamwork, Need Finding, Project Leadership, Deep Collaboration.



"Our entire team attended an EmpathyWise Hands-on Bootcamp together prior to some intensive brainstorming and strategy sessions we were holding. The Bootcamp taught us a new way of thinking and a different approach to problem solving. It helped us identify our problems differently so that we could apply the problem solving steps we learned to more fully understand our 'customers' and their needs. Having the entire team attend the Bootcamp allowed us all to engage in our brainstorming with a similar viewpoint and goals, and each of us brought something new and innovative to the conversation. By working with people outside of our industry at the workshop, we could also apply ideas outside of higher education into the work we do at Mills College. Our collective minds have been opened and we are engaging in some ground-breaking work as a result. Thank you to Catherine and the EmpathyWise team!"

Director of Graduate Admissions

Mills College

EmpathyWise™ One day Human-Centered Design Bootcamps are all about knowing how to derive deep empathy for your target market; generating lots of possible ideas to provide what's important to your customers; building and testing these ideas via prototypes; and appreciating you will eventually implement the new solutions to enhance the overall experience of your customer.


You will learn more about your customers and get to practice EMPATHYWISE Design Thinking (A Leading User-Centered Design Method), including getting inspiration by going out in the world and knowing how to listen, observe, & learn from your target customers ; looking for opportunities in what you learn; brainstorming lots of potential solutions; making your solution concepts tangible & real through rapid prototyping, iterating & improving each prototype; and envisioning about how you might continue to apply EMPATHYWISE Design Thinking to other aspects of your business.

You will leave this bootcamp with new tools to use in your business to improve your customers' experience, enhance your product/service offering, and grow your bottom line.





• Interviewing
• Digging Deeper
• Insights
• Sketch Your Ideas


• Frame Your Challenge
• Create a Research Plan
• What People Say Vs. What People Do
• How to Get the Inside Scoop
• Field Research in Neighborhood



• Synthesis
• Brainstorming
• Prototyping
• Field Testing in Neighborhood
• Word on Iterating


• Prototype Share Out
• Overview of Implementation & Debrief & Reflections on the Day


After registering, each attendee will be sent additional information from a EmpathyWise™ team member concerning logistics. If you have additional requirements, please email us, and we’ll be happy to help. Field work and deep collaboration with teammates are required of all participants.

Morning Coffee & Bagels, Water, & Snacks are included in your workshop registration fee.


We do not offer refunds. We do permit sending others to take your place should you be unable to attend. Also, please note that we reserve the right to cancel any public workshop up to fourteen (14) days prior to the start date of that workshop. In such a case, registrants will be promptly notified and will receive a full refund or be given the option to attend a future bootcamp.

All materials and handouts provided by EmpathyWise™ during the workshop are published, copyrighted works proprietary and owned exclusively by EmpathyWise™. Workshop participants do not acquire title nor ownership rights in any of these materials, and agree not to reproduce, modify, or distribute any of the materials received from or provided by EmpathyWise™.

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Date and Time


Audre Lorde Room

The Women’s Building

3543 18th Street

San Francisco, California 94110

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