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lucid Training

14 Mustafa Mosharfa, El Marghany, Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt


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★This training, Energy in MOtion, named EMO in short, encompasses all the advances and developments in EmoTrance and Energy work in the last 12 years.

EMO Energy In Motion Trainings are really special events.

★The course leads us all gently beautifully and logically through the basics of energy, through to emotions and the energy flow of love. Its experiential. We feel love through our human connections from the very first session and all through the course.

★We learn to use intention to heal blocked emotions, to heal past events in our lives, to evolve. We become acquainted in our 6th sense and use our energy mind in the joy of creativity, reading and writing energy.

EMO is for living with energy on a day to day basis, and for deeper connection and love with our world and ourselves.

EMO is A Professional Energy Course for:

Healing the Past, Empowering the Present, Creating Your Future and Living with Energy Flow and Awareness Every Day

★How Does EMO Work?

When challenged by life we ask 'Where do I feel this in my body?' and we use intention to soften and assist this energy to flow again, from blockage through to energised flow states of enlightenment, transforming as we learn and grow. EMO is so simple and natural. Anyone can do it and it feels GREAT!

Whether you are interested in healing, emotional mastery, creativity or just spiritual living EMO a real gift and for many, its one of the most important learnings and steps in their spiritual path.

Day 1:
1- Meet The Energist:

The Sixth Sense
The Emotion Spectrum
The Energy Body Health Chart
* Exercise: Find Something To Love
The Amazing Energy System
Touching The Energy Body
* Exercise: The Energist's Touch
The Couple Bubble
The Attention To Love Principle
* Exercise: Becoming Fascinated With An Other
* Exercise: Sensing For The Creative Template
Heart, Love & Energy
* Heart Power Exercise
Raising Energy

2- Modern Energy Healing:

ENERGY Healing
The Laws Of Energy
The Even Flow
The Energized End State
The EMO Base Pattern
Engaging With Your Partner - The EMO Dance
* Exercise: The Basic EMO Pattern 1
* Exercise: The Basic EMO Pattern 2
* Exercise: The Basic EMO Pattern 3
Oceans of Energy

Day 2:
3- Powerful Energy Healing:

The Energist As A Healer
Working With Ereas
* Emotional Problem Exercise
* Physical Problem Exercise
* Energy Nutrition Exercise
You Are The Gift

4- Healing Energies:

The Harmony Program
Trusting The Sixth Sense
* Colour Energy Exercise
* Crystal Energy Exercise
Unconditional Energy Healing
* Exercise: Colour Energy - Feeling The Love
The Shield Protocol
The Pursuit Of Happiness
* Exercise: Fair Trails

5- The Events Matrix:

Events & The Energy Body
More Than Trauma
Complete Events
* Find Something To Love
* Exercise: A New Journey
Events & Echoes
The Magic Of The Moment
* Exercise: Completing a Guiding Star
Moving Energy FAST
* Exercise: Completing A Trauma
Energy Work With Events
Events & The Sixth Sense

6- How To Love Yourself & Others:

Events & Aspects
The Aspects Model
Energetic Relationships
* Exercise: Re-Connecting With An Aspect
* Exercise: Connecting To Someone Else's Aspect
* Exercise: Praising An Aspect
* Exercise: Empowering A Future Aspect
Love & Freedom
Unconditional Love

Day 3:
7- Energy Objects & Artefacts:

Living In The Energy World
Artefacts & Energy Objects
* Exercise: Energy & Artefact
Home Harmony
* Exercise: House & Room
* Exercise: Stuck Artefacts
* Exercise: Lost Artefacts
* Exercise: Make A Little Love Generator

8- Energy Relationships:

Meet The Entities
Energetic Relationships
Conceptual Relationships
* Exercise: The Rainbow Connection
Power & Love
* Exercise: Increasing Your Personal Power - Permanently
The Covenant

9- Energy And The Body:

Energy & The Body
Energy Dancing
* Exercise: Energy Dancing
The X Factor
Body “Image”
BeauTy T
* Exercise: BeauTy T On The Hand
Flowing Words
* Exercise: BeauTy T

10- Art Solutions:

Art & Energy
Art & Intention
Symbols & Movement
* Symbols Exercise
The Click
* Exercise: Colour Energy Click
* Exercise: Family System Click
* Exercise: Wild Cards
Practising Your Sixth Sense
Reading & Writing Energy

11-The HEROS:

Meet The HEROS!
Heart Healing
* Exercise: Heart Of Gold
Thought Flow
* Exercise: Thought Flow For Goals
The Gift
* Exercise: The Gift For New Frontiers
Positive Energy Evocations
Magic Words For Prayer, Healing & Transformation
* Exercise: Magic Words
The Blessing

12- Love And Light:

Elegant, Easy ... and FUN!
Love is LIGHT
Everything Works Better With EMO ...
* Exercise: Whatever, Re-Visited ...
* Exercise: Whatever, Re-Engineered ...
Super Goals
* Exercise: Super Goals
Group Energy Power
* Exercise: Evolving PowerFields
The Sikoria Method
Master Practitioner Of EMO: The Modern Energist

About the Trainer: ( Mariam Emara )
-EmoTrance- Emotional Transformation (Energy in Motion) Trainer, The Association For Meridian & Energy Therapies (AMT), UK
- Certified Advanced Pranic Healing Practitioner "World Pranic Healing Foundation" Master Choa Kok Sui.
- Certified Pranic Psychotherapy Healing Practitioner "World Pranic Healing Foundation" Master Choa Kok Sui.
- Certified Pranic Crystal Healing Practitioner "World Pranic Healing Foundation", Master Choa Kok Sui.
- Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming approved by the American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (ABNLP)
- Certified Practitioner of Meta-States from the International Society of Neuro-Semantics
- Certified Hypnotherapist
- Certified Practitioner Time Line Therapyمريم-عمارة-341088169377450/?fref=ts

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Date & Time:
2 , 3 , 4 Feb

Early Bird : 2550 EGP ( Till 20 Feb )
Normal : 3000 EGP ( 2 installments )

► Reservation is only confirmed with down payment

The Fees include:
1- Certification as an EMO Master Practitioner from The AMT Guild of Energists
2- 1 year membership of The AMT Guild of Energists
3- Your Manual.
4- Lunch & Coffee Break

Date and Time


lucid Training

14 Mustafa Mosharfa, El Marghany, Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt


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