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Emerging Speakers: Kick-start Your Speaking

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Ticket sales have ended
If this event closed but you are interested in the session, please contact the organizer as the recordings will be available for purchase, and additional live sessions will be scheduled.

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Sales Have Ended

Ticket sales have ended
If this event closed but you are interested in the session, please contact the organizer as the recordings will be available for purchase, and additional live sessions will be scheduled.
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New Launch for Emerging Speakers. If you haven't been getting the success you are looking for in building your speaking career, or want to quickly come up to speed on using speaking to build your business - we've got just the place for you!!

Going forward, this date / time slot will become our regularly scheduled 2 hour meeting, with educationals focused on the techniques & up'g your speaking game, as well as on the business side helping you grow income and exposure. We'll also feature member presentations - as this is the best place to practice and hone your presentations, with insightful feedback like no other! (we focus on you, your topic, and your audience - not canned techniques).

Inaugural Agenda: info packed!

Intros and all about the Emerging Speakers, The Big Why

Lessons from America's Got Talent: Victor Broski

Educational (technique): Effective Emerging Speaker Evals

Educational (business): Staying focused: Building the right Speaking Business Model for you.

Our educationals are an info packed, where we will be presenting Building the speaker business model that right for you, as well as Getting Started and finding gigs. We'll discuss the things you need to have in your toolbox before starting, how to go about finding and securing gigs, and all the things you should know about before jumping into the ring. We also review how to provide the best evals for our emerging speakers, and they are what you will be expecting. This method will also help you in evaluating yourself while reviewing your own video playbacks.

Over the past several months we have been presenting and discussing those things you need to have in place, terms and processes you should be aware about, and things you should consider BEFORE reaching out to people for speaking opportunities. If you've missed those - they will all become available with your membership - but EVERY meeting - including this one - will have valuable takeaways for you to implement immediately or as a part of your process.

We help you discover:

  1. 3 things to know before you start booking gigs,

  2. 3 things that don't matter,

  3. id your MVS - what you should/can speak about

  4. id your MVA - your ideal audience, where to find

  5. what you'll need

  6. how to connect

  7. how to charge

  8. how to build your speaker brand
  9. how to build multiple streams of speaking income
  10. how to find and create partnerships
  11. how to publish
  12. building your image
  13. owning the stage
  14. how to succeed online
  15. you name it - we've got it for you - INCLUDING - a place to build it, practice it, hone it, launch it!

This will eventually become a paid membership group - find out why, and about all the benefits you'll receive (including a speaker profile promoted on a global platform). You are able to come to 2 meetings on a trial basis..

Make this group a present to yourself, as way to get you and your message out to the world. Come with your questions and challenges, as well as some of the things you've learned along your path.

You are welcome to come earlier, and stay later to network. It's highly encouraged for perfecting your craft. This is a mastermind group after all!


Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?

You can head over to the organizer section and contact me through there.

Is my registration/ticket transferrable?

Unfortunately no, because this event is all about you and helping you build the resources you need for your speaking. We need to track guest passes, and limit attendance so all receive the full effect.

Can I update my registration information?


Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

Yes if you are a non member.

What is the refund policy?

If you are an Emerging Speaker member, you don't need to worry about refunds. Once you have accessed any of the benefits, refunds can only be addressed individually by contacting the organizer.

How Can I become a Member of the Emerging Speakers and where can I get more info?

If you are not a paid member of the Emerging Speakers but would like to be, you can select the RSVP with 1 year membership in the Emerging Speakers Bureau Meetup. For the cost of a 1 year membership you'll free access to this and all additional workshops, plus other benefits. For more information about the Emerging Speakers, you can check out our meetup here:

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