Embrace Zouk Weekender w/ Gui & Kelsey in DC

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Glen Echo Park & Salsa with Silvia Dance Studio


Washington, DC 20010

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Explore Brazilian zouk close embrace connection and possibilities with instructors Gui Prada and Kelsey Rote

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Gui Prada started his journey as a Brazilian zouk teacher in Washington, DC. After teaching his Universe Behind the Hug workshop (Parts I and II) in many cities around the US, Gui has been developing a new workshop about close embrace, and this time he is not alone. Together with the amazing Kelsey Rote from Seattle, Gui will be teaching the Embrace Zouk Weekender this November in Washington, DC. This 12-hour intensive course is designed to explore the incredible possibilities of dancing in close embrace in ways that make you feel like gliding and flying on the dance floor.

This weekender will dive deep into the principles required to develop this new layer of Zouk dancing and connection, a layer that requires a different kind of awareness and attention. In this way of dancing, the partners share the same axis the whole time and can notice each other's limits more easily. This weekend will be not only about moves, but also about understanding each other's movements to create an experience that is equally enjoyable for both partners.

In order to provide an optimal learning environment, this weekender will have 2 different progressive tracks: beginner/intermediate and intermediate/advanced. Each workshop will be 2 hours, with 1.5 hours of exercises followed by 30 minutes of guided practica. This way you’ll be able to practice the material right away so you can integrate it into your dancing.

The beginner/intermediate track will be 6 hours of workshops. The intermediate/advanced track includes a total of 12 hours of workshops -- the first 6 hours on Saturday, where the foundational principles and basic variations will be taught, and then 6 more hours on Sunday to explore more advanced concepts building off of the principles from the previous day.


  • The beginner/intermediate track is intended for those who already know Brazilian Zouk fundamentals. If these workshops would be your first experience with Brazilian Zouk, we don't recommend buying a pass for the classes.
  • The intermediate/advanced track is intended for those with a better knowledge of the fundamentals and understanding of more advanced concepts. Therefore, if you wish to take the Sunday classes, you will be asked some questions about your dance background when purchasing your ticket. If we think the level is not a good fit for you, we will contact you to suggest you transfer or refund your ticket
    • Prerequisite: in order to sign up for this track, we require a minimum of 14 months of consistent zouk dancing, meaning a minimum of one class per week, plus practices and socials.
  • If you have questions about the levels of the workshops or which is a good fit for you, feel free to contact us.

Saturday (Beginner/Intermediate)

Zouk Refresher Workshop (10-11am): Review Fundamentals Before Embracing Zouk

We noticed some dancers signed up who dance zouk somewhat infrequently, so we've added this Zouk Refresher workshop on Saturday morning with District Zouk instructors Jamiel Roberson and Vanessa Scott. They will cover zouk fundamentals and include a lot of personal feedback so you can brush up on the foundations of this dance (e.g., patterns, connection principles) before diving into the material of the weekender. This is an add-on to the Saturday or full weekend pass. We've limited tickets by role to make sure you will get personal attention and feedback.

Workshop #1 (11am-1pm): Building the Embrace and the Principles for Gliding Together

Here is where we begin. Dancing in close embrace can be magical or the complete opposite. Therefore, this will be our most important workshop and the foundation of everything that comes next. In this class we will go over the main aspects behind building, staying, and moving in close embrace. How much tension should I hold, where do my hands go, where do I place my arms, where exactly do I connect? We will answer all these questions and one more, the big one: how do I glide on dance floor? Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we will show you the principles to create smoothness -- smooth enough to make you feel like ice skating.

Workshop #2 (1:30-3:30pm): Exploring the Basics - Going Beyond Basic in Place and Linear Basic

There is a lot more you can do with the tum chick chick (or tum tum chick) in closed position. Learning variations on the basics will develop our footwork and already have a big effect on your dancing. In this workshop we will explore a couple of different options of basic footwork so we can start putting the gliding feeling into our bodies. We will also dive into the possibilities of travelling with the basic footwork that, combined with the variations, will create a different feeling in your Zouk dancing.

Workshop #3 (3:30-5:30pm): The Hips! - Creating the Flying Roller Coaster

Hip movements are an important aspect of Brazilian Zouk, that can change the feel of the dance and bring it closer to its core. When in closed position, we can use hip movements not only to create a different feeling, but also as a way to lead and follow. In this workshop we will see how to use our hips to add tilts and curves to our dancing and make it feel like a roller coaster! We will use the variations we learned in combination with hip movements to provide a feeling that is special to Zouk. Here is where we see the possibilities coming together to develop a different layer to your dancing -- beyond staying in place and beyond having to go into open embrace to do the flowy stuff.

Sunday (Intermediate/Advanced)

Workshop #4 (12-2pm): Flying and Gliding - Advanced Footwork for Traveling and Changing Directions

The feeling of flying and gliding together depends on controlled use of footwork and weight transfers. To continue developing these amazing sensations we will dive into more possibilities with the fundamentals, this time adding lateral and viradinha. We will travel, reverse, and rotate around with our partners. And, most importantly, we will see the adjustments we have to make with every single step. It is not easy and we cannot hesitate, but once we feel it, we get hooked! The workshop will teach you a lot about adaptation and control, two super important tools to be able to fly and glide with almost everyone.

Workshop #5 (5:30-7:30pm): Principles for Head Movement in Close Embrace

Here is where we start to get seriously fancy. The way head movements work in close embrace is a little different from open embrace, since we don't have the lower body free and we share the same center of balance and gravity. In this workshop we will see the basic principles to prepare the head movement in close embrace, using hips, dissociation, and the circular frame. Then, we will go into applying basic footwork with head movements in close position. Here the feeling of flying and gliding acquire a different layer, since we see our surroundings going up and down, side to side. It is truly amazing and so much fun!

Workshop #6 (7:30-9:30pm): Flying and Gliding With Style - Head Movement Options For Close Embrace

Once we have the basic principles down for head movements in close embrace and a few options and variations, we will add head movements while traveling in close embrace, using the fundamentals of viradinha and balão apagado. This is where we end our journey, putting everything together in movement and joy. This workshop will explore variations of head movement fundamentals combined with footwork fundamentals to create a unique sensation of flow. We will see how to mix things together to make them feel like one continuous motion. Without interruptions, without resistance, just flying and gliding.



Glen Echo Park - Spanish Ballroom Back Room (7300 MacArthur Blvd, Glen Echo, MD 20812)

Zouk Refresher Workshop

10-11am (Add-on to a Saturday or Full pass)

Embrace Zouk Beginner/Intermediate Workshops

11am-1pm Workshop #1

1:30-3:30pm Workshop #2

3:30-5:30pm Workshop #3

Swouk Classes & Party

7:30-8:30pm Beginner Zouk and West Coast Swing Classes

8:30-9:30pm Intermediate Zouk and West Coast Swing Classes

9:30pm-2am Dancing (Zouk & West Coast Swing - all music danceable for both dances)


Salsa with Silvia Dance Studio (3232 Georgia Ave NW #104, DC 20010)

Embrace Zouk Intermediate/Advanced Workshops

12-2pm Workshop #4

5:30-7:30pm Workshop #5

7:30-9:30pm Workshop #6

Evening Zouk Social

10pm-2am Dancing


Full Pass - Intermediate/Advanced Track (SOLD OUT WITH A WAITLIST)


  • Saturday and Sunday workshops (12 hours)
  • Swouk Classes & Party on Saturday (6.5 hours)
  • Zouk Social on Sunday (4 hours)


  • Early bird - $110
  • Lot 1 - $125
  • Lot 2 - $140

Saturday Pass - Beginner/Intermediate Track (SOLD OUT WITH A WAITLIST)


  • Saturday workshops (6 hours)
  • Swouk Classes & Party on Saturday (6.5 hours)


  • Early Bird - $65
  • Lot 1 - $75
  • Lot 2 - $85

Zouk Refresher Workshop (10-11am Saturday): $15

Evening Parties

  • Saturday Swouk Classes & Party $15 at the door
  • Saturday Swouk Party (Social Only) $10 at the door
  • Sunday Zouk Party $12 online, $15 at the door

Date and Time


Glen Echo Park & Salsa with Silvia Dance Studio


Washington, DC 20010

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Refund Policy

Refunds up to 7 days before event

Eventbrite's fee is nonrefundable.

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