Embodying the sacred feminne - a week long retreat in Ibiza

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Casa Solara Ibiza

Casa Solara

07849 Santa Eulària des Riu


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To empower, enlighten and enrich your life. This unique retreat gives you the opportunity to dive into your femininity in Ibiza

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Within the Intimacy and Sacredness of Sexuality

To empower, enlighten and enrich your life. This unique spiritual retreat experience provides you with the opportunity to dive into the deepest part of your femininity, while being held by the magic of Ibiza.

Open your mind and expand your ability to give and receive love and pleasure, are you ready to awaken the sacredness of your sexuality?


- To transcend feminine sexuality through embodying your true essence of beauty, compassion, abundance, creativity, power and the wisdom of your sacred sexual life force.

- To empower and radiate the divine essence of true light and love.

- To be willing to make a journey within, an exploration into the negative conditioned beliefs we hold of ourselves as women, letting go of generations of sexual guilt and shame.

- To trust the purifying journey of self love and and forgiveness, so that we can fully energetically embody the sacred feminine.


- An embodiment of the awakened sacred feminine.

- A re- birthing of the goddess, priestess, and healer in your true essence.

- A womb healing journey.

- The five portals of the yoni: A practice with which to support the empowerment of the sensual and sexual body.

- A cleansing of the energies in the cellular memory of the body, attached to conditioned beliefs and past memories blocking the flow of Love.

- Clarity and awareness with which to make new choices, creating new paradigms of intimacy in relationships which support your own unique soul sovereignty and purpose.

- Free time in which to enjoy the sensual pleasures, beauty, warmth and the ocean, surrounding us in this magical island of Ibiza.

- 3 delicious vegan/vegetarian meals each day.

- Shared accommodation in our intimate private retreat space in the heart of Ibizan countryside. Casa Solara www.solara.org.uk


Each day follows the theme of the portals of the yoni. We connect with the natural elements of Ibiza in ceremony, combined with the goddess of each sacred portal.

- Radical Self Inquiry

- Liberation Breath-work; Loves Breath.

- Heart Yoga and Goddess Practices.

- Womb Healing and the portals of the Yoni:

1st Labia, earth element, trust.

2nd G Spot, water element, letting go.

3rd Clitoris, fire element, transformation.

4th Cervix, air element, truth.

5th Uterus, divine ether, embodiment.

- Meditations and Sacred Sharing circles.

- Rituals, Elemental Cleansing Ceremonies.

- Cacao Ceremony.

- Sound Healing, Toning and Sacred Dance.

- Healing Massages as an optional supportive practice.

Daily Schedule:

8.00- 9.30 Morning practice (Yoga, meditations, goddess initiations)

9.30 -10.30 Breakfast

10.30- 1.00 Morning session,

(Examples: womb healing journey, cleansing of emotions attached to conditioned beliefs of sexuality.)

1.00 -2.30 Lunch

2.30 -5.30 Open time for trips to sacred parts of the island for ceremony and for relaxation and integration.

6.00 - 8.00 Evening session (Examples: loves breath, sacred dance, sound healing)

8.30 - 9.30 Dinner


Payment plans are available - please contact us directly


- Flights to Ibiza

- Transfers to/from the airport - this can be arranged.


Sophia Magdalena

Email verenamostyn@gmail.com

FB page Awakening the Sacred Feminine.

Tel + 46 73 736 1831


Sophia Magdalena has dedicated herself to Healing and to Serving from the early days of human personal development in San Francisco where she lived in the 70s.

In going to live in Bali in 2005, she experienced teachings of The Way of Mastery, which resonated deeply within her. She devoted herself to these teachings and the practices on a daily basis which supported her own healing trans formative journey.

Over the past eleven years Sophia Magdalena has given herself fully to creating workshops and Awakening the Sacred Feminine retreats, for women in Bali, the UK, and France and in Sweden where she now lives.

In 2016 she began teaching conscious sexuality for mens groups as well as for women.

Sophia Magdalena is a member of the International Breath work Foundation and Alchemy of the Breath community.

She offers private Breath therapy sessions, with radical self inquiry.

Holding space she guides you through a Journey of transformation back to your authentic self. Thus in connecting with and activating the clearing of energies within the cellular memory of the body,

this journey opens up possibilities of making new self loving choices.

Arktara: ( Support facilitation.)

Hi I'm Arktara and I'm here on this beautiful planet to connect you more deeply to your heart.

I am passionate about authenticity and work from a place of love bringing people together to empower, encourage and inspire one another.

I am a wisdom keeper, a magic weaver, a daughter of mother earth and a pure channel bringing through the wisdom of the stars.

My life was not always like this, after a personal crisis in 2014 that led to a big shift and awakening, I left behind the corporate world and my home in England to fully embrace a life of positivity, spirituality and the healing arts.

During this time (and on going) I had to unlearn and release many belief, behavior and emotional patterns that were holding me back form embodying my true potential. This led me to explore and learn many different healing modalities to assist with my personal healing, and now with humbleness and joy i am here to share these gifts with you on this retreat. I work with sound therapy, sacred sexuality, ceremony & ritual all intertwined with Cacao. With all of these modalities my focus is to empower you to be your own best healer, lover, and guide.

Email: Hello@arktara.com

FB: Arktara Healing


Sophia Magdalena

"I want to thank you so much for your creation, Awakening the Sacred Feminine. It is a very unique experience...I'm a sucker for analogies and to say, I went in a caterpillar and came out a butterfly, would accurately describe my experience. The caterpillar is limited in its movement and point of view. The butterfly has shape-shifted from inside out, into its full beauty. The changes have enabled it to view the world from a different perspective. There is no going back, I've gained an inner confidence, universal connection, beautiful perspective, new friendships, inspirations to chase and an abundance of love in my heart!" - Trina, Portland.

"I attended the ‘Embracing the Feminine’ workshop and I highly recommend it. I had shut down my sexuality to a point of no longer feeling attractive and through examining my beliefs and learned behaviour, I realised how conditioned I had become trying to please everyone in my family, work, friendships and relationships. Somewhere along the line I had simply lost the love for myself.

Through radical inquiry, I was able to let go of past painful experiences and discover my inner truth: I have great strength and beauty as a woman. The more I have shown my feminine side, the happier I have become, and the more confident I am, the more attractive I feel. I have done a 2 month detox, I have started exercising, my love for dancing has returned and I surround myself by good company. Most importantly, I now treat myself and my body as a good friend.

Sophia Magdalena radiates light and love and she has the amazing gift of allowing whatever needs to be healed to come to the surface – without judgement or expectation. Her divine energy and compassion is carried throughout the workshop and I have seen great kindness and patience in the times I have met up with her since. I find her wisdom to be inspiring and her acceptance humbling." – Anonymous

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Casa Solara Ibiza

Casa Solara

07849 Santa Eulària des Riu


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