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Elite 2 Day Camp: Flip Turns and Feel for the Water - Bloomington, IN

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Bloomington High School South

1965 South Walnut Street

Bloomington, IN 47401

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Over TWO DAYS, participants will work with Olympic gold medalist Tyler Clary on improving flip turns and feel for the water. Each day, age groups will be split into two sessions to maximize the effectiveness of this camp for swimmers of all ages and ability levels.

Give your swimmer the opportunity to maximize their speed and power so that they can drop time at this unique two-day FFT swim camp!

Times for BOTH days:

  • Ages 12 & Over
    Saturday & Sunday - April 14 & 15
    Check-in: 9:00 AM - 9:30 AM
    Event: 9:30 AM - 12:30 PM

  • Ages 11 & Under
    Saturday & Sunday - April 14 & 15
    Check-in: 2:00 PM - 2:30 PM
    Event: 2:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Scroll down for details on the curriculum. Space is limited!

Flip Turns and Feel for the Water

Over the course of this two day camp, Olympic gold medalist Tyler Clary will work with participants by teaching them drills and exercises, practicing, and giving feedback. You will be amazed at the progress that your swimmer makes by the end of this camp.

Feel for the Water - Some believe that the best swimmers in the world are born with a talent for understanding how to "feel the water". However, we believe that through practice, specific drills, and instruction, your swimmer will be able to gain a deeper understanding of how to get more out of every stroke and establish this "feel". Your swimmer will learn how to move through the water with more power and efficiency.

  • Hold your hand with the right amout of relaxation, strength, and space between fingers for maxium hold on the water
  • Grip the water with a strong hold to get more out of every stroke
  • Use all of your surface area to press into the water and throw it behind you.
  • Practice sculling drills to enhance the sensations of "feeling the water"

Flip Turns - The second fastest point in every single race are your swimmer's turns. (The fastest are starts). At this two-day camp, participants will learn to maximize their speed and power at every wall! They will learn to use the walls to carry momentum into their first several strokes of each lap!

  • In order to have even faster speed off the wall - we're going to teach you to accelerate into the wall.
  • Get ready to bounce off the wall to achieve maximum speed past the flags. So, you're going to need to tuck your chin and core into a tight ball and throw your hips towards the wall.
  • We want you to be completely hydrodynamic. We're going to teach you to use your arms to stabilize and reduce drag.
  • Shoot off that wall! But, before you do that, ever so briefly plant your feet firmly on the wall in an effective pushoff position!
  • Shoot your whole body into a streamline
  • LAST AND NOT LEAST: TRUST YOUR STREAMLINE! A perfectly executed streamline off the wall should be the fastest you are going at any point during a race!

Tyler will practice drills and exercises for each of these skills as well as provide immediate feedback for each participant. The fastest you're ever moving in a race is at the turn... don't take it for granted!

ASK QUESTIONS: Swimmers and parents are invited to ask Tyler questions during a Q&A session. Gain insight into his training regimen, diet and nutrition, and recovery tactics.

WATCH THE CLINICIAN: Observe Tyler swim at full speed and demonstrate a progression of perfectly executed drills to achieve powerful, efficient and fast swimming.

PUT YOUR SKILLS TO THE TEST: Practice what you've learned by taking your stroke to your top speed with one of the best swimmers in the world! Hold on to your form while having the opportunity to challenge yourself

Take a photo while wearing Tyler's medals, get autographs, and a gift from TYR Sport!

Inquisitive, Educated Swimmers are Faster Swimmers! Sign up today!


Thise are spots available in the hands-on coaches program. If you are interested in meeting and working alongside our elite clinician during the clinic, please click the register button for the coaches program.

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Bloomington High School South

1965 South Walnut Street

Bloomington, IN 47401

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