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Eli Verveine - N/UM - Tres Manos


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645 Florida Ave NW

Washington, DC 20001

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Eli Verveine returns to Flash dosing the Club Level with another proper after-hours set. Joining is NYC's N/um and Tres Manos

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Friday, November 29th • Green Room 9PM • Club 10PM

Advance Tickets on sale Friday, November 1st @ noon.

Club Level:

Eli Verveine (Tardis Records | Zurich)



N/UM (NinetoFire | NYC)



Edo (DC)



Green Room:

Tres Manos (This And That | Barcelona)



Juan Zapata (DC)



Flash Bar:

DeVaughn Jones (Something Real | DC)



J Swink (Furious Animals | DC)

residentadvisor.net/dj/jswink soundcloud.com/j_swink


DISQO VOLANTE [LiVE] (Eklektik Elektrik | DC)




Jon Hao [Live] (Bunk Buddha | DC)




AV8 (Searching 4 Something | Baltimore)


For as long as Eli Verveine has been mixing records she has strived for the perfect groove and flow, the one that keeps you moving and the dancefloor rocking. After two decades, thousands of satisfied dancers will happily testify to her uncanny knack of finding and working that groove. Since honing her skills over years warming up the dancefloor, she has developed into a superlative peak-time DJ who also still loves to play extended after-hours sets like those she laid down at Zurich's legendary Dachkantine in the 00's. Her sound is timeless, a smoothly-blended mix of deeper house and techno from two weeks or two decades ago that's always warm, groovy and tastefully euphoric. In addition to her club sets, Eli's podcasts (most notably for Resident Advisor and the much-missed mnml ssgs blog) have become cult favourites amongst discerning listeners worldwide. Despite increasing global recognition, she still maintains strong links to her local scene in Zurich - as well as a longstanding residency at Zukunft (the town's most established destination for discerning clubbers), she still loves playing at warehouse parties and has previously put in the hours at local radio station Radio Lora whilst working at her local record shop. And if all this wasn't enough, Eli still finds time to run Tardis Records together with her Berlin-based ally Oscar Schubaq, releasing a succession of deeper club tracks by some of her musical heroes as well as her debut EP with Schubaq.


The three members of N/UM come from a variety of musical backgrounds. Jeremy Loucas is a five time Grammy winning mixing & mastering engineer with years spent as a DJ in the underground party scene in NY – Elias Meister, an electronically experimental guitarist with a decade of performance experience in free and improvised music – Emil Bovbjerg is a vocalist, synth instrumentalist and producer/DJ with a background in orchestration and contemporary arranging and composition.

Each performance or recording by N/UM is improvised, with no pre-composed songs, no plan or structure agreed upon.

Despite the daring premise and unconventional creative approach the raison d’etre and mission statement of N/UM is simple: The opposite of war is a dance floor.

N/um translates to medicine or supernatural potent energy. The word is used by the !Kung (formerly Bushmen), an indigenous people of Botswana and Namibia, to describe a healing energy used to cure sickness, both mental and physical, in individuals as well as the community as a whole. N/um is a central part of weekly dancing ceremonies, lasting typically from nightfall into dawn, in which the tribe’s members gather to dance for many hours until dancers enter into varying states of trance. As the trance deepens the n/um builds in the stomach, travels up through the spine and eventually explodes in the brain as the healers reach !Kia, the state in which, according to the tribe’s beliefs, a healer can transfer n/um to those in need of healing as well as to the community where it is said to maintain unity and relieve jealousy, greed and lack of gift giving. Among the !Kung everyone is encouraged to take part in the rituals and over half of the tribe’s members have become healers by the time they reach adulthood.

You dance, dance, dance. Then n/um lifts you up in your belly and lifts you in your back, and then you start to shiver. [N/um] makes you tremble, it's hot. . . . Your eyes are open but you don't look around; you hold your eyes still and look straight ahead. But when you get into !kia, you're looking around because you see everything, because you see what's troubling everybody . . . n/um enters every part of your body right to the tip of your feet and even your hair.

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Date and Time



645 Florida Ave NW

Washington, DC 20001

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