Elevate Your Life to a Whole New Level - Weekend Coaching, Yoga and Mindfulness retreat (French Riviera)
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Elevate Your Life to a Whole New Level - Weekend Coaching, Yoga and Mindfulness retreat (French Riviera)

Elevate Your Life to a Whole New Level - Weekend Coaching, Yoga and Mindful...

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06560 Valbonne Sophia Antipolis


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November 25-27, 2016
“Elevate Your Life to a Whole New Level”

All-inclusive 2-Day weekend coaching retreat with yoga and meditation in the backcountry of beautiful French Riviera.

Acquire enhanced clarity and inner motivation to pursue your personal life vision & dreams.

Life Vision Clarity, Storyboard and Work-Life Balance

Clarté de Vision, Scenario et Equilibre entre Vie Privée et Professionnelle

Claridad de Visión, Hoja de Ruta y Equilibrio entre Privacidad y Profesionalla

ライフビジョンクラリティ、ストーリーボードやワーク - ライフ・バランス

(Coaching and Yoga/Meditation Classes delivered in English + French)

A co-production by Culture@Work and iCube-Thrive

Thierry de Tourniel, Certified Coach Neuro-Leadership Group accredited ICF, NLP Certified Master Practitioner (NLPU Santa Cruz, USA, Robert Dilts).

Eric R.T. Vidal, Total Leadership™ Certified Coach (Wharton Business School, USA), Zen Dogen Sangha Tokyo.

Antoine Gélain, Business Coach and Strategy Advisor to CEOs and entrepreneurs. Graduated from ESSEC and Harvard - www.50wordsofwisdom.com

Ms Dipa Trivedi, Hatha, Iyengar yoga and mindfulness teacher based in London (featured in the Telegraph and other yoga websites for her work with Amy Dickson and her retreats in Spain).

Following our successful seminars held in the South of France, Culture@Work and iCube-Thrive are once again joining forces to host an exclusive retreat with unique coaching workshops, yoga and meditation in the gorgeous countryside of the French Riviera.

Participate in our 2-Day Intensive Retreat at an upscale private residence located in the quiet hills of Valbonne, just 20 minutes from Cannes and Nice International Airport.

Thierry de Tourniel, Eric Vidal and Dipa Trivedi will coach a selected small group of participants on the following topics: 

- Enhance the clarity of your life vision

- Draw the Storyboard of your life

- Achieve Work-Life Balance 

Tuition from £ 800/pers for 2-day all inclusive retreat

(Friday evening arrival and complimentary night)

Why am I not getting where I want to be?

Many people tell us this when they come for their initial workshop session. They may have an idea for their life path, new career or startup project, but they do not have a clear vision and can't achieve any tangible results.  They are lacking the confidence to find the right path to reach their life goal. For lots of people this motivation is missing from their life, whether at work or personally. This person could be a parent, entrepreneur, freelancer or anyone at a personal or career life crossroads.

So if you are interested in getting your life roadmap (and possibly business project or career) to a place of success, you not only need a vision but also excitement and deep motivation. 

Clarify your life vision for a more successful future!  

What you will learn:

• To assess your current state of mind and level of achievement
• Understand the factors contributing to your current situation
• Mindfulness at home and at work
• How to trust your intuition
• Create a clear vision and empowered mindset, enabling you to redesign your life with increased balance, fulfillment and a sense of control.

Your take-away:

• Leave with a concrete blueprint of your plans to achieve clearly defined goals.
• Leave with a greater sense of balance in life and work.
• Leave feeling more centered, rejuvenated, and engaged with your life and/or work/business project.


Friday night: Pick-up from Nice International Airport (NCE) & check-in at private residence with heated swimming pool. Light supper and introductions.

Saturday:  Honest Self-Assessment (Make peace with yourself)

The goal of the first day is to relax, get in the mindset, and ground yourself. 1st meditation and yoga session.

You will then make a frank assessment of your current situation, potential, skills, strengths, weaknesses, and inner passions.
You will rebuild your self-esteem and learn to reconnect with your intuition.
You will get an overview of the toolbox you will create during the days ahead.

Sunday:  Clarify your vision and Plan your storyboard (Stretch, make your dreams bigger and get motivated)
You will shape your dream and tailor your goals.
You will project yourself beyond who you are today.
You will clarify your goals, embrace your dreams, and learn how to achieve them using critical thinking.

Once your vision and plan have been clarified and set in focus, we will define together the precise path to get from where you are to where you want to be. You will also identify within your environment all the necessary resources (such as peers, important milestones, additional skills) to help support your vision and ensure that you stay the course.

Closing Session:
At the end of this 2-Day retreat, you will have a concise physical storyboard for your personal life. Your mind will finally be free to achieve your vision and you will be empowered to propel yourself forward.

Bonus and Optional Activities:

- A one-on-one 30min session will be available for each participant during or after the retreat (reframing, Q&A, confidential topics).

- There will be opportunities to enjoy nature walks in the hills and assist the team in healthy meal preparation using locally sourced wholesome ingredients and fresh seafood. You can also participate in group coaching exercises and other relaxing activities.

- Participants are fully supported and accompanied upon arrival at Nice International Airport (NCE). There are several daily flights to Nice from London, Paris and most major cities.

- Exclusive package including full board accommodation, coaching & activities:
from £ 800/pers.

- We are very pleased to introduce our participants to Ms Dipa Trivedi, a yoga and mindfulness instructor based in London who regularly leads retreats in the UK and Spain. Her "soft yoga" approach is ideally suited for beginners to more intermediate people, to reduce stress and improve the well-being for both body and mind. She will teach meditation and yoga in the morning and in the evening.


• We currently only accept 8 VIP participants per retreat. 
• Don’t miss the earlybird specials: prices will increase by 15% after October 31st.
• Just fly to Nice International Airport (NCE), and we will take care of the rest:
your complete enrichment, enjoyment, relaxation and invaluable coaching from
international experts Thierry, Eric, Antoine and Dipa)
• Contact us for more details

• Other available weekend : November 4-6, 2016

Package Options (Early Bird Specials):

On site villa:
Shared room £ 800/pers - 2 rooms available
Individual room £ 1200/pers - 2 rooms available

Hotel (Landmark property at the heart of a classified historic village):
Individual room £ 1500 - Number of rooms is open until October 31st.

Open to anyone who is looking to elevate her/his life to a whole new level:

- Individuals ready to make a dramatic life change

- Those experiencing work or life burnout, in need of re-assessing their current life situation

- No prerequisite - no experience needed in yoga, nor meditation

- There will be a short evaluation questionnaire to help us customize the retreat

International Coaches & Instructors

Thierry de Tourniel, NLP Certified Master practitioner; Director and co-founder at Culture at Work (London, UK)
Pragmatic visionary, market developer, entrepreneur and experienced coach. Consistently brought into organisations to start or establish new business.
Thierry has spent 25 years living in Europe, America and Asia where he spent 10 years in Tokyo, Japan. In 2008 he established and ran a successful coaching business, before moving to London.
Through the process of listening, in different languages and cultures, Thierry has acquired a deep experience and understanding of complexed international organizations. He strongly believes that a company's most valuable asset is its own human capital. He believes the key to achieving excellence is to build common values and create an environment where people can express all their human qualities.
He is a NLP Master Practitioner from the NLP University of Santa Cruz, and he completed his training in neuroscience-based coaching with Results Coaching from the Neuro-Leadership Group.
Thierry is a gourmet cooking afficionado as well as a wine connoisseur, and loves sharing his passion with his friends. He is an experienced skipper and loves to re-energize himself on a sail boat. He shares his busy time between London, Paris and the South of France, but always manages to find time for his loving family.

Mentor and Judge at Mass Challenge UK, London.

Eric Vidal, "Total Leadership" Wharton - Coursera Certified Coach
iCube-Thrive Co-founder (Executive Coaching Seminars & Retreats - New York & Tokyo)  
Eric, of Eurasian descent, was born in Paris and raised on the French Riviera.
From an early age he enjoyed windsurfing and martial arts, and toured Spain, Morocco & Corsica on a motorbike when he was 19. He has not stopped seeking new adventures ever since. He has extensive experience in advertising and marketing with assignments at Euro-RSCG & FCA! (Publicis).

Eric has co-founded a branding agency in Hong Kong in partnership with Carre Noir (Publicis). Since 2001, as the head of iCube Digital in NYC, he has spearheaded integrated marketing campaigns for Fortune 1000s, Dragon Rouge, Leo Burnett, Mazarine Digital, Ignite London. Currently on the advisory board of 3 New York tech startups, he now specializes in digital marketing for wellness, natural health, self-development and sustainability projects.

Double major in Advertising - Mass Communications & Economics from CNED-Paris & University of Toulon-French Riviera, he studied at the MBA program of Strathclyde (UK) & Hong Kong Baptist University. He is certified for the "Total Leadership" Coursera program created by Dr. Stew Friedmann of Wharton Business School, University of Pennsylvania.

Eric is an avid enthusiast of Tai Chi, Zen meditation, mindfulness, natural health and self-development, social psychology, contemporary art & design, photography, travel, fine wines & gastronomy, as well as automobiles & technology.

Mentor and Judge at Mass Challenge UK, London.

Antoine Gélain, Business Coach and Strategy Advisor to CEOs and entrepreneurs. Graduated from ESSEC and Harvard
Antoine is an experienced business coach and management consultant.
After spending the last fifteen years of his career helping companies and top executives optimize their strategies and management processes, Antoine realized it was time to promote a different type of organizational model; one that relies on culture and the underlying unique qualities of people as the strongest and most sustainable source of competitive advantage. He thus spent the last two years designing the Culture Foundation Programme with Thierry, to specifically address the need of many companies to improve confidence, communication, creativity, productivity and growth among their workforce, in the face of an ever-increasing complex and challenging environment.

Over the last  25 years, Antoine has lived and worked in Europe, Asia and North America. He is a graduate from ESSEC in France and holds an MBA from Harvard Business School in the U.S. 

Antoine is a devoted family man. He enjoys mountain treks around the world, when not advising companies in the UK and Continental Europe.

Ms Dipa Trivedi, Hatha and Iyengar yoga teacher

Dipa has been teaching yoga and meditation for more than 10 years. Originally from India, from the town of Porbandar in Gujarat, Gandhi’s birthplace, she was trained with her family and later formally in Europe. She teaches mindfulness practices and regularly gives talks at company events for stress management at the workplace (VISA, NAVIGANT). She specialises in yoga therapy for sport injury and health recovery. 

Her next project is to be working with schools and puting together a "breathing campaign" with Amy Dickson at the Prince Charles' Children Trust. And she is now a board member of Global Media Girl which aims to empower girls around the world to have a voice. Dipa is proudly sponsorsed by the yoga apparel brand "Sweaty Betty".



- CEO - Int'l Financial Institution, Tokyo - Japan: Eric is an exceptional coach and individual. From my first encounter with Eric, he immediately added value to my business and to my life in general. I would highly recommend Eric’s coaching sessions to anyone looking to get fast and better results.

- Kanako Iwase, Social Entrepreneur, CEO of Arusha, Tokyo - Japan: "I have met Eric Vidal when he started to learn Japanese at our school in November 2014. I have created Arusha 7 years ago as a Social Enterprise to help political and war refugees settle in Japan, providing them assistance with their paperwork, teaching them Japanese language, and training the ones interested in manicure and pedicure treatments so they could generate an income within a few months.
This enterprise has been my life for the last few years as I am really passionate about what I do, helping the neediest people in our affluent society. 
However after discussing with Eric, I realized that I was missing out on a more social and personal aspect of my life. Eric has coached me to adjust my priorities to find a better balance within my 4 circles of life. I am starting to feel happier, and I just keep working at it. I can only recommend Eric's ability to empathize and help people find their own serenity. He is very nice, funny and gentle.”

- Sr. HR Executive at a top American Consulting Firm, Tokyo - Japan: "... Thanks to iCube-Thrive's coaching sessions I have been able to clarify my life choices and draw a better, clearer roadmap for my future already helps me a lot to feel more serene, and consequently happier with my current Life ... I have recently found the courage to switch to a more exciting job".  
- R. Da Silva, Startup Advisor & Writer, Fulbright Fellow, New York - USA:
"Eric Vidal is sharp and insightful, and has given me lots of help with mentoring and coaching, figuring out how to prioritize life areas and balance between different projects. He has great global experience across Asia, Europe and the US, and can greatly help an Entrepreneur or a C-Level Executive better formalize his / her vision and project as well as design a more focused and richer Life."  
- IT Director at a leading American Tech Firm, Tokyo - Japan:
"I often thought I had been quite successful so far at leading my life with a beautiful and loving wife, 2 great kids, and since last year a new very promising senior position at ... .... but I also realized that something was missing to feel totally fulfilled. iCube-Thrive has helped me get a clearer vision of my work and personal life, by motivating me to draw from my past experiences, my inner passions and to define a better road map for the future I envision one day as a real estate investor in Hawaii." 

- CEO at a leading digital agency based in NYC:
"I met Thierry de Tourniel at the Club des Entrepreneurs in London and Thierry taught me about the benefits of NLP Training. I had been very successful early on in my career back in Europe, then in SE-Asia and finally in NYC where I had co-funded and led a fast growing integrated marketing agency. But in recent years I had felt the need to refocus my life on projects I really cared about, and to fight some kind of procrastination, preventing me from completing my most exciting although quite challenging projects. By better visualizing my past stumbling blocks as well as my most successful and happiest moments in life, Thierry has helped me better project myself into the future by crossing-over this procrastination gap. I am feeling enlightened, after regaining power, confidence and self-esteem. I truly recommend Thierry’s NLP training and his friendly, cool approach.”

- Vickie C., Entrepreneur and Marketer based in Vermont, USA: "I met Eric Vidal in a seminar in NYC and right from our first meeting I have that felt his empathy and his seasoned international experience could help me I have run all my different projects and ventures through him and always got a sharp analysis and to the point feedback that were very constructive. Since Eric has also become a trusted friend and he is organizing some retreats in Stowe where I live with my husband. I can whole heartedly recommend any entrepreneur or CEO in the process of launching a new venture or in the middle of a career and life change to seek advice from Eric Vidal as he is himself a well rounded and attentionate coach and a very experienced global entrepreneur. "

- Adam Evans, National Brand Manager - Fine Wines PMA, Canada: I had the good fortune and pleasure of working with Thierry while he was the Trade Relation Manager for Baron Philippe de Rothschild caring for the Canadian market. A great business mind, a leader by example and a true pleasure to work with. Thierry brings out the best in people. People want to work with Thierry as he truly makes them the focus of attention, but at the same time always achieves his objectives. I would highly recommend Thierry to any organization.

- Y. E. Kruger, Board Certified Coach, working with SME businesses and at all levels, Germany: 

Thierry is an amazing visionary with strong values. His love for people, coupled with streams of bubbling ideas, is an ideal recipe for collaboration with business partners and alliances who have different strengths to bring to the table. He has high standards and does not settle for second best. His tenacity, confidence, and the desire to succeed is driven by his clear vision of collaborative success.

- S. Modica, Entrepreneur, Coach, USA: 

How would you describe Thierry's coaching style?   He is gentle, but also asks "the central question" during each session out of nowhere! You cannot hide behind the smoke that you unconsciously put out!

What did Thierry do which worked particularly well for you?   He asked the most important question during each session on the topic most relevant to me. And also asked the most fundamental question about my professional aspiration.
What did you learn (personally or professionally) from being coached by Thierry?   I may have tendency to avoid the truth about my desires and wishes.
How did you or any aspect of your life/work/business change as a result of coaching with Thierry?   Better awareness about my professional aspiration and wishes.
Please include below a testimonial for Thierry:   Thierry is a gentle and yet very authentic coach who asks the most fundamental question about "YOU." You cannot help but reflect and take a hard look at what you are saying, doing, and feeling. He is also very supportive and quick to acknowledge your strengths!

- T. Gorishek, Social Non-Profit Organisation, Australia:

How would you describe Thierry's coaching style?  
Collaborative with a friendly approach in considering all the possibilities.
What did thierry do which worked particularly well for you?  He helped me identify and focus on the real issues at hand.
What did you learn (personally or professionally) from being coached by thierry?  Thierry helped me understand how to share an opinion without giving any advice.
How did you or any aspect of your life/work/business change as a result of coaching with Thierry?   He helped me stay focused on my main passion, coaching men, to keep generating the energy I need to deal with side issues of business building, etc.
Please include below a testimonial for Thierry:   Thierry has an easy, approachable coaching style that feels collaborative in creating your own unique road map forward.

- F. Boisneau, Entrepreneur, Business Coach, France:

Comment décririez-vous le style de coaching de Thierry?   Comme coach, Thierry vous met en confiance et vous donne confiance. Il est assez direct et ne passe pas à côté de ce que l'on voudrait "masquer", tout en ayant beaucoup de bienveillance et d'énergie.
Quelles sont les choses que Thierry a pu dire ou faire, qui ont particulièrement bien fonctionné pour vous ?   Me faire des retours sur ce qu'il percevait de mon discours.
Qu'avez-vous appris (personnellement ou professionnellement) grâce au coaching de Thierry?  A affiner ma spécificité de coach et à exprimer ce qui m’anime.

Tuition and Terms

> Highly limited number of seats. Please book ASAP via our EventBrite link
> Online Booking: from £ 800/participant - ticket includes: Tuition + Yoga & Meditation Classes + Full Board Accommodation + NICE airport transfer (Early bird offer valid till October 15th, 2016)
> A confirmation email will be sent to you upon registration with the exact location and further details on how to attend.

Other available weekend : November 4-6, 2016

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Private Residence

06560 Valbonne Sophia Antipolis


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