ELEVATE YOUR BUSINESS! -The Business Growth Event of the Year with Entertainment!
£28.44 – £49.14
ELEVATE YOUR BUSINESS! -The Business Growth Event of the Year with Entertainment!

ELEVATE YOUR BUSINESS! -The Business Growth Event of the Year with Entertai...

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Wesley Hotel

83-100 Euston Street



United Kingdom

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Why Should I Attend the 'Elevate Your Business' Seminar?

  • Are you an inspired, success-focused business woman?
  • Are you looking for meaningful growth in your life and business?
  • Are you stuck between where you are and where you want to be?
  • Are you ready to elevate your business to new heights and have all the love and abundance that you deserve?
  • Do you want to be able to share your frustrations and successes with like-minded women and get real time solutions?
  • Do you want business mentors to help you to create, strategise and grow with grace and ease?

Is this you?

On the one hand, you are off the starting blocks. You've overcome the initial steep climb. However, ahead of you is the summit and the climb looks equally as hard if not harder.

You want to go on and reach the top but you know you cannot do it alone.

You want the resources, know-how and support to take your business to the next level but not sure of the next steps

You want more time to relax and enjoy the company of good friends and loved ones.

Running a business is often compared to climbing a mountain. However, you don't have to do things the hard way. The best route up a mountain is the one already trod.

Taking a business to the next level can be as easy as a walk in the park if you have the right MINDSET, equipment and the right team.

Most of us want to have more time to do the things we need to do. As mothers, partners, business owners, entrepreneurs, carers and homemakers we are inundated with roles and tasks. Our "to do" list seems to keep growing every day

Are you fed up of doing it alone and long for the support of like-minded sisters who understand your journey and can offer you the benefit of their wisdom and experience?

Do you long to be able to leverage your time by outsourcing but have been put off by the challenge of finding the right people?

Did you go into business hoping to give back, but are frustrated that all your time is spent working in your business rather than on it or using it to bring about change in your community?

Do you simply want more time to do what you love, less stress and the ability to earn more money?

Do you dream of taking your business from a five to a six or 7 figure income but don't know where to start and who to work with?

Then this event is just what you have been looking for!

Presented by the team at ELEVATE™, five AMAZING business women bringing the power of the Sistermind™ to female entrepreneurs, to give you exactly what you want:

More time

More money

More focus

Less stress

And a business that you love.

  1. Discover the power of the Sistermind™ - our inspired take on masterminding that utilises and celebrates the feminine energy, encouraging co-operation & collaboration, not separation& competition.
  2. Learn how to do wise joint ventures.
  3. Connect with the secret of how to build your business in a soulful way and still make money
  4. Learn how to energise yourself so you have more drive, more focus and get more done WITH EASE AND FLOW
  5. Embrace behaviours that help you to reclaim and leverage your time and resources so you are 100% more productive and half as busy

Your ELEVATE Mentors are on a mission to help women entrepreneurs to build stronger more productive businesses that they love and delivers them the most valuable asset: freedom

We have all overcome challenges and achieved amazing success against the odds. We know that sometimes that glass ceiling can feel like concrete!! We encourage you to take inspired action in line with your values, whatever your background.

There is a certain kind of woman entrepreneur needed today to promote entrepreneurship in a heart centred way. If that woman is you this event will inspire, motivate and empower you.

You have invested in your business; you know you are capable of more, now it’s time to invest in you.We will enable you to grow in authentic confidence & step into your power, so you can be resilient to any of life’s challenges and achieve your greatest potential.

So if you REALLY want:

More time

More money

More focus

Less stress

And a business that you love

...then you can't afford not to attend this seminar

By the end of the day you'll have discovered:

  • How to overcome your fear of failure, improve your life, and achieve your dreams.
  • How to delete "Imposter Syndrome" from your mind FOREVER
  • How to re-engage with your passion for your business to get more CLARITY, more INSPIRATION and re-discover your LOVE for your business to give you more sales, more profit and more time.
  • Where and how you can generate an endless flow of 'hot', qualified sales leads (without spending a fortune!)
  • The exact strategies you can implement to turn those leads into buyers (and lifetime customers!)
  • How to be your most productive
  • How to save 4 to 5 hours EVERY day
  • Five essential habits to keep you productive and get 30% more done each week
  • How busy women entrepreneurs and leaders stay focused even through all the distractions of their day
  • The right way to use your "to-do" list to accelerate your goals
  • The 5 ways that successful people save time and leverage their energy to do more with less time... and maximise profits and how YOU can do the same!
  • How to structure your business to deliver MAXIMUM VALUE to your clients

Meet Your ELEVATE™ Mentors

Join Roz Thornton, Caroline Newman, Sherry Dixon, Kerry O'Dowd (together Your ELEVATE ™ Mentors) and your MC Lovelda Smith for an exciting day of strategies, BREAKTHROUGHS, tools, entertainment and fun.

Roz Thornton

Roz Thornton is a life coach, trainer, speaker and property investor and uses her experience to inspire and empower women around the subjects of: confidence, careers and money. Roz runs coaching and training sessions for women who are seeking to advance their career or set up their own business. Her methods using her own intellectual property the FAME model of success; have a proven track record with hundreds of women through organisations & charities achieving transformational change and miracle-like success. Roz also works with corporate organisations to boost confidence, increase productivity and empower women to breakthrough that perceived glass ceiling.

Roz is the founder of the Amazing Women Awards, was the Vice-President of Business Network International (Commonwealth branch, Belgravia), has recently appeared on ITV’s the Chopping Block and is the current winner of Business Woman of the year 2016 at the Regional Entrepreneurs Empowerment Business Awards.

Roz was brought up in a disempowered household with domestic violence. After spending six years as a broke single mum with no work/life balance, close to breaking point and with a mountain of debt, Roz turned her life around taking inspiration from life coaches and going on an inner spiritual journey. After creating a vision for the next 10 years Roz was able to achieve all her goals and vowed to help inspire and motivate others to achieve theirs. Roz now has a vision to take Amazing Women truly Global and create an academy to share skills and knowledge, leaving a legacy for future generations and making a difference to the world.

Sherry Dixon

Sherry Dixon is highly respected in the ethnic community in Britain and developed a following of dedicated followers from her editorial and radio show interviews with celebrities such as Dr. Maya Angelou, Nelson Mandela, Iyanla Vanzant, Barry White, Luther Vandross, Pam Grier, Jasmine Guy, Nia Long, Cedella Marley, Whitney Houston, Alice Walker, Terry McMillan, John Holt and many more.

Coming from a background of PR and as renowned journalist Sherry edited two magazines – Pride Magazine and SHE Caribbean. She has written for many publications including The Guardian, Sunday Observer, The Times, Guyana Chronicle, Upscale Magazine, The Voice and has done numerous television and radio shows for Lorraine Kelly (LK Today) and BBC Worldwide helping to dispel the myths surrounding the health and beauty for women of colour.

Sherry had two previous radio shows on Choice FM where she co-hosted Ladies Room and soon after The Sherry Dixon Shown on Choice FM was born. Shortly after returning from Saint Lucia where she was headhunted to turn around SHE Caribbean Magazine and bring in a British audience, Sherry returned to the UK and was again headhunted to run her own radio show for Bang FM. Her show was very successful where she discussed current topics but in particular those of relevance to the community at large. As well as interviewing British business entrepreneurs, Sherry also included her celebrity contacts bring high profile names to her audience. But most of all she tacked hard issues which were often not discussed within the community such as rape, sexism, incest and domestic violence.

With her wide span of knowledge of empowerment issues, Sherry Dixon has now become a sought after Inspirational, Transformational speaker and mentor, sharing her life skills and vast knowledge to empower individuals in the UK and worldwide. But most importantly it’s her thirst for mentoring within her community that has been recognised and applauded. In December 2014 Sherry was commended by The Mayor of London acknowledging her inspiring work with women in her community by presenting her with a Certificate of Appreciation at the London Peace Awards.

A much sought after international Keynote Speaker, Sherry Ann Dixon has on a number of occasions delivered Keynote address at the House of Lords and House of Parliament in London including one on Who’s Holding You Back, Why Mentoring Women is important to Women in our community, The Emerging Generation in South Wales and toured with the series Are you Enough? throughout England, Scotland and Wales. The lists of her speaking events are much too long to mention here as it would transpire over many pages. In March 2016 Sherry spoke at the UN in New York with the Justina Mutale Foundation UN-CSW60 as part of the UK Civil Society delegation "Activating Women's Leadership as a Key Driver to Achieving Sustainable Development". In April 2016 Sherry was appointed as The Country Committee Chairperson for Motivation in the UK at ALL Ladies League (ALL).

Her quick wit, brilliant sense of humour and warmth make her a very popular woman which has won her many awards:

Sherry is currently the CEO and Founder of a motivational website for women called Women on the Crossroads (www.womenonthecrossroads.co.uk)

Caroline Newman

Caroline Newman (AKA The Business Advocate) is a successful lawyer and business owner. She qualified as a solicitor in a top city law firm. She has since started, grown and successfully merged her legal practice. For the past ten years, she has been a consultant, business and personal development coach mentor, adviser and trainer in the corporate, legal and entrepreneur sectors offering Professional and Personal Development assistance to business owners, leaders, judges, QCs, barristers, solicitors and law students. She trained as an actor and TV presenter and regularly works in this capacity.

She is highly skilled at delivering business solutions and mindset management programmes that really works. She is a certified Thinking into Results Consultant with the Proctor Gallagher Institute.

Caroline is also the author of the Legal Gold trilogy and creator of Raise the Bar™, Fast Track to Silk™, LawLeader™, Ninja Tactics to get your First Job in Law™, Practical Diversity™ and GrowLaw™ coaching and group training programmes.

Caroline is the creator of Sisterminding™ an inspired, creative and fresh take on the mastermind concept. She is a sought after professional speaker at conferences and seminars and runs monthly group coaching for lawyer and non-lawyer clients.

Caroline uses her legal skills as a corporate company and employment lawyer to help her clients. She is passionate about building a thriving community of inspired business owners who are awakening to the gift and power that they have to cause change in the world by doing what they love. Caroline is the founder of Sisterminding™ members club where women business owners come together to support each other, share ideas and progress their business so that they make an impact, make money and make the world a better place.

She helps her clients and members get over any confusion or overwhelm and to find clarity and direction on their business vision. She offers coaching services that will give them the tools, resources, transformation and inspiration to take action right away to develop a love-based business that supports their lifestyle and celebrates their life purpose, while they do their valuable work.

She is also the founder of The Confidence Factor™ held yearly in the spring, bringing together expert speakers to share with women how to become more confident in all areas of their lives.

Went from ‘having it all’ to fulfilling her purpose

Caroline was a successful corporate attorney earning in the upper six figures, handled billions of dollars in mergers and acquisitions, was an adviser to boards and executives of fortune 500 firm

After attending training courses with Andy Harrington, Tony Robbins and Bob Proctor. Her entire life changed when she realized she was not fulfilling her life’s purpose

Caroline closed her law firm and founded The Lawdacity Institute to help good lawyers become great. She has since rebranded as The Business Advocate - helping Women Business Owners to have the success they want in their businesses.

She is the founder of the African Women Lawyers Association a social enterprise which provides mentoring, networking opportunities and training to women solicitors, chair and member of various Law Society committees. She is very active in the creative team at her local church. She makes sure she takes time for self-care and her own personal and professional development.

As well as being an expert in business planning, training and development, Caroline is also a certified coach, NLP Master Trainer, an accomplished author, speaker and presenter. Caroline regularly hosts networking events on behalf of the Law Society and the Bar Council.

Kerry O'Dowd

Kerry O’Dowd is a Vocal Coach, Singer, Trainer and Speaker.

Starting her performance training at the age of 8 she went on to study full time at ‘The Sylvia Young Theatre School’. Her voice has allowed her to perform at ‘The Royal Albert Hall’, ‘Buckingham Palace’, ‘The Palace Theatre’, ‘Abbey Road Studios’ and many more wonderful Theatres and venues across the UK.

Touring the world on cruise ships as the Leading lady and more recently touring the UK with Gareth Gates, she faced her fears this year and made her first appearance on ‘The Voice UK’.

As a vocal coach for speakers, business owners, children, adults and the elderly, Kerry helps people to find their voice, their confidence so they can make a bigger impact in many aspects of their lives.

The voice is something we tend to take advantage of; we use it every single day but don’t stop to consider the consequences of losing it. Kerry takes you through every step of how to embody your confidence, find your power and harness your strength by using your core and breath. You will understand how your lifestyle affects your voice and then enjoy the benefits when you see even small changes creating the influence and impact you always wanted.

It is now your time to be seen and be heard!

Lovelda Smith - YOUR MC

Lovelda Smith is the founder of Collaboration Club, Radio Host, International Speaker and Business Commentator. Speaking and performing on stages since the age of 13, Lovelda has never shied away from an audience.

As Radio host Lovelda has interviewed over 200 entrepreneurs including Rachael Elnaugh (former Dragon on Dragon's Den), James Eder (Co-founder of Student Beans) and Marjean Holden (Hollywood Actress).

Lovelda is passionate about working with Creative Entrepreneurs, showing them how to turn their ideas into reality. Every entrepreneur starts with a creative spark, but creatives tend to 'live in the spark' so struggle to gain traction. Lovelda has supported creatives to get results by building teams and creating systems in their businesses so they can grow their businesses whilst still staying true to their creative genius.


When and Where is the Event being held?

The timings are 9.00am until 6:00pm on Saturday 19th November at the Wesley Hotel, 83-100 Euston Street, London NW1. Only 3 minutes walk from Euston Station.

Is my registration/ticket transferrable?

Yes, you may pass your ticket on to whoever you wish.

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?

You will be required to show either a paper or an electronic copy of your ticket in order to be admitted to the event.

I can't make this date. Will there be another Elevate Your Business Seminar?

This is a one off, one of a kind Seminar. There will not be another!!

How much does it cost?

Your investment is £47.00 - that's less than £10.00 for each mentor. There is an early bird price of £27.00 before 12th November 2016

Ok, this all sounds great, but what results will I get?

Regardless of whether you're a seasoned professional at running your business, have just a little bit of experience, or are thinking of starting a business, or just want to come and hang out and be inspired by some great women and have fun - at the Elevate Your Business Event you will get everything that you need. We guarantee that you will leave the event with everything that you came for.

What makes us great mentors? Read What Some of Our Clients Have to Say...

"Caroline Newman worked with us for approximately 6 months. She was tasked with helping the associates to develop their skills in terms of becoming fee earners and developing as potential directors. She has great energy and was a very positive influence on the staff. She also has many of these skills that the trainees needed to develop to develop. She mentored them on a one to one basis and the feedback has been universally positive. I would have no hesitation to recommend her for such a role in the future. She is a pleasure to work with whilst being completely professional. She is my Secret Weapon."

"I first met Caroline at the Law Society where she was delivering a series of free Masterclasses on business growth. After listening to her seminars, I collected her business card and after a few weeks I signed on for her 8 weeks Raise the Bar Programme a bespoke service for Barristers and Solicitors covering Self Branding, Marketing and coaching programme. I was very impressed with Caroline's passion, knowledge and ideas as a business coach. Thus, she has proved to help us to Raise our Game. While working with Caroline, I developed a clearer vision and mission for my business. The way I do business is changing and I am very optimistic that in the next few months after implementing all the ideas she suggested for my business, there will be a great improvement. I highly recommend Caroline and her company to anyone or business in search of a business coach."

I have been running my business for 4 years. I’ve experienced both success and failures but working with Sherry has transformed by business and my career. She provides so much awesome value that I am oozing with the confidence, knowledge and tool kit to ensure our Business is a huge success.

The reason I like working with Sherry Dixon, is because she asks me highly relevant and revealing questions in a gentle but assertive manner, that have enabled me to see how and where my business and my energy was stuck, without me necessarily being aware or conscious of a specific issue myself. Her ability to question and detect an issue, combined with your intuitive approach to then resolve and release these energy blockages and/or hindering patterns (typically unseen and unrecognised) is amazing."

"When I first started working with Sherry on her powerful Mentoring programme, I had the same old feelings of self doubt, lacking confidence, and no self belief which was beginning to affect my business productivity and home life. I’ve tried and tested her skills and abilities as a mentor and I’m watching my personal and professional development grow week after week on this unique programme."

"I have had the pleasure of being coached by Roz, she is amazing. I have gained so much confidence and she helped me start my own Community Interest Company".

"I had not long been made redundant, my confidence was shattered and I desperately needed direction for my next career step. Roz helped me to organise and structure my career plan and gave me the confidence and focus to embark in a new dream Business. Her friendly, warm manner and one step at a time approach made the career transition less daunting and I am now enjoying a working life with far more creative freedom and career satisfaction. Thank you so much!"

What makes us great mentors?

You are getting 3 for the price of 1!! Between them your ELEVATE Trainers have over 50 years of business experience. They have helped hundreds of business owners to grow their businessesmake more profit, save time and have fun whilst doing so.

Between them they have great strategic business minds. As well as dramatically changing the businesses they have worked with, your ELEVATE Mentors have been responsible for helping numerous business owners to achieve success in their business and their lives.

It is safe to say, they know what they are talking about.

What will I come away with from the event?

Spend just one day with your ELEVATE Mentors and...

  • They will help you to design a business that's guaranteed to make you tens of thousands pounds or save you thousands
  • You'll discover exactly how to create a new business
  • They'll give you the system they've used to save time and money and reduce stress
  • Plus... they'll show you how they have grown their businesses - and how you can do the same!
  • Before you Leave you will get A FREE copy of E.LE.V.A.T.E Your Business - What Successful People Do Every Day

Does this Event come with a Guarantee?

Register your place today and attend the one day Elevate your Business Seminar. Bring a pen and paper. Absorb every bit of information from your ELEVATE Mentors have to offer. Get all of your planning done and have your business ready to grow massively.

And if by the end of the day you don’t think it was worth every penny you paid – and more – just let us know and we’ll refund your investment in full – no questions asked!!



Some of the most successful women business owners will be coming so there will be opportunity to network at the highest level.

Here's to Your Success

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Date and Time


Wesley Hotel

83-100 Euston Street



United Kingdom

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