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Hyatt Regency Jersey City

2 Exchange Place

Jersey City, NJ 07302

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Where leaders of change meet to master Walmart growth

Ecommerce is disrupting everything we know about commerce, and your brands – whether they realize it or not – are depending on you to figure it out.

But you’re not alone. You’re one of us…part of the movement to lead our brands through this change.

At the E^HACKATHON Hoboken on Oct 1, 2019, you and fellow leaders of change come together to learn hands-on what it takes to win online with Walmart, blasting beyond the basics to deep-dive case studies and hacks into the latest strategies, best practices and data insights critical to driving growth for our brands.

Join our movement today!

This event is organized by Edge by Ascential™. The E^HACKATHON Hoboken is not initiated or sponsored by, or associated with, Walmart, Inc.

"You must be this tall to ride..."

If you:

  1. Work for a consumer brand
  2. Lead (or support) your Walmart or overall ecommerce business
  3. Desire actionable and interactive edutainment vs. "death by lecture" conferences too common in the industry
  4. Want to learn and network without the stress of agency sharks and sales pitches
  5. Believe you're part of a global industry movement that is greater than any one of us alone

Then you belong with us.

Designed for practitioners by practitioners

The E^HACKATHON Hoboken is a Walmart-centric,deep-dive masterclass summit for BRANDS ONLY where industry leaders work closely with insiders and experts on the latest best practices and strategies needed to succeed on the fastest growing ecommerce platform in the world.

The day is overflowing with amazing content including brand case studies, latest perspectives on Walmart and of course, the Hackshop masterclass sessions. The Hackshops are assigned breakout topics led by ecommerce subject matter experts. Working in non-competitive peer groups, you will leave these sessions with takeaways that can be applied to your business the very next day back at work.

Meet the thought leaders who volunteered as tribute


SAMPLE Agenda from E^HACKATHON Bentonville (March 16):


SAMPLE Hackshops from E^HACKATHON Bentonville (March 26):


Each attendee will have the opportunity to submit their preferences for 4 preferred hackshops to attend during the event. We will do our best to schedule each attendee for as many of their preferred hackshops as possible based on session capacity and non-compete restrictions.


1. Developing a Retail Technology Mindset: Design Sprint Primer
In today’s ecommerce world, almost everything is technically possible. So, don’t you want to be innovative? How do you know where to start? Learn how to design a framework that enables you and your teams to tackle your key business objectives with the technical solutions available to you. This requires a different mindset with an overall focus on action, learning, and iteration.

2. How to Improve Walmart.com SEO and Sales through Textual Analysis
Enhanced product content has become a core fundamental in engaging the consumer, but the proper SEO optimization of that content in order to maximize targeted visibility in search is still an art to be mastered. Learn what is involved in and the benefits of creating your own textual analysis so to know how to strategically organize the necessary SEO data, with Walmart customers in mind, to increase the visibility and conversion of your products on the digital shelf.

3. DIY Brand Building: Self-Serve Walmart Performance Advertising
The “build it and they will come” strategy doesn’t apply to the digital shelf. Demand generation through targeted marketing activities and promotions is critical to driving traffic, converting it into sales and accelerating your own business. Native, CPC-based Walmart Performance Ads are here. Learn how this new self-serve platform works and how to prepare for auction dynamics.


4. Brand Protection: Best-In-Class Strategies to Control Your Sales Online to Maximize Profit
Despite its growth and potential, the Walmart marketplace can expose all the leaks in a brand’s value chain – price matching, unauthorized 3P sellers, product diversion and grey market sales – resulting in major channel conflicts, unprofitability for both brand and retail and overall brand erosion. Learn the key strategies, foundational policies and enforcement techniques recommended to remove unauthorized sellers, stop channel conflict and end brand erosion.

5. Measure What Matters: A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the OGP vs. Brick & Mortar Data Galaxy
Statistically speaking, orange is the new blue… app that is. In 2015, 2% of total Walmart physical locations were equipped for OGP. Today over 30% of the total Walmart locations fulfill against “orange app” online orders. “Orange app” inventory moves off the Walmart shelf, transitions to the backseat of a car, and into the pantry, and suppliers are left sifting through – what can feel like – a black hole. We’ve all begged our buyer to push a dated PDF reporting Walmart’s “backend analysis” boasting a category breakdown of in-store vs. OGP sales. Join us in the journey on a few ways to utilize the Walmart data that IS readily available to triangulate sell-through velocity, breaking down brick vs. click sales out of a single backroom location. We aim to measure what matters; find data that drives decisions; and by all means, keep our arms and legs inside the spacecraft.


6. Buyer POV: Understanding and Leveraging the Walmart.com P&L
Your brand’s P&L can make or break your business, especially online where there are so many additional variables to navigate and dynamics at play in the marketplace. Designing and protecting your ecommerce P&L is core to your strategy. Gain 1) a deep understanding of the brand level/item level P&L from a former .com buyer’s POV, 2) an intimate knowledge of the major drivers of profitability, pricing, COGS, logistics, funding, and product assortment and 3) different strategies to maintain a sustainable business for both you and your Walmart partnership.

The brands behind your brands


The cold, hard truth from E^HACKATHON Bentonville attendees

"It was really informative and offered a great overview of what's happening in ecommerce as it relates to Walmart. I also loved being able to talk directly with folks on the front lines of figuring out how we should play in order to be successful in this ever changing channel."

"Very useful and focused on day-to-day enrichment, this is the first event of its kind connected to Walmart eCommerce!"

"The masterclasses touched upon my day to day and I left Bentonville with clear action steps!"

"Change between general talks and masterclasses kept it nice and dynamic."

Wait a minute...Jersey City isn't in Hoboken!

That is true. The Hyatt Regency Jersey City was the closest venue to Hoboken that meets our strict and unique event format, size and breakout room requirements. An extra bonus is that the venue overlooks the water onto NYC! It's quite the view!

Ready to make history? Join us today!

Still need more time to decide?

Take all the time you need, but we are humbled to share that every prior E^HACKATHON to date has sold out. So don't miss your chance to get seats for you and your team!

Please email me, Chris Perry, VP of Global Executive Education at chris.perry@ascentialedge.com with any and all questions and inquiries.

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Date and Time


Hyatt Regency Jersey City

2 Exchange Place

Jersey City, NJ 07302

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