EED Leadership & Team Dynamics (2019)

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Roof Loft

Hanauer Landstrasse 161-173

60314 FRANKFURT am Main


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Foster rich diversity within an all-encompassing Unity

EED Application Series:

"EED Leadership: Group Facilitation & Team Dynamics"

3-Day Training
Sept 27-29, 2019 (FRANKFURT)

Facilitator: Troy Yorke

Pre-Requisite: EED Module 1
(Special Package available: EED Module 1 + EED Leadership)

Emergent Essence Dynamics™ harnesses a team’s inherent Resilience to neutralize fear-based patterns, transforming resistance to change into a liberated state of creativity, agility and autonomy. EED’s holistic and fractal-based approach redefines leadership, coaching and mediation as a combined skill-set, elevating the fundamental nature of transformational work.

For an introduction on how EED works specifically with Teams, listen to our Webinar:
"Agility in Team Dynamics"
Tips for building better teams with resilience, alignment and autonomy

EED simplifies the complex relationship dynamics of a team down to the fractal level, opening a new dimension of leadership and group facilitation with an expanded palette of core principles and techniques.

Just as a single relationship toggles between the Game Level of opposition and the Dream Level of fluidity, so do groups, except there are multiple games and polarities at play that can compete or synchronize together... which offers a whole new rich experience to the way we can approach leadership and facilitation.

This course explores how the leader/facilitator can cultivate "unity consciousness" in a group by capitalizing on Game and Dream to create “fluidity within a unified and coherent hierarchy”, while building group resilience, well-being and autonomy from within its own natural “systemic patterns”. This demands new skills and a new awareness from the leader/facilitator to reveal the system’s game, identify the role and function of the “players” and reset the game’s parameters so the group works in unison to capitalize on their own diverse strengths and contribution in complimentary alignment with each other - rather than resisting themselves or each other in polarized “political” battles.

The EED Leadership and Facilitation model automatically neutralizes “resistance to change” because it focuses on Resilience First, without trying to “impose” a transformation, as many traditional leadership methods try to do. Facilitating Resilience naturally reorganizes a group’s core patterns at the fractal level. Ultimately, rather than “lead” a group, the EED Leader/Facilitator sets the group up to lead themselves from within, which gives them a far richer experience as they discover and apply their own co-creative power and autonomy each and every moment.

This course focuses on three main areas of Leadership and Facilitation:

  1. The principles of team dynamics and group process

  2. Applied leadership techniques for the EED Facilitator and Co-Facilitators in a group setting

  3. Workshop structure and design based on Fractal Cycles and the Hero’s Journey

This course is an extension of the EED Module 1 & 2 training, focusing mainly on Group Dynamics and their applications to fractal-based Facilitation and Co-Facilitation techniques, with an introduction to workshop design and facilitating Group Conflict. Through practice and experiential exercises, you walk away with a range of innovative techniques to facilitate a successful team-building experience or group workshop.

For those that have not yet taken an EED course, a special package is available:
"EED Module 1" + "EED Leadership & Team Dynamics".

Watch these EED webinars for an overview of Relationship Dynamics and Polarities, an essential component of Team Dynamics:
"Relationship Archetypes"
"Playing with Polarity and Neutralizing Resistance"
"The Fractal Nature of Conflict and Relationships"

Here are some highlights of what you will learn and practice in the course:

  • Team Dynamics: working with Archetypes (Gatekeepers, Resistors, Champions, Rebel-Victim, etc), balancing the Dynamic, Group Endowments, capitalizing on Polarities
  • Leadership Dynamics: Facilitator-Team Dynamic, Co-Facilitator Dynamic, applying the Facilitator’s Triangle (Guru/Saviour/Helper), toggling a group between Game/Dream/Source, fostering emergent Leadership within the group
  • Team Resilience: aligning complimentary & opposing Strengths, co-creating Vision & Purpose, restoring Autonomy & Well-Being, building Team Investment
  • Team Challenges: neutralizing Team Resistance, managing Team Conflict*, clearing out Team Toxicity
  • Group Process: fractal Learning Cycles, creating from Failure, managing Break-Downs & Break-Throughs, aligning trainer’s agenda with Team Process
  • Facilitation Process: Team-Building exercises, managing Set-Ups & Debriefs, giving on-the-fly Feedback, following the Arc of Leadership
  • Playing “Facilitator" Chess: setting the Game-Board, establishing the Players, setting up Game-Plays and Check-Mates, playing out the End-Game
  • Troubleshooting Practice: active Role-Play to work through challenging Team Dynamic and Facilitation Scenarios

Day 3 includes a supervised "Practicum" where you co-facilitate a morning workshop with real-world participants in a “fish-bowl” format. The workshop you are co-facilitating is something you design collectively on Day 2. This is the best way to apply your leadership techniques, facilitate group process and learn the art of workshop design... all while applying the principles of EED Team Dynamics!

*for in-depth training on managing and dissolving conflict, consider joining our application course "Reconciling Conflict with EED" in Munich, Dec 6-8

Applications of this course:

  • Group Facilitation & Training
  • Workshop Facilitation & Design
  • Team-Building and Team-Mediation
  • Team Leadership Development
  • Team Coaching
  • Co-Facilitation
  • Family Dynamics
  • Business, Social and Community Networks
  • Individual Leadership & Daily Living

The course includes a follow-up call and extended support as you apply the techniques in your daily work and life.

To preview how EED works with teams, join our free Webinar on Sept 4:
"Agility in Team Dynamics"

3-Day In-Person Training + Evening Practice on Day 2
Group Follow-Up Call after course completion
Min-Max: 8–12 participants

September 27–29, 2019
09:30-18:00 each day + Evening Practice 19:00-21:00 on Sept 28

EED Module 1 (Module 2 recommended)

Special Pilot Price:

(Special Package available: EED Module 1 + EED Leadership & Team Dynamics)

Questions? Please contact Troy Yorke:

Visit our EED Series registration site for our core training modules:

Other courses in the EED Application Series:
"Reconciling Conflict with EED"
(MUNICH: December 6-8)

Date and Time


Roof Loft

Hanauer Landstrasse 161-173

60314 FRANKFURT am Main


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