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Emergent Essence Dynamics™
Free Webinar Series 2019

with Troy Yorke
Creator and Founder of EED


Next Webinar:
APRIL 3, 2019

"Mapping the Creative Cycle"
Tips for maximizing our transformational process

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Our free webinars take on hot topics not normally discussed in the coaching & personal development industry. They demonstrate how EED's most basic and innovative skills tackle those tough issues with ease. You will gain a whole new awareness of how to work more efficiently with people while walking away with some new and inspiring tools you can easily practice anywhere.

Each webinar is 60 minutes and limited to 24 participants.

"My experience with EED has been brilliant and totally amazing! Transformative, intense, empowering and reconciling are the words that come to mind.”
– Sandra Reupke-Sieroux, Coach/Consultant – Hamburg, Germany

Webinar Schedule 2019

Jan 11: The Basics of Building Resilience
Jan 23: The Basics of Reconciling Brain, Heart and Body
Feb 6: The Fractal Nature of Conflict and Relationships
Feb 20: Playing with Polarity and Neutralizing Resistance
Mar 6: The Basics of Manifesting New Realities
Mar 20: The Art of Provocation
Apr 3: Mapping the Creative Cycle
(more webinars will be added soon for May onwards)

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Webinar 7:

Mapping the Creative Cycle

Tips for maximizing our transformational process

April 3, 2019
7:00PM Paris / 1:00PM Toronto

Some key points covered in this Webinar:

  • An overview of how the four phases of the Creative Cycle work together and how they map onto our own process of transformation
  • Simple tools for capitalizing on each creative stage and increasing the flow of inspiration
  • Tips for embracing resistance as a further catalyst for creativity and transformation

Registration: FREE

Emergent Essence Dynamics™ harnesses a person's innate Resilience to neutralize fear-based patterns, converting Resistance and Self-Sabotage into a liberated state of creativity and well-being.

Drawing from fields as diverse as Quantum Physics & Buddhism, Acting & Improvisation, Neuroscience & the latest in Consciousness Research, EED breaks new ground in leadership and coaching methods using fractal dynamics to amplify Resilience and Reconcile core conflicts. EED's simple and pragmatic approach significantly enhances individual & team coaching, facilitation, therapy, and conflict resolution with applications extending to the healing arts, leadership development, mediation, consulting, sales and more.

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EED courses run in Munich, Paris, and Toronto in English

Course Registration & Info:
Paris/Munich: https://eed-eu-2019.eventbrite.com (in English)
(Registration opening soon for Toronto 2019)


Webinar 6:

The Art of Provocation

Tips for creating a healthy flow of truth and transparency in relationship

March 20, 2019

Provocation is the catalyst for creating movement and flow in relationship through action-reaction. Most often, provocation is misunderstand and confused with confrontation, but when we provoke with mindfulness we are balancing each action-reaction to direct the flow of relationship into deeper levels of truth. Without provocation, we risk running in circles, getting lost in a story that may or may not be true. This webinar examines how to be a catalyst while staying present and mindful to the impact of each action-reaction without getting off-balance. When provocation becomes an art, we can intentionally direct our relationships to flow with greater benevolence, clarity and well-being while maintaining a deeper and more productive level of truth and transparency.

Some key points covered in this Webinar:

  • An overview of what provocation is and is not, and how to use provocation mindfully without veering into unnecessary aggression or confrontation
  • Simple tools for keeping the flow of relationship truthful, healthy and enjoyable, even in difficult situations
  • Tips for keeping yourself mindful, balanced and aware so you are not provoking from fear or reactivity

Webinar 5-2019:

The Basics of Manifesting New Realities

Tips for entering Flow-States and working with Law of Attraction

March 6, 2019

Law of Attraction is not magic, it’s not passive and it certainly is not about escaping one reality for another! That said, we are all co-creators participating in a co-creative reality that DOES respond to our fundamental intentions. The question is: WHAT exactly are the intentions we are broadcasting? The other question is: HOW exactly are we responding when reality broadcasts our intentions BACK to us? This webinar strips down the myths and ideas around Law of Attraction to the very basics of what it means to create and what it really demands to be a creator.

Some key points covered in this Webinar:

  • An overview of how Law of Attraction does and does not work so we can co-create more precisely with our reality
  • Simple tools for activating creative flow-states that open expanded levels of consciousness
  • Tips for strengthening vision, intentions and personal mantras that reinforce any new programming we set in motion

Webinar 4-2019:

Playing with Polarity and Neutralizing Resistance

Tips for understanding our inner conflicts and contradictory beliefs

February 20, 2019

We have many values, beliefs and desires, but why do they often contradict each other, limiting our creativity and potential? Often we feel caught in the middle between “wanting” and “fearing” to move in one direction or the other. Some call this limiting beliefs, false fears or saboteurs, but whatever you call it, they cause resistance whenever we want to act on our desires. This webinar shows you how our inner struggles are actually opposing truths caught on a polarity swing… and have nothing to do with fear OR desire! If left unchecked, we reactively swing back and forth in opposition to ourselves, creating stress, anxiety and resistance. But once you understand how these inner polarities work, you can play WITH them and neutralize any power they have over you. Then you’re on your way to making resistance work for you, not against you!

Some key points covered in this Webinar:

  • An overview of how our fears and inner struggles function as polarities and how resistance is actually resilience in disguise
  • Simple tools for neutralizing the polarity swing so we can restore our inner calm to make choices based on resilience and not driven by fear
  • Tips for managing resistance in ourselves and in our relationships

Webinar 3-2019:

The Fractal Nature of Conflict & Relationships

Tips for overcoming reactivity and disempowerment

February 6, 2019

Why is it we tend to run into the same dramas again and again? It’s as if we’re running ourselves in circles repeating the same patterns and triggers in different situations with different people. No matter what we try to do differently, if we stay stuck in reactivity, as if on automatic, we end up making the same key choices yet again and the game goes on repeat with no win in sight. So how do we break free? What If relationships function as fractals, playing a larger game of opposing truths, meant to test our resilience and wake us up to a larger lesson? What if that lesson guarantees our liberation? This webinar shows you some simple ways to wake up to the game, and start embracing the lesson it offers. If we play the game not to win, but to master ourselves first, we can open a much larger reality in our relationships and enter Unity Consciousness.

Some key points covered in this Webinar:

  • An overview of how conflict functions through a series of repeating micro-patterns and how to recognize some of the basic patterns at work
  • Simple tools for neutralizing dramas and reactivity
  • Tips for how we can manage our relationships with more Resilience, Agility and Creativity

Webinar 2-2019:

The Basics of Reconciling Brain, Heart and Body

Tips for creating greater congruency in thought, energy and action

January 23, 2019

Working through our problems in our mind can change our ideas, but it won’t change our actions, as we’re still operating from old programming and learned reactive habits. To truly shift a pattern, we need to create a congruent shift in our belief, feelings, words and deeds so they all line up together in harmony. Not only that, when we are totally aligned and coherent, we open access to super-conscious states where we can reprogram ourselves on a fundamental level using neuroplasticity and enjoy a heightened sense of well-being.

Some key points covered in this Webinar:

  • An overview of the brain-body connection, including brain-heart coherence and working with body intelligence centres
  • Simple tools for reducing stress and activating a whole brain experience to increase productivity
  • Tips for overcoming reactivity and enhancing well-being through super-conscious states

Webinar 1-2019:

The Basics of Building Resilience

Tips for accessing greater flow, creativity, and well-being despite any challenge

January 11, 2019

Resilience is innate in all of us. It is our core vitality and basic will to live. When activated, our Resilience gives us the ability to bounce back from any tragedy or circumstance as it enables us to be flexible, adaptable, creative and to thrive in the face of any challenge. When our primary focus is on Resilience First, rather than chasing Transformation, our initial fears and resistance get neutralized, giving us more autonomy and will-power to truly reconcile our challenges. Through repeated access to Resilience, we forge a direct connection with our inexhaustible Source-Energy that enables us to thrive, create and transform ourselves naturally, without being driven by fear or reactivity.

Some key points covered in this Webinar:

  • An overview of how Resilience works and how it is innately available to us in every moment
  • Simple tools for accessing and sustaining Resilient States of Being to enhance our creative flow and well-being
  • Tips for converting fear and resistance into Resilient Energy so we face our challenges with more ease and strength

Webinar 12-2018:

Living in Quantum Relationship with Everything

Tips for accessing multi-dimensional states of relationship with Self, Other, World and Time

December 5, 2018

Everything is relationship and we experience ourselves and our reality through relationship. Whether we are in relationship with ourselves, other people, things or events, our world or even time itself, our relationships flow on different levels of dynamics. The main dynamic we experience is polarity – a fixed level of duality where we experience opposites, tension, resistance and conflict. This is not a bad place to be, but it’s not the only place. We can expand our awareness to go beyond a fixed linear experience and enter a quantum state of relationship where duality disappears and a plethora of possibilities open up. This is a place of fluid plasticity where we can reinvent not only ourselves and our relationships, but reshape how we experience and influence our world… and even interact with our flow of time or timelessness.

Some key points covered in this Webinar:

  • An overview of the four multi-dimensional states of fluid relationship for balancing well-being while enhancing resilience and creativity
  • Simple tools for increasing an active energy flow that enhances work/life balance while preventing burn-out due to stress and over-action or common depression due to fear and inaction
  • Tips for enhancing will, desire, vision and prupose by creating a reciprocal relationship with our past, present and future selves

Webinar 11-2018:

Phoenix Rising: Awakening to a New Reality

Tips for building a New Resilient Self in the wake of breakdown and breakthrough

November 7, 2018

Life is a series of cycles of creating and crumbling and rising again, everything in constant flux and transformation. If we cling to our comfort zone of fixed identity, we create stress and resistance to these cycles, as if we are under threat with each curve ball life throws. Without a connection to Source Resilience, we ride each wave of change gripping our seat, desperately trying to preserve everything we think we know. Without flexibility and adaptability, life feels like a constant breakdown as everything we hold precious slips through our fingers, and we feel robbed. What if we were meant to crumble in order to realize our creative power of fluidity and use each moment of “destruction” as the ultimate act of creation? This webinar shows us how to use life’s “destructive” moments as an opportunity to not only consciously rise and rebuild ourselves, but to intentionally restructure our reality so it serves our greatest strengths and creativity.

Some key points covered in this Webinar:

  • An overview of the Creative Cycle and which phases are most opportune for transformative action, reinvention and new ideas
  • Simple tools for holding new beliefs and intentions in place as we consciously recreate ourselves from a clean slate
  • Tips for developing our ability to adapt to sudden curve balls where we use those mishaps to reinforce strengths, gain momentum and inspire creativity

Webinar 10-2018:

Trials, Turbulence and Transition

Tips for shedding old beliefs as we move through great change, stress or crisis

October 3, 2018

What happens when our world is turned upside down and everything we thought we knew feels like it’s crumbling all around us? Change is ok when we feel in control, but when reality suddenly shifts and forces us into transition, we no longer feel at choice. We can enter crisis mode and fight all the changes in a panic or we can choose to ride the turbulence with awareness and turn it to our advantage. Every unexpected shift threatens to dismantle our whole belief system and that feels unfair. But really, it is testing our level of resilience, purpose and humility, and will only make us stronger if we stay awake to the lessons it offers. This webinar shows us how to maintain our resilience during phases of crisis, and use each test and trial as the opportunity to re-examine our “truths” and liberate a more expanded Self.

Some key points covered in this Webinar:

  • An overview of how beliefs, values, fears and obstacles can either work in harmonic coherence, or completely oppose one another and trigger an identity crisis
  • Simple tools that reinforce resilience and brain-heart coherence when experiencing stress, change or turbulence
  • Tips for strengthening new beliefs that reinforce creativity and well-being using just a few simple tweaks of language

Webinar 9-2018:

Awakening the Hero Within

Tips for reconciling difficult life patterns using the Hero's Journey

September 19, 2018

It’s easy to feel victimized at times by our challenges and obstacles, especially in crucial moments. But if we were to watch ourselves on a screen as if it were a movie, we would be rooting for our hero to overcome those difficulties and win! We naturally see the resilience in our Heroes and we are invested in their journey of tests and challenges because it inspires our own. This webinar introduces “The Hero’s Journey” by Joseph Campbell as a map of our transformational cycles. When we understand where we are in our transformational process, we can reconcile our past and take the reins of our present to actively co-create our future... as the Hero we were always destined to be.

Some key points covered in this Webinar:

  • Brief overview of the Hero's Journey and how it helps map our own unique transformational process
  • Tips for awakening unrecognized strengths as we uncover the hidden purpose of our personal tests and challenges
  • Simple tools that help reconcile past, present and future to restore our forward momentum with agility and creativity

Webinar 8-2018:

Creator Consciousness and Essential Purpose

Tips for transcending mundane traps of daily function

September 6, 2018

Everybody wants a sense of purpose rather than simply functioning on the daily grind. But it’s no better to try and “push” for something bigger or greater, as if your daily contribution is not worthy or not enough - that’s the biggest myth we are duped into believing. We all have dreams and aspirations, but if we push aside our innate natural strengths in favour of something we “think” is supposed to be better, we are denying our own fulfillment and trap ourselves in a futile competition with our hopes and false expectations. This webinar demonstrates how we can break out of the myth of “greater achievement” and tap into the hidden purpose we’ve always been living already, but never fully recognized. When we have that awakening, every “mundane” moment becomes an opportunity for higher contribution and personal fulfillment, without the need to make big “dramatic” changes in our lives!

Some key points covered in this Webinar:

  • Brief overview of the 8-Circuits of Consciousness and how Creator Consciousness is readily accessible
  • Demonstration of how to reveal a person's Essential Purpose, elevating them to to their highest sense of contribution, creative flow and well-being
  • Simple tools that use a person's current obstacles to restore their autonomy and resilience, naturally reinforcing their ability to embrace daily challenges

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