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Emergent Essence Dynamics™
Free Webinar Series 2018

with Troy Yorke
Creator and Founder of EED

Our free webinars take on hot topics not usually discussed in the industry and introduce some of EED's most innovative skills that tackle those issues. You will gain a whole new awareness of how to work more efficiently with clients while walking away with some new and inspiring tools you can easily practice.

Each webinar is 90 minutes and limited to 24 participants.

"My experience with EED has been brilliant and totally amazing! Transformative, intense, empowering and reconciling are the words that come to mind.”
– Sandra Reupke-Sieroux, Coach/Consultant – Hamburg, Germany

Webinar Schedule 2018

Feb 20: Coach Me If You Can!
Mar 8: Are Values Really that Valuable?
Apr 5: Know the Games Your Clients Play
May 3: Cracking Masks & Lowering Shields
June 12: Breaking the Chains of Victimhood
July 12: Transforming the Client or Weakening the Will?

(new webinars announced monthly!)

Webinar 6:

Transforming the Client or Weakening the Will?

Neutralizing co-dependancy in the coaching relationship

July 12, 2018
7:00PM Paris / 1:00PM Toronto

There are many ways the coach can empower the client, but there are also many ways the coach can unwittingly chip away at the client’s will-power. Even though the coach wants to keep the client motivated and accountable, co-dependancy can creep into the coaching the relationship, and the coach must be aware of the tell-tale signs when this happens! This webinar discusses the inherent traps of various coaching tools that can create co-dependancy from the client’s end and how to strengthen the client's will-power, investment and motivation without becoming a burden on the coach.

Some key points covered in this Webinar:

  • Overview of coaching tools that can lean towards dependancy
  • Redefining "Accountability" and how to create compelling actions without implicating the coach
  • Simple tools to neutralize any trends of co-dependancy and restore the client's autonomy

Webinar 5:

Breaking the Chains of Victimhood

Tips and traps for empowering clients

June 12, 2018
7:00PM Paris / 1:00PM Toronto

Most clients come into coaching sessions as a victim of their circumstances - that’s normal. And many coaches focus on trying to transform and empower their clients so they walk away a true “gladiator” of their life. Sounds noble… but what if that’s a trap? Despite high passion, clarified values, new perspectives and a renewed sense of purpose… how do you know if your client is truly free? Or is that “gladiator” only perpetuating their victimhood on a new level? Once we understand how the victim cycle works we also understand the trap of false empowerment. Once we let go of the “need’ to empower and overcome, true liberation begins.

Some key points covered in this Webinar:

  • How the Victim-Cycle works in all its stages
  • Typical coaching traps that lead to false empowerment
  • Simple tools to neutralize victim mentality, co-dependancy and addiction to suffering

Webinar 4:

Cracking Masks & Lowering Shields

Navigating your client’s defence patterns

May 3, 2018
7:00PM Paris / 1:00PM Toronto

We always encounter Masks, and they can make or break the coaching, depending how we work with them. We also bump up against many shields but don’t always know how to get behind them. Masks and shields aren’t always the client’s “saboteur” or a limiting belief... they are a natural part of human behaviour. When we understand how masks and shields work, we understand our clients better.

Some key points covered in this Webinar:

  • The four types of Masks and four types of Shields
  • How to interact with the Mask and counter-act the Shield
  • Simple tools and antidotes to relax the client’s natural defences

Webinar 3:

Know the Games Your Clients Play

Learning the Ins and Outs of the Coach/Client Dynamic

April 5, 2018
7:00PM Paris / 1:00PM Toronto

For every "game" a client plays with the coach, the client is also playing that same game somewhere in their life. The coach/client dynamic is a very rich resource for surfacing hidden patterns in a client, but at the same time it can be tricky to navigate. Each "game" in the dynamic is a golden opportunity to take the client into much deeper levels of transformation, but if a coach doesn't recognize how the game works, then they risk falling into a trap that could derail the coaching. This webinar introduces how "games" function as part of the coach/client dynamic, some basic traps to watch out for, and practical tips to get the most leverage from typical games a client plays.

Some key points covered in this Webinar:

  • Three typical "roles" a coach can fall into when baited into a game
  • How to prevent the game from derailing the coaching
  • Simple tools to turn the game around and take the client to a deeper level

Webinar 2:

Are Values Really that Valuable?

Tips and traps for Values-based coaching

March 8, 2018
7:00PM Paris / 1:00PM Toronto

Values are very popular in the coaching profession and they can work amazingly well to guide the client and move them forward. However, values can also get co-opted by the personality and begin to entrench the client in limiting choices and beliefs. This webinar reveals the traps inherent in Values-based work and gives practical tips how to free the client from co-opted Values and get into Source Energy where the real creativity flows.

Some key points covered in this Webinar:

  • Helpful tips for recognizing False Resonance and False Fulfillment
  • How to get to the source energy of a value
  • Building action and strategy from an Essential Quality rather than a value

Webinar 1:

Coach Me If You Can!

Dealing with "uncoachable" clients

February 20, 2018
7:00PM Paris / 1:00PM Toronto

Many coaches run into stubborn or resistant clients and some of those clients can really test the limits of the coach. If a coach is making no headway with a client, it's easy to consider that client "uncoachable"... but is that client truly immune to the coaching process? For one coach, a certain client may be uncoachable and for another coach, that same client opens right up in the palm of their hand. So is there more to this than meets the eye? This webinar busts up all the myths around what makes a client uncoachable and gives practical tips to help reduce client resistance.

Some key points covered in this Webinar:

  • Tell-tale signs the coach has fallen into a trap
  • How to turn a "resistant" client into a champion
  • Tips to rebuild investment in the coach/client relationship

Emergent Essence Dynamics™ harnesses a person's innate Resilience to neutralize fear-based patterns, converting Resistance and Self-Sabotage into a liberated state of creativity and well-being.

Drawing from fields as diverse as Psychology & Neuroscience, Quantum Physics & Buddhism, Acting & Improvisation, EED breaks new ground in leadership and coaching methods using fractal dynamics to amplify Resilience and Reconcile core conflicts. EED's simple and pragmatic approach significantly enhances individual & team coaching, facilitation, therapy, and conflict resolution with applications extending to the healing arts, leadership development, mediation, consulting, sales and more.

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Barcelona: https://eed-es-2018.eventbrite.com (en español)
France: https://eed-fr-2018.eventbrite.com (en français)

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