EDIS Symposium 2019: Inclusive Research and Experimental Design

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Francis Crick Institute

1 Midland Road



United Kingdom

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EDIS Symposium 2019: Inclusive Research and Experimental Design

About this Event

On September 9th, 2019 we will be holding our second EDIS symposium (read more about our first symposium in 2017 here). The Francis Crick Institute will host a day dedicated to the concept of inclusive research and experimental design. EDIS is a coalition of organisations in the science and health sector working together to improve equality, diversity and inclusion.

Research to improve human health should aim to create equal and better health outcomes, from biomedical research through to clinical trials. This symposium will take the concepts of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion and look at how these are applicable to research and experimental design, aiming to investigate ideas around the sex of cells and animals used in research, the ethnicity and ancestry of participants in genome sequencing projects, the diversity of participants in clinical trials and inclusive public involvement in research.

This event is aimed at biomedical, medical, preclinical, clinical and health researchers, as well as funders and policy makers. There will be talks from researchers in the relevant fields as well as discussion and panel sessions on practicalities and implementation.

Access information for the crick can be found on their website: https://www.crick.ac.uk/about-us/visit-us/accessibility

If you have any further requirements or just want to check anything, feel free to email contact@edisgroup.org

This symposium is free to attend, however if your presence is dependent on covering exceptional costs (such as care support) that would not normally be covered by your employer or grant, please get in touch as we have a small budget to help with this (UK only, reimbursement upon receipt).



9.30-10.00 Registration and refreshments

Session 1 (Whole Auditorium)

10.00-10.15 Welcome (Crick)

10.05-10.15 Introduction (EDIS)

10.15-10.50 Diversity, decision-making and biomedical bubbles – Professor James Wilsdon

10.55-11.15 Inclusive research priority setting - Katherine Cowan

11.15-11.40 Break (refreshments served)

Session 2 (Split Auditorium)


Auditorium 1: The sex and gender dimensions in research – Professor Robin Lovell-Badge, Dr Natasha Karp, Dr Inés Pineda-Torra

Auditorium 2: Diversity in clinical trials and AI - Dr Anya Harry, Peju Oshisanya, Dr Mohammed Kamran

Session 3 (Split Auditorium)


Auditorium 1: Ethnicity and ancestry in genomics - Professor Ewan Birney, Dr Emma Baple, Jerome Atutornu

Auditorium 2: BAME participation in health research - Naina Patel, Toni Brasting, Farrah Nazir

13.45-14.45 Lunch and stalls from EDIS members

Crick, GSK, Wellcome, The Academy of Medical Sciences, Association of Medical Research Charities, AstraZeneca, Babraham Institute, Benevolent AI, Biochemical Society, British Pharmacological Society, Daphne Jackson Trust, Elizabeth Blackwell Institute for Health Research, EMBL-EBI, Wellcome Sanger Institute and Connecting Science

Session 4 (Whole Auditorium)

14.45-15.15 Involved research communications – Dr Bella Starling, Cassie Wilson, Grace McCorkle

15.20-16.10 Gendered Innovations – Professor Londa Schiebinger

16.10-16.15 Closing remarks (EDIS)

16.15-17.00 Drinks and networking


Speaker affiliations

Professor Londa Schiebinger, Director of the EU/US Gendered Innovations in Science, Health & Medicine, Engineering, and Environment project, Stanford University

Professor Robin Lovell-Badge, Group Leader - Stem Cell Biology and Developmental Genetics Laboratory, The Francis Crick Institute

Professor Ewan Birney, Director of the EMBL-European Bioinformatics Institute

Dr Anya Harry, Global Lead for Clinical Trial Diversity, GSK

Dr Bella Starling, Wellcome Trust Engagement Fellow and Director of Public Programmes at Manchester University NHS Trust

Grace McCorkle, Public Contributor

Professor James Wilsdon, Professor of Research Policy, University of Sheffield

Peju Oshisanya, Director for Clinical Program Management, BenevolentAI

Dr Natasha Karp, Associate Principal Scientist - Statistician, AstraZeneca

Dr Mohammed Kamran, CEO & Medical Director, Future Genetics Limited

Dr Inés Pineda-Torra, Associate Professor in the Division of Medicine, UCL

Dr Emma Baple, Senior Lecturer in Genomic Medicine, University of Exeter; Consultant Clinical Geneticist, Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital

Katherine Cowan, Senior Adviser, James Lind Alliance

Naina Patel, PhD candidate (Conceptualisation of Dementia in Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic multi-generational communities), De Montfort University Leicester

Toni Brasting, Strategic Design & Innovation Manager (Public Engagement ), Wellcome

Farrah Nazir, Strategic Design & Innovation Manager (Public Engagement), Wellcome

Jerome Atutornu, PhD candidate (The Problem Space: Equity in Genomic Medicine and Research Globally),Society and Ethics Research Group; Connecting Science, Wellcome Genome Campus


EDIS is a coalition of organisations in the science and health sector working together to improve equality, diversity and inclusion. Originally founded by Wellcome, GSK and The Francis Crick institute, EDIS is in a unique position drawing on expertise from research institutes, commercial organisations, membership bodies and funders. The current members of EDIS are listed below:

  • Wellcome
  • GSK
  • The Francis Crick Institute
  • The Academy of Medical Sciences
  • Association of Medical Research Charities
  • AstraZeneca
  • Babraham Institute
  • Benevolent AI
  • Biochemical Society
  • British Pharmacological Society
  • Daphne Jackson Trust
  • Elizabeth Blackwell Institute for Health Research
  • Wellcome Sanger Institute and Connecting Science

Our vision is that everyone should have equal opportunities and access to a successful career within Science or Health, its research and its outcomes.

Our mission is to build a powerful, connected and coordinated movement to advance Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Science and Health.

Our impact statement is Equal and better health outcomes

Date and Time


Francis Crick Institute

1 Midland Road



United Kingdom

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