East Hill's Amazing Race 2017

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Hilton Garden Inn

74 State Street

Auburn, New York 13021

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East Hill's Amazing Race is an exciting health and wellness event modeled after the Emmy winning television show that engages the entire community in a fun-filled afternoon of leisurely competition. Simultaneously, it helps raise funds to ensure the on-going availability of East Hill Family Medical’s healthcare services. The competition is approximately two miles in circumference and encompasses Genesee Street and the exceptional businesses and local attractions located in and around downtown Auburn.

How It Works

From the starting location at the Hilton Garden Inn, 2-person teams are assigned to one of two routes (competitive route, approximately 3 miles; leisurely route, approximately 2 miles), which they select during the registration process. Groups of teams from each route leave the starting line at specific timed intervals that are noted on their race cards. Each team only walks its respective route, but all teams participate at all of the same event locations (called Stations), albeit in different orders.

To differentiate which teams follow a specific route, participants wear different gemstone colored t-shirts corresponding to the color of the clues they are given at each station they visit. These clue cards direct them to their next station. Teams also receive a map that lists all locations to which they must travel and provides directions to help them reach the destinations on their clue cards.

Once participants reach the next station on their journey, they must complete the assigned task in order to have their card stamped and then move forward. After doing so, they receive a clue card from a volunteer at this station with information directing them to their next destination, along with a fun fact about what makes it one of Auburn's gems.

The Race Is On!

Teams are directed to and from stations over their route until they have completed all of the tasks. The team from each route group that finishes in the shortest amount of time after completing all station activities will be pronounced as grand prize winners. It is estimated that the course will take no longer than two hours to complete.

Music, food, and other refreshments will be available at the Auburn, NY, Hilton Garden Inn at 74 State Street for teams upon completion of the competition. Spectators and supporters are welcome to join in the finish line festivities.


Who is eligible to participate in East Hill's Amazing Race?

All contestants are eligible to participate, provided they are at least 8 years of age. Anyone under the age of 18 must have the permission section of his/her application signed by a parent or guardian to participate.

Do I need to participate as part of a team?

Yes. Much like the TV show that inspired this event, we are asking contestants to compete in teams of two. Single participants or larger teams are not permitted. Both team members must fill out the application.

How can I register to compete?

Teams must fill out an online application by April 20, 2017. Both team members must fill out the same application. Only one application per team is necessary.

How does the race work?

Teams must travel through downtown Auburn on foot, going from station to station to complete various activities. They will be given a map with general directions and locations, and they will receive clues at each station directing them to their next location. Once teams complete the required activity at each station, their ticket will be stamped and they can move on. Teams must complete each activity at every station, or they will not receive all the stamps necessary for winning. Once a team has completed all activities at all stations, they should make their way to the finish line. The team that completes the event in the shortest amount of time and possesses a fully stamped ticket will be declared the winner.

Throughout the race, teams will have the opportunity to stop at various local sites (called pit stops) to capture a photograph of themselves at that location. If they do so, teams will receive a time deduction from their overall race time. This means that the team to cross the finish line first may not be the winner, if subsequent teams have pit stop photos that allow for time to be deducted from their scores. Volunteers and race staff will be at the finish line to clock everyone's time and make any necessary deductions applicable.

How do I get from station to station?

Contestants are required to walk/run. Anyone caught using any form of transportation will be disqualified from the event. All stations are within walking distance of each other, and from the starting location at the Hilton Garden Inn.

Do I have to stop at all locations?

In order to qualify to win East Hill's Amazing Race, teams must present a ticket stamped by each station along the race route. Teams missing any stamps will automatically be disqualified, even if they finish first. Therefore, teams must stop at all stations. Teams are not required to stop at any pit stops, and do so of their own choosing.

Do I have to follow the map and/or the clues? Can't I just visit the stations in the order I want, as long as I go to all of them?

Contestants are required to travel the route given to them and dictated by their clue cards, received at individual stations. This is necessary because teams will be following different routes; that is, not all teams will travel the same routes. This has been designed to prevent congestion on the routes teams will be traveling, and to prevent too many teams being at one station at the same time.

Can I work with other teams?

No. Teams are not permitted to assist each other with any and all race activities, including station activities. Teams found to be assisting each other at stations will not receive a stamp for that station, thus disqualifying them from the race.

What happens if I leave a station before getting my ticket stamped?

Teams that complete an activity but forget or leave a station before getting their tickets stamped must return to that station and re-complete the activity in order to receive a stamp.

Can I use my cell phone or other electronic device to help me?

Cell phones, GPS devices, and other electronics will not be necessary to navigate the race routes, as contestants will be given maps and clues. The use of any electronic device to assist contestants with station activities is not permitted and will result in loss of a stamp for that station and thus, disqualification from the race.

How do I win East Hill's Amazing Race?

The team with the best overall time, and a fully stamped ticket, wins East Hill's Amazing Race. This does NOT necessarily mean the team to cross the finish line first. Teams with pit stop photos will need to have time deducted from their overall times before a winner can be declared. Therefore, it is possible for a team to cross the finish line first and still lose to a team that finishes five minutes later, should the latter team have several pit stop photos.

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Date and Time


Hilton Garden Inn

74 State Street

Auburn, New York 13021

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