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Earth Stewardship Online Community Course with Indigenous Teyuna

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Online Course and Remote Healings with Mamos and Zagas from the Sierra

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Earth Stewardship Online Community Course

The Earth Stewardship Online Community Course is being offered for the first time ever to support people in more deeply aligning with Teyuna earth wisdom while connecting remotely with the mamos and zagas.

This program consists of eight 90-minute online sessions with mamos and zagas affords you 12 hours of sacred wisdom and teaching from these spiritual elders.

To help continue to build momentum from the September 8th Earth Stewardship Workshop, this program will start the week of September 16th and will run every other week over four months. All sessions will be video recorded.

Finally, everyone from the Earth Steward novice to expert can benefit from this deeper learning & community building. While it is designed to build upon the work in Philadelphia, anyone who feels called to deepen their relationship with the mamos and zagas with Earth Stewardship is welcome to join our expanding community.

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Do you want to meet the Teyuna in person?

See below for further details on the Teyuna Philadelphia Tour for supporting the integration of Western Science & Teyuna Tradition.

This is the first time the Teyuna will ever be in Philadelphia.

Also, this is the first time in history that a Teyuna zaga (or female spiritual leader) will be traveling in the United States!

In Philadelphia, September 5-8, the Teyuna are offering two powerful teachings & two deepening workshops:

Thursday, 9/5: Teyuna Teachings on the Feminine Principle

Friday, 9/6: Teyuna Teachings on the Four Vital Signs that they work with to ensure the health of any environment

Saturday, 9/7: Workshop for Balancing Your Internal Waters

Sunday, 9/8: Workshop on Earth Stewardship. Note that this is the workshop that kicks off the research project By attending you will be contributing live to this unprecedented moment in time!

The Teyuna—a name that means “thinker of clear thoughts”—are one of the few indigenous cultures whose wisdom survived colonization. Their lives, especially those of their mamos and zagas (male and female spiritual leaders), are dedicated to upholding “Earth’s Original Law,” which states that everyone must protect and nurture the planet—our collective home.

The Teyuna people consist of 4 tribes: the Arhuaco, the Kankuamo, the Kogi, and the Wiwa. They live in harmony with nature in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Columbia, the land they call “The Heart of the World.” In recent years they have risked coming down from the sacred mountains to share the wisdom of Mother Earth with the rest of humanity, especially the messages to restore balance.

With recent travels in the United States, the mamos have been able to share their teaching, healing and stewardship across many communities. They have been able to connect deeply with humans who are eager to help further sow & grow these seeds of wisdom.

Now is an exciting time in the Teyuna people’s journey of promoting greater consciousness and earth stewardship around the planet. Thank you for joining them in this journey!

The aim of the study is to generate knowledge into the power of the Teyuna’s traditional healing practices that is directly translatable to Western audiences. Results from the pilot study will include:

Greater awareness of the power of the Teyuna’s work and why it needs to be supported by society at large

Increased funding for Teyuna projects

Increased ability for Teyuna to conduct their teachings & practices in service of planetary & personal healing

More rapid growth of global community of earth stewards

Development of additional research studies and partnerships to further expand knowledge of the power of Teyuna ways

Research Phases that Need Funding

To be successful, we are upholding the highest standards of scientific practice & working within a dedicated, respected research community.

This research intiative has 4 main phases that require funding to cover expenses ranging from travel to top quality lab analysis. As our campaign raises more funds, we will be able to advance through the research phases and add additional sites for healing and learning.

Phase 1 - Philadelphia Water Healing Site: Study of the effects of the water healing that the mamos will be conducting in Philadelphia, PA on Sunday, September 8th. (You also could attend this event!) Costs also include travel expenses to bring the mamos and a zaga to Philadelphia.

Phase 2 - Corresponding Sierra Nevada Healing Site: According to Teyuna cosmology, the sacred mountains of the Sierra Nevada are the micro-cosmos of the entire planet. As such, every healing that the mamos do outside of the Sierra Nevada has to be balanced with a healing at the corresponding “twin site” within the Sierra. This second phase of research will study the healing at the twin site within the Sierra Nevada and will require funds to arrange for travel and the same high standard of data collection (this time in Columbia).

Phase 3 - Deepening Knowledge of Philadelphia Site: With additional funds, the study can become more robust and compelling by studying the water changes at the original site over a longer period of time and at more frequent intervals

Phase 4 - Adding New Research Sites: Extending the research to additional sites is an important part of replicating results and enhancing scientific power. Any new site of a healing ceremony will require funding to: bring the Teyuna back to the United States, conduct and measure their healings at the new site, and then conduct and measure their healings at the new corresponding “twin site” in the Sierra Nevada. In effect, for every new site of healing in the US, we have to have sufficient funds to repeat research phases 1 & 2 above.

Join us in supporting this virtuous cycle of healing, research, learning and community!

From the "Heart of the World" to the City of Brotherly Love

Philadelphia is famous in US history for many firsts: first public library, first hospital, first volunteer fire department, the Nation’s first capital. But did you know that Philadelphia is also the home of the first municipal water system in the United States and one of the first municipal water systems in the world?

Fascinating Fact: “The Philadelphia Water Works, an engineering marvel, began operation in 1799, and during the 19th Century, the Water Works was the second most popular tourist site in the United States after Niagara Falls”*

To this day, Philadelphia is recognized around the globe as a city committed to water delivery as a civic responsibility. The city is a hub of internationally respected research laboratories, facilities, universities, pioneering scientists, practitioners, and activists. It also has a deep legacy in designing with Nature as opposed to designing in domination of Nature.**

We are thrilled to begin this research journey in communion with the fine people and lands of Philadelphia. We also look forward to raising the funds to continue developing and expanding this work to other locations around the world.

We are here to grow a rich community of earth stewards, and you are a part of this. In particular, this fundraising effort is designed to support you in any of the following diverse interests:

You want to support the Teyuna in their mission to bring healing to Mother Earth and to promote greater communities of earth stewardship in North America and beyond

You want to support the Teyuna’s voice in the global community by integrating top quality western science to further understand, validate and share the power of their work

You love Philadelphia and want to bring healing to it

You are seeking further, tangible ways to cultivate your own earth stewardship, learning and healing

You would like to experience the transformative benefits of an individual healing with the mamos

You are interested in connecting with the mamos over the longer term

You see the power of earth stewardship community and are eager to grow in your connection to Mother Nature & an inspired online community facilitated by the mamos

Welcome to the Community!

Individual Remote Healing Session

As a very special offering in support of the fundraiser, the Teyuna are sharing just 22 individual healing session slots where you can work remotely with 4 mamos in the Sierra Nevada.

The session will include:

A planning phone call with Ginny Villaraga, a leader within the Teyuna Foundation and an interpreter for the mamos, where you establish what your intended healing issue is

Ginny will consult with the mamos who will then conduct the remote healing and then report back

A second phone call where you and Ginny discuss the insights from the mamos

Should the mamos receive in the future additional insights your healing issue (which happens sometimes), then they will reach out to Ginny and she will arrange another phone call with you at no cost to you.

To select this offering, click here.

Please note: In some situations an individual healing might require the mamos to conduct actual earth healing ceremonies (pagamentos) at specific sites within the Sierra Nevada. In these situations, there can be an additional cost to cover the mamos’ travel and ceremonial expenses. There is no profit associated with these costs, and they would need to be covered by the person seeking healing.

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