DynoChem On-line Training: Heterogeneous mixing assessments using DynoChem

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Join Dr Joe Hannon of Scale-up Systems for hands-on training and learning about mixing assessments for suspension of settling solid particles using DynoChem. These arise frequently in crystallization, chemical reactions involving dissolution and heterogeneously catalysed hydrogenations.

Learn how determine the required agitation speed NJS and calculate power per unit mass for mixing equivalence on scale-up, hands-on, using your own computer.

Registants will receive before the session:

- installation instruictions to get DynoChem on your PC (if you don't have it already)

- a temporary license file for the week of the course, so you can use the software hands-on

- an advance printout of the exercise to be taken in the training session.

The webinar will start at 15.00 Central Europe, 14.00 London/Dublin, 09.00 US Eastern, 08.00 US Central.

Timezones: Click here to check the local time of the event in your timezone.

Event audio will be available via your computer speakers and headset. If attending using your own computer, check your setup here.

Fine print
Registration for this exclusive new type of event is available only to DynoChem customers paying software license fees annually and prospective customers from industry, academia and government, who have received an invitation.

Date and Time


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