Dynamic Speaking: Captivate Your Audience

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830 Bancroft Way

Berkeley, CA 94710

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~ Watch a brief video on dynamic speaking to see if it's right for you ~

Workshop times:
Friday, May 19th: Registration 9:30-10am; Workshop 10am-6pm (with lunch break)
Saturday, May 20th: Workshop runs 10am-5:30pm (with lunch break)

Do you speak in public? Have a podcast? Give webinars or lead online courses? Create videos? (Or do you want to?)

If so, you may not be aware of how much your voice is affecting results - such as acclaim and sales.

While many people need help with shaping their content, it might be that the way you’re speaking is costing you sales and influence. Nonverbal communication, through your voice and body language, makes up 50-80% of communication so how you speak is at least as important as what you say!

If your voice falls flat – or, if you start off strong but eventually your audience tunes out – then perhaps your audience (and potential clients) simply aren’t feeling inspired to work with you. And if you’re using your voice to speak online or in person, you need to be able to keep your audience’s attentionespecially if you’re doing so over the Internet, where people’s attention goes away fast. Unfortunately, most people have not had training in how to use their voice.

Do you have issues such as:

  • Your voice is monotone and uninspiring
  • Sounding gravelly, flat or nasal when you speak
  • Youspeaktoofastandcan'tslowdown
  • Feeling tense, nervous or tight in your neck and body
  • Vocal strain, where your voice gets tired or raw
  • People not understanding you clearly, and being asked to speak up or repeat yourself
  • Starting off well, but slowly losing your audience’s attention – as well as potential sales
  • Not knowing how to effectively engage your audience
  • Fillers such as Um, Uh, Like and You Know
  • Getting out of breath

The good news is that all of these are very easy to change. You can easily grow your speaking voice – and your vocal presence – with the right instruction and guidance. And, it can be fun to learn!

Did you know that you can have a powerful, attention-grabbing voice that compels people to pay attention, without yelling? Have you ever drooled over hearing the voice of powerful actors like James Earl Jones? You can find this same power in your own voice. Here you'll discover the hidden codes to make every word you say become magical.

Join Jonathan Bender, MS, MFA, internationally renowned speaking and performance expert, for Dynamic Speaking, a 2-day live workshop in Berkeley, California on Friday, May 19th and Saturday, May 20th.

Dynamic Speaking integrates numerous performance techniques that professional performers use to find confidence, presence and expressiveness, and integrates them with best practices for public speaking. In this safe space, you'll grow your skills in a fun and playful way.

Unlike many speaking trainings where people feel criticized, you'll be supported and encouraged to step into a fuller expression of yourself.

Here’s some of what you’ll experience in this fully participatory workshop:

  • Grow your speaking dynamics, including pitch, tempo, volume variation to maintain your audience’s rapt attention
  • The hidden meaning behind each dynamic - why and when to use different dynamics
  • Enhance your enunciation, to grab your audience’s attention
  • Improve your breathing and your vocal resonance
  • Learn how to warm up and prepare before you speak, so that you become effective every time
  • Techniques to “score” your speaking like a piece of music so it’s engaging throughout
  • Discover your habitual speaking style – so that you know what to focus on growing next

You'll also learn how to have powerful volume and project your voice - and well as how to master the art of sacred speaking, where people hang on your every word.

In addition to being given support to apply your newfound skills to what you’re working on now, you can apply Dynamic Speaking to your whole life. You can begin to have dynamic presence – so that people are inspired by you, wherever you go.

Day 1

  • Grow your vocal resonance and vocal power
  • The art of the pause: How to reduce filler words, and create emphasis
  • Delicious diction: enunciation that engages and enlivens your language
  • Introduction to all vocal dynamics

Day 2

  • Connection: how to know when to use each dynamic – and how to use them to connect with people more powerfully
  • Integrate and apply your new skills to your own talks and projects
  • How to warm up and prepare your voice for speaking

Who it's for:

  • Experienced speakers, workshop leaders, teachers and facilitators who want to take their vocal skills to a new level
  • Beginning speakers who want to get a strong start with vocal power and dynamics
  • People interested in personal development - if you want to grow your own self-expression, this is the place.

This may not be for you if...

  • You're completely petrified around public speaking. The Performance of Your Life offers other workshops on speaking with confidence, including the online Claim Your Voice: Speak with Power and Presence training. However, most people have some nervousness around speaking, and this is just fine - come to get tools to reduce it.
  • You don't like participation. This is a very participatory workshop!

You will leave with a tangible set of skills you can apply immediately. Join us for a fun, engaging and playful 2 days!

About the lead instructor: Jonathan Bender, MS, MFA has helped thousands become confident, authentic and dynamic speakers who change lives. A coach for 20 years, he specializes in working with those who care as much about growing themselves as they do their careers: his clients range from CEOs to entrepreneurs to actors, and people from 5 continents have taken his trainings. His work blends professional speaking skills with performance techniques (acting, voice and movement) and personal development. Jonathan also trains and certifies coaches in the WholeSpeak Method, and is the creator of Connection Jams™. He holds graduate degrees in both communication and performance, and is a theatre director, actor and creator.

Refund Policy: 100% refund before 5/5/17, 50% refund from 5/6/17-5/12/17. No refunds after 5/12/17. All tickets are fully transferable.

Date and Time



830 Bancroft Way

Berkeley, CA 94710

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