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Dyme Lyfe Flag Football Tournament Hosted By Redzone Sports

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Tropical Park Football Fields

Tropical Park

Miami, FL 33155

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Refund Policy

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Dyme Lyfe and DJ Williams have partnered up with Redzone Sports to bring you the first Dyme Lyfe Flag Football Tournament. The structure of the tournament is as follows:






-ADULT: 4v4 up to 8 players per roster. Teams will indicate their skill level on the sign-up form to be placed in a corresponding division. RedZone will have the final say in where a team gets placed.

-YOUTH: 5v5 up to 10 players per roster.


Each team is guaranteed at least 3 games.


Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

Everyone on your team must be 18 years or older to participate in the adult division.

To play in one of the youth divisions everyone on the team must be of the corresponding age as of Jan 1 2019

What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event?

Tropical Park has plenty of free parking around the stadium. We will not be offering any transportation to the park.

What can I bring into the event?

You may bring your own food & non-alcoholic beverages.

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

For questions related to the rules and regulations of the tournament, you can contact Jorge from RedZone at Jgarrigo@redzonesports.org or by phone at (305) 986-9084‬.

For questions about sponsorships, vendors, and partnerships on the day of the event, please contact marc@rightsyde.media.

What's the refund policy?

The event is rain or shine. All Team registrations are final. In the event of extreme weather that does not allow us to play, we will reschedule the tournament.


No contact allowed.
No Blocking.
A coin toss determines first possession.
Ball must be snapped between the legs to start play.
The offensive team takes possession of the ball at their 5-yard line and has three (3) plays to cross mid-field. Once a team crosses mid-field, they will have three (3) plays to score a touchdown.
If the offensive team fails to cross mid-field or score, possession of the ball changes and the opposite team starts their drive from their 5-yard line.
All possession changes except interceptions start on the offenses 5-yard line.
Teams change sides after the first 14 minutes, possession will change at half along with direction (no quick snaps). Each team will have two timeouts per half along with a 1 minute pro-clock in second half.
Each time the ball is spotted a team has 25 seconds to snap the ball. Teams will receive one warning before a Delay of Game penalty is enforced.
Interceptions can be returned for a touchdown (6) score. Extra points are allowed to be returned for a score of (2) points.
All plays will start from the line of scrimmage. Before a play begins the line of scrimmage must be set. In the event of a hurry up offense, the rusher can rush anywhere the 7 yard referee is located on the field.

**All teams must pay referee fees in order to advance to the next playoff round whether its a win or a forfeit.**

Cleats are allowed, except for metal spikes. Inspections can and will be made.
Shirts must be tucked in shorts, pants, etc.
Shorts must not have pockets. (Will not be allowed to play)
Mouthpiece (optional)
Flags that are “POPPERS” will not be allowed. BRING YOUR OWN FLAGS. These are the flags that we use:


We also have some for sale for cheaper. Call Jorge Garrigo at ‭(305) 986-9084‬ to ask about purchasing flags.

Player Changes
Player changes may be made at the Red Zone Sports Master Scoreboard.
You are only allowed to roster eight (8) players on each team.

Players/Game Schedules
Teams must field a minimum of three (3) players at all times.
All forfeits are scored 14-0.
We reserve the right to reduce, shorten, or reschedule games due to inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances.

If a team is winning by twenty-eight (28) points with seven minutes left in the second half the game will be over.
All players must carry I.D. or proof of age.

All teams must be ready to play at game time. All teams who report to the field 7 minutes late they will lose their timeouts for the game. If the team reports to the field 14 minutes late their game will be forfeit.

TD=6 points, Extra Point=1 (5 yards out); 2 (12 yards out), Safety=2 points
All players who score must have one flag and ball across the goal line.

Rushing the Quarterback

a. All players that rush the passer must be a minimum of 7 yards from the line of scrimmage when the ball is snapped. Any number of players can rush the QB.

b. The rusher must rush from an angle. There are no heads up rushing aloud. This will result in a defensive penalty (5 yards and a first down). In the event of a team running a tight formation play the rusher must rush from the outside of the formation. **Players must be close together.**

c. Players not rushing the QB may defend beyond on the line of scrimmage.

d. Once the ball has been handed off the 7 yard rule is no longer in effect and all defenders are eligible to rush.
A special marker, or the referee, will designate 7 yards from the line of scrimmage.

e. All rushers must make an attempt at the quarterback to be considered a rush. ( Referees Judgment) If the rusher decides to cover the receiver in the back field without making an attempt at the quarterback the 5 second rule will be in effect.

f. In order to be called a sack the quarterback must have the ball in his hand. All TIES will go to the quarterback, this will be a judgment call.

g. In the event of a hurry offense the rusher may rush from anywhere the 7 yard referee is located. The rusher must be behind the 7 yard referee at all times. If the rusher is off sides this will result in a 5 yard penalty and a 1st down.

a. The Quarterback CANNOT run the ball.

b. Only direct hand-offs behind the line of scrimmage are legal. NO laterals or pitches of any kind. Offense may use multiple hand-offs.

c. The player who takes the hand-off can throw the ball as long as he does not pass the line of scrimmage.
d ."No Running Zones" are located 5 yards before midfield and 5 yards before the end zone in each offensive direction.

e. "No Running Zones" are designed to avoid short yardage power running situations.

f. Spinning is allowed but players cannot leave their feet to avoid a defensive player.

g. The ball is spotted where the ball carriers belt is when the flag is pulled, not where the ball is. Ball & flags must break the plane for a 1st down and touchdown.

a. All passes must be forward and received beyond the line of scrimmage.

b. Shovel passes are allowed but must be received beyond the line of scrimmage.

c. QB has a 5-second "pass clock". If a pass is not thrown within the 5 seconds, play is dead, loss of down, ball returns to the line of scrimmage. Once the ball is handed off the 5 second rule is no longer in effect. If there is a rush the 5 second “pass clock” is not in enforced.

d. Interceptions are a live play which will be allowed to be returned.

e. If the quarterback crosses the line of scrimmage before he releases the ball it will result in a penalty. The penalty will be 5 yards back and a loss of down. (Play will continue until the whistle is blown).

f. All quarterbacks must have the ball released from their hand in order to avoid a sack. All TIES will go to the quarterback.

g. When the ball is snap and the quarterback rolls out of the pocket and contact is made this will be called an offensive penalty. Once the quarterback rolls the rushers angle changes.

a. All players are eligible to receive passes (including the QB if the ball has been handed off behind the line of scrimmage).

b. Only one player is allowed in motion at a time. (Ball must be set)

c. Player must have at least one foot in bounds when making a catch.

d. Pass may not be intentionally tipped in any direction to another teammate.

e. In the event of a defensive tip ball any receiver is eligible to receive the deflected pass. This includes a player who happens to step out of bounds and come back in the field of play.

f. If a defensive player is stationary and the receiver initiates contact it is illegal contact, this penalty will result in a loss of 10 yards from the point of contact.
Dead Ball
a. Play is ruled "DEAD" when: – Offensive player’s flag is pulled. – Ball carrier steps out of bounds. – Touchdown is scored. – At the point of an interception under 2 minute clock will stop (if score is more than ten points clocks doesn’t stop.) – Ball carrier’s knee or the ball hits the ground. – Ball carrier’s flag falls out. – Receivers flag falls out. (play is dead at point of reception.) – If the quarterback takes a snap without flags, the ball is dead where he or receives the snap.
b. If there is an illegal flag pull prior to the catch of the football , You must pull the other flag in order to be down. If both flags are pulled you must touch the player one hand below the waist.
a. If a receiver loses a flag during a play he/she is still eligible. As soon as they touch the ball, play is dead at that spot and the ball cannot be advanced. If ball is caught in the end zone the play results in a touchdown.
There are no fumbles. Ball is spotted where it hits the ground. Anytime the ball touches the ground it is dead.
b. If flag is pulled before football leaves the QB's hand, QB is down.
c. The center must have both flags before he snaps the ball. One flag is unacceptable.
d. All teams will have one sideline in which they will substitute from. You my only substitute from that sideline, otherwise you will receive a loss of 5 yards on the play. All substitute players must be inside the two 5 yards sidelines. No will be allowed in the end zone area.

a. If the officials witness ANY acts of tackling, elbowing, cheap shots, blocking, or other unnecessary conduct, the offender will be EJECTED. (The player or players will be automatically suspended for 2 games.)

b. Trash talking is illegal: Officials will determine what is and what is not offensive in nature. Offenders are subject to ejection. (The player or players will be automatically suspended for 2 games.)

c. Any player who throws another players flag will be warned with a delay of game. The second will result in a 5 yard penalty that will be added on at the end of the play, and the down will be replayed. In the event of a third delay of game, it will result in a 10 yard penalty and a 1st down.
d. Excessive Celebrations is illegal: No team is allowed to do excessive celebration during or after a big play, touchdown, or at the end of the game. We as an organization are trying to promote good sportsmanship.
e. ** Any player, players, coach, coaches, team, teams parents and/or fans using abusive language or threaten an official or any Red Zone sports staff member before, during, or after the game. Will be ejected from the game and will be suspended for the next (2) games. Fines may apply to this rule!
f. Any player ejected for fighting (throwing punches, slapping, or other physical contact) will be automatically suspended for 2 games and/or the remainder of the season. (Leagues Discretion) (There will be no refunds of money for an ejection!)
g. There is No Cursing allowed in the park that Red Zone Sports has a permit. The first one will be a warning. The next one will be tossed from the game of play.
h. Any player, players, head coach, coaches, team, teams parents and/or fans that (is/are) ejected from the game will have 1 minute leave the entire park and player, players, head coach, coaches, & team will be suspended for the next 3 games.
i. Head Coach is responsible for his teams (parents, fans/spectator) watching the game. If any parents, fans/spectator cannot maintain good conduct they will be asked to leave the park. The referee will stop the game and anyone ejected (Parents, fan/spectator) will have 1 minute leave the entire park. If anyone refuses to leave the (game/field). The game will be stopped and the opposing team will awarded the victory by forfeit.
** Red Zone Sports has the right to enforce and /or extend any rules and /or suspensions to include the complete season, playoff, and / or the entire year. **

a. Games will consist of two (2) Fourteen (14) minute halves. A running clock format will be used, except for the last one (1) minutes of the game, provided the point differential is less than ten (10) points. There is a 25 second play clock.
b. Each team will have two (2) thirty (30) second time-outs per half. If a timeout is called before an extra point is attempted the clock will start when the ball is hiked, unless the score is less then (10) points and in the second half.
Each Team will have a one (1) minute pro-clock in the second half of play. If the score is greater than ten (10) the clock will run. If a timeout is called on a touchdown the clock will not run until after the extra point. If a team is winning by 28 points with 7 minutes to go in the second half the game is over.
c. Officials may stop the clock at any time for administrative purposes.
d. Should the score remain tied at the end of regulation; the teams will go directly into overtime. A coin toss will determine starting possession. The winner of the toss will have choice of starting on offense or defense. The loser of the toss will have choice of direction for the entire overtime. Each team will be provided one (1) time-out for the entire over-time (no carry over).

1) Each team will have one (1) extra point play from their five (5) yard line. (A team may elect to go for 2 points from the twelve yard line.) Should the defense return an interception for a touchdown, the game is over.
2) Should the score remain tied at the end of the first overtime period, the teams move directly into the second overtime period? The team that started on defense will now start on offense. Each team will have one (1) extra point play from their twelve (12) yard line, Should the defense return an interception for a touchdown, the game is over.
3) Should the score remain tied at the end of the second overtime period, the teams move directly into the second overtime period? Each team will have one (1) play from the five (5) yard line, and the team that gains the most yardages will be declared the winner. The winner in overtime will be awarded the points accordingly (1) point from the five, (2) points from the twelve, (1) point for the longest yard, these points will be added to the final score.

** The clock will never benefit the team who is winning the game. **Any offensive of plenty inside the one(1)minute pro clock will stop the clock. **

a. False start: 5 yards, repeat down
b. Illegal Motion: 5 yards, loss of down
c. Illegal forward pass: 5yards, loss of down
d. Offensive Pass Interference: 10 yards, loss of down
e. Flag Guarding: 5 yards from the spot of the foul, loss of down
f. Impeding the rusher: 5yards ,loss of down
g. Illegal Contact/ Charging by an Offensive player-10 yards from the spot of the foul.
h. Blocking or screening: 5 yards from the spot of the foul.
I. Stiff arm rule: 5 yards from the spot of the foul.
J. Delay of game: 1st offense: clock stops, warning 2nd offense: clock stops, loss of 5 yards, down repeated.
k. Illegal Attire 5 yards loss of down, line of scrimmage foul.

a. Encroachment: 5 yards, first down
b. Defensive Pass Interference: 10 yards, first down
c. Illegal Contact: 10 yards, first down
d. Holding: 5 yards from the spot of the foul, first down
e. Illegal flag pull: 5 yards, first down
f. Illegal rush: 5 yards, first down
g. All penalties are enforced from the line of scrimmage, unless noted.
H. Officials will determine incidental contact, that may result during play
I. The last man rule is applied at all times of the game.
j. Games cannot end a defensive foul, unless declined.

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Tropical Park Football Fields

Tropical Park

Miami, FL 33155

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