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Dubai Digital Product Leadership Secrets

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A successful product is one that is desirable, feasible and viable.Any individual or team that is earnest about continuous learning and lean feedback loops can build successful products. Unfortunately, 70% of all products fail. Yours could be one.

While there are 100's of reasons for failure, some stand out repeatedly. One of them is the conflict between building the right product and building the product right. In other words the challenges in balancing vision and execution. Not being able to distinguish this difference and take remedial actions lead to startup shutdowns.

Why Product Leadership ?

Leadership is about doing the right things or effectiveness while management is about doing things right or efficiency. Product leadership is the effort spent on deciding which products customers need. Management is running the process of building products as efficiently as possible.

In many organizations this distinction is not understood. accountability and ownership for stage based outcomes is lost. Wearing the product leader hat involves spending time wrestling with questions around product-market fit while wearing the product manager hat involves spending time wrestling with optimizing funnels.

Product leader tries to find customers who are badly in need of the solution. This requires study of distinct disciplines like Customer Journey, Pain Discovery, Jobs to be Done, Problem Hypothesis, Persona Development. In this introductory session we will learn how they connect together to deliver value.

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