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#DreamNetworkEducate Financial Literacy Bootcamp

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#DreamNetworkEducate Financial Literacy Bootcamp

What: Financial Literacy Bootcamp Plus Bonuses

When: April

Where: DMV

Whos should attend: Ages 14 and above

Cost: $150 early bird special (end March 18, 2017)

$200 at the door

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Not your traditional cookie cutter financial education based on aged out financial options. We focus on teaching kids wealth building skills and a new financial out look that they need today. Students:

  • Learn to create your own financial forecast.

  • Understand the formula of multiple income streams

  • Gain insight on your college options, scholarships, and grants.

  • Learn one of the little known ways to fund your college education with tax free dollars.

  • Leverage sports to attend Division I & II colleges with sports scholarships.

  • Many teach financial courses with the product based education. In this course students learn from an organic more broad based education which allows students to cater it to their needs.

  • They will get a consultation session with our instructor/director to begin to design their own financial forecast.

  • Students will get additional support in the way of traditional education when it comes to preparing for college and how to be $$$ smart and task prepared so the application and acceptance process can go as smoothly as possible and save as much money and /or gain as much in scholarships and grants as possible.

  • Students will learn about starting a business vs working a job. The pros and cons and a formula that can change and how to be in the driver’s seat of that change.

  • Students will learn how to leverage information available to them to continue expanding on the insight learned in the workshop at minimum cost.

  • Learn the importance of Personal Development as well as Career Development and how they go hand in hand.

  • Get a roadmap to college and consultation from Stacey Brown, Phd. She will be working hands on with students on their first college essay and give tips on how to search for scholarships and what colleges general look for in the large volume of applications they receive each semester. Get an organizer to use to begin the process today.

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  • College Essay
  • Personal Financial Forecast
  • Begin an Online Dream Board
  • College Email Account with digital storage and
  • Two Online Classes (post bootcamp)
  • New Financial Literacy Online Group
  • How to Get Athletic Scholarships (naviagting the NCAA Clearinghouse)
  • College Application Organizer (includes)
  • letter of request for letters of recommendation
  • letter of request for high school transcript
  • Volunteer tracker and Volunteer managing system
  • Personal Scholarship managing system
  • Application checklist
  • Resource Guide

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