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“DREAM AGAIN”—OUR TIME TO LIVE: 55th Anniversary “I Have a Dream” and MOW

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Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial

1964 Independence Avenue Southwest

Washington, DC 20024

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“Inaugurating the nation with the first bible with Rev. Dr. King’s image on the cover, both spotlights and arms millions of people with ‘the most powerful weapon of love and hope that Rev. King used to convey— how God can use a man to bring the nation back to him.’ One value reset is shifting our youth, young adults and their parents from investing hundreds/thousands of dollars in ‘sneakers and styles’ celebrating and showcasing their favorite entertainers. They need this bible. For they will outgrow their sneakers and styles, but they will never outgrow a relationship with their Savior. Own it! Gift it! Read it… and see how God brings forth greater use from you and those you love.” Philippians 1:6 Rev. Arthur L. Hunt, Jr., D.D., Publisher

~Bibles and Back Packs Lead the Way~

When Boys/Girls/Youth/Adults Carry the MLK Bible and Back Pack… Walking the Streets for School, Work or Leisure... They Are Saying…

I’m A Peacemaker-- I Believe in Non-violence— We See ‘All of Us’ as Being Created Equal-- We Believe In Love and in the God of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Like Him…. OUR DREAMS MATTER!”

Gun’s/Violence in Schools--- Way too Much-… Prayer’s Have Been Offered… Legislation Has Failed– But This Initiative Will Not!

Students ranging from middle school to college will not only get their annual back to school back pack, but they will be first among thousands across the nation who will receive the first bible in their back packs that honors the biblical rights leadership of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The bible, The God of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. THE REVELVANT EXPERIENCE, is the full account of scripture from Genesis to Revelations, but more—it is a tool/textbook and weapon for the war on guns, non-violence, hate, evil and divisiveness on many levels that has invaded the campuses of many schools, colleges and universities in America.

Dream Again: Our Time to Live was created to respond to the need to empower the students in today’s classrooms with a relevant application of what inspired Rev. Dr. King to do his work.

Dream Again: Our Time to Live will help make new dreams come true. Here's a look at how we are progressing and ways that you can engage in the movement.

Recent Happenings: April 3, 4—July 7, MLK MEMORIAL, Washington, DC

~50th Commemoration of the Final Prophecy and Assassination of Rev. Dr. King~

The RELEVANT EXPERIENCE Bible was dedicated and placed at the foot of the monument along with a wreath by the Mayor of DC, the honorable Mayor Muriel Bowser.

July 4-7: MLK FREEDOM BASH Prayers of thanksgiving for our true liberty in Christ were offered. Thousands gathered and families, churchs and visiting groups recevied the first commemroative bible- The Dedicatorial Edition. 300 bibles represent the Gideon 300 are in distribution to plant the seed of hope for thousands who will get the full release on August 28th. We salute the families and groups pictured here who allowed us to make special presentation of our bible and our programs from the MLK Memorial.

UP NEXT: August 28, 2018 Live From the MLK Memorial... The 55th Anniversary of the March on Washington

Pre-Release: The God of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. THE REVELVANT EXPERIENCE www.mlkbible.org

Who’s In? Underwriters/Sponsors/Donors:

Sign up/Purchase Pre-Release Bibles Here Online Today and help us get God... Back in Schools in Our Government and Homes Across the Nation; We will present this inspirational book- The Word of God to boys, girls, youth and young adults from all walks of life and lifestyles who are looking for love, hope and a new way out and a new way up- ‘Straight Outta’- wherever their challenges have ensnared them.

1. Underwriters

  • Receive credits inside the bible for helping with publishing costs. A minimum of $5,000 is requested. Underwriters will be recognized at the MLK Memorial during the release of the pre-release bible on August 28, 2018, the 55th Anniversary of Rev. Dr. King’s I Have a Dream speech/prophecy. In addition, underwrites receive:

  • Reserved seating is provided on site

    • Program participation may be offered based on special roles that are available

    • 100 Students get Bibles and Back Packs presented by your organization

2. Sponsors

  • Recognized on site and in media, marketing, PR campaign to include website and additional promotions based on sponsor level; Levels range from $5,000—$25,000. (The scale of provision increases based on level of investment.)

  • Seats on site

  • VIP Reception

  • Signed/engraved copies of MLK Bible coming MLK Holiday 2019 from Publishers/Special Guests

  • Name/logo included and up to full page in program publication

  • Exhibit table or product place on publisher’s table

  • Photograph opportunities with special guests

  • Donation of 1,000 bibles to students ages 10-18 who successfully attend a one-day camp focused on love, racial reconciliation, non-violence

3. Donors

  • Individuals/groups who donate any amount in support of the initiative

    • All donors will receive an engraved bible or bibles based on donation

For presentations and conversations with the publishers:

KEEPERS OF THE FAITH.TODAY Weekly Radio Show: Monday's 9am--10am CDT | www.joynetradio.com


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Date and Time


Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial

1964 Independence Avenue Southwest

Washington, DC 20024

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