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Women Relationships and The relationship with Yourself (2 Hour Segment)

  1. Tune in to who you are and develop your relationship with yourself first in order to attract your big love
  2. How to deal with Rejection
  3. How to stop attracting the wrong partners for you. The sad truth is you only get back what you are giving out.
  4. How to let go of past relationships issues (negative baggage) and not drag them into your present/new relationship
  5. Why you should stop talking to others (and to yourself) about your relationship troubles

Finding Your True Love (2 Hour Segment)

  1. What makes a perfect relationship
  2. True Love and How to Manifest it
  3. Preparing yourself for your soulmate by improving your relationship with yourself
  4. How to recognize your soulmate
  5. The truth about honesty
  6. Relationship Struggles and How to repair a broken relationship and break patterns
  7. How to fix a Petering Sex life
  8. How to deal with jealousy, neediness, over-attachment, control issues, demands, infidelity and disappointment

How to be the creator in your relationship and not just a participant (1 1/2 Hour Segment)

  1. How to communicate with your partner in a way they understand
  2. How to build a solid foundation in your relationship
  3. How to take your relationship to the next level

Tough Questions - Tough Answers (1 1/2 Hour Segment)

  1. Listen to to the little voice inside you. (That is your Intuition speaking to you from your subconscious)
  2. How to know if you are in a toxic relationship
  3. When to make it work
  4. Walk away from what you can’t solve
  5. Tips on how to get over your relationship break-up fast

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